Classic Disney Movies on My “Must See” List

We all have those movies we never saw, and always wanted to. No matter how much we love movies, there’s always some we miss. Heck Tamara Chambers does a whole web series on the great movies she never saw. Even Disney movies fit that criteria, as hard as it may be to believe. There are Disney movies you’d swear the whole world must have seen at least once. I haven’t, yet.


Here are some examples :




Old Yeller

Would you believe I never watched this? A few years ago Doug Walker commented he never saw it because everyone ruined the ending. And…yeah I get that. There’s no impulse to see a movie where the ending is so memorable that it’s damn iconic. I mean, everyone has parodied it! But that’s also not fair since it probably is a good movie. It can’t be popular years later just because of the sad as hall ending. It’s a nice family movie about an awesome dog. And the dog is a normal dog, he doesn’t talk or anything. How rare is that?




Flight of the Navigator

Somehow I missed this one, even though when it came out I was close to the right age it should have been an easy one to catch. Was it advertised poorly? Anyway, after I found out what it was about it actually sounds pretty darn cool. In fact it sounds like it’s 100% up my ally! To be fair is one that probably will not be as cool if I see it today since it’s clearly a kids movie. As an adult I may be more nitpicky. Despite that, it’s a movie I would love to finally see sometime. It involves space ships, time travel, and deals with family dynamics. What’s not to love??






The Rescuers/Rescuers Down Under

I understand why The Rescuers went under my radar. It came out in 1977 when I was about three. And as I’ve discussed before when I grew up Disney movies were only so-so. This was the stretch before the big renaissance in 1989 with Little Mermaid. For example I knew Oliver & Company because I went to Disney and that year and obviously they were pushing the movie (and the song of course). I still haven’t seen The Great Mouse Detective either. But it sounds like Rescuers is  a nice movie with Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor who I like, and from what I hard it’s underrated. As for the sequel, I remember the ads for these movies which were impressive and while it seemed awesome since I didn’t care about these characters I didn’t feel the need to see a sequel. Plus to add insult to injury, they advertised it alongside Three Men and a Little Lady as if they were saying “both these suck, pick one”. Like most people I picked “Lady”. Don’t remember the Three Men and a Baby Sequel? No one does, don’t feel bad. The Bottom line, I’ve heard good things and should check it out these movies someday.





Nightmare Before Christmas

I was going to exclude Touchstone Pictures, but the heck with it it’s my list. Call this a big fat cheat. This is the classic that everyone fell in love with. And I feel like I have seem it since I have seen clips and even hard the songs a million times. But I haven’t. I actually was going to watch it once at Christmas. Big mistake, this is a Halloween movie! But that being sad, it seems like a really good Halloween. The plot is original (for the time) and the characters stand out. This  movie just gets a bigger fan base every year, and Disney uses it in their parks every Halloween. Someday I will see the whole movie at last.





I saw UP and was bored, maybe that’s why this one didn’t appeal to me. Yes I know UP came out after but I don’t see many movies when they’re released anymore. This movie sounds really simple and sweet….but Honestly, it sounds like it would be a bore. I heard there isn’t dialogue for a large part of the movie. Yawn. It’s an environmental movie? Yay. But…it’s gotten awards and accolades and maybe I am just not being fair. Especially when I see the critical praise hoisted on the film, talking about how its a visual wonder with a message that isn’t hammered in, it’s subtle. After all if you can make a lovable character without dialogue, you must have done something right.




Saving Mr Banks

I love Mary Poppins, it’s one of my favorite movies ever Disney or otherwise. So when I heard this was coming out, a movie based on how Walt Disney made the movie, I was intrigued. Tom Hanks looked the role of Disney and Emma Thompson is always awesome. And yet I still haven’t see the movie. I think the reviews kind of kept me away a little. No one hated it but i didn’t hear anything that made see say “I have GOT to see that!” But it’s still a story that I would really liked to see, and one of these day I will.





Inside Out

I can’t believe I still haven’t seen this one. It sounds so far up my ally I would have thought I came up with the idea. Course if I were that smart I would be making movies not talking about them. The story about what is really going on inside our heads and how tings change as we grow sounds fantastic. And from what I hear, Disney really hit a home run with it. Why haven’t I seen this yet?? I simply don’t know. I said Flight of the Navigator would be a little over my head, not the case with this one. My little nephew saw this movie and he loved it, so that’s enough for me.  🙂



Finally, I still haveb’t seen Frozen but I only want to because I want to see why everyone loves it so much. Aside from that it doesn’t sound like anything I’d like. Do you have any movies you still haven’t seen even though you want to?

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  1. les
    les says:

    Hi RichB. The only one on your list I haven’t seen is “Saving Mr. Banks.” All the rest of them are definitely worth seeing…and even knowing the fate of “Ol’ Yeller,” doesn’t dampen the impact of the saddest scene ever filmed. It’s magnificent and WILL reduce you to a little baby crying its eyes out. “Wall-E” is worthy of a spot in Pixar’s 5 best films, as is “Inside Out.” “The Rescuers” is a fine enough film. it caters a little more to the 6-7 year old crowd, but the voice acting is superb. “The Rescuers Down Under” is a criminally underrated film that I would sit right next to “The Iron Giant” as a must see masterpiece of animated greatness. “Flight of the Navigator” is worth a viewing for the camp value and great use of Paul Reubens’ voice. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a wonderful musical/pupet animated feature that harkens to the classic Rankin Bass Christmas specials laced with the sensibilities and dark humor of the creator of “Beetlejuice” and “Batman(1989).” Happy movie watching, my friend. Peace.

  2. moviefan
    moviefan says:

    Inside Out is one of Pixar’s greatest movies, you really should check that one out. As for Saving Mr. Banks, don’t go in expecting the whole story as they Disneyfy a lot of elements of the story such as making up a character for Travers to interact with, that is completely fictional and the ending makes you think that she like the movie. When that is so far removed from the truth as she loathed everything about it.

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