CineVlog – Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Time as old as time gets a live-action treatment. Morgan tells all if this was necessary.


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  1. les
    les says:

    Hi moviebuffmel90. The way I came off this film was it evoked the same sense of magical awe of the original that it inspired me to go home and watch the 1991 version again. Both films told the story well….and I loved the art/costume designs of the new film. I’d definitely recommend it. Great review, my friend. Peace.

  2. t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    You have been by far the most calmest of reviewers for this movie thus far. I haven’t really pulled myself to even think of seeing this film and likely won’t, mostly because it didn’t charm me from the trailers. Sure I am not missing out on much from this, fair shot at the movie. Good work.

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