Caution Hope

Every step I am taking now,
is a caution story that I might,
one day be able to laugh back on,
but as right now,
it’s going to be judgement day all the way to July 14th,
I never thought a fear to a number,
would feel so real right now,
but soon,
as time is ticking away here,
I got nothing else to say for this,
everything went well,
things were solid,
everything checked out,
still feels lonely waiting for news,
from inside the ring,
to burst out,
come by dusk is a relaxing time,
to just breathe,
because between now to that due date,
everything about those temptation warning color stripes,
I for a moment got a peace of mind,
I just wished there was more control for time,
because a steady wind of season,
could change all that,
still scared,
but still strong,
the future is a shock and awe,
for a reason,
and we just keep on swinging,
by that,
come near this is just a bad dream,




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