An update on the status of Transmission Rory

Hey everybody just writing this blog post to give ye an update on the status of Transmission Rory.

If you go to the YouTube channel you’ll notice that I haven’t posted any reviews or let’s plays in a while and there’s a couple of reasons for that.

The first reason is that I’m planning a trip to The Netherlands in which I’ll be flying out in two weeks so a lot of my focus is making sure this trip goes well since it’s my first time (or at least a decade) going through an airport so I must make sure all my bases are covered.

The second reason is that I haven’t been highly motivated to make a lot of videos mainly because I have an ever-increasing backlog of stuff I have yet to watch, read, play etc.  I have thought about doing other series on the channel like a history of YouTube channels in the vein of Machina’s “All your history are belong to us” series as well as a few ideas bobbing around in my head.

Regarding the Aliens: Colonial Marines Let’s Play, the footage is recorded and stored on my external hard drive all it requires is the rendering process which has to be done twice on different editing software since the footage is recorded using FRAPS.

Aside from that I have been on two livestreams of Cheshire Cat Studios mainly their wildcard streams which is now available on their channel feel free to watch them it was a lot of fun talking to them. (I believe Ducket Lounge was also on one of them if your curious).

So that’s the basic gist of what’s shakin here. I don’t know when you’ll see the next review, it all just depends if I have the willpower to make one. So until then you have a pleasant evening and take care.

Plan 9 Commentary Copyright Strike

I decided to post this video here since I know some of the contributors on this site are supporters of the #WTFU movement.
So consider this some ammo against those who abuse the DMCA.

Transmission Rory | Batman: The Telltale Series Review

On this weeks episode I take a look at the latest adaptation from Telltale, Batman. Will this be a worthy interpretation to the character or more of the same.

——Time Codes——

Synopsis — 0:04

Positives — 2:02

Negatives — 9:38

Final Verdict — 20:37

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marines (Part 8)

Transmission Rory | Hunt for the Wilderpeople Review

Today I take a look at a 2016 film from New Zealand from director Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Will this be a hidden gem or just something you can skip on your Netflix library.

Time Codes:

— Synopsis: 0:03

— Positives: 3:08

— Negatives: 14:50

— Final Verdict: 16:19

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marines (Part 7)

Transmission Rory | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

On this weeks episode of Transmission Rory I take a gander in the third entry in the witcher series that being “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. Will this be one of my favourite games of 2015 or a vast disappointment ?

Time codes:

Synopsis — 0:04

Positives — 3:14

Negatives — 15:49

Final Verdict — 17:14

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marines (Part 6)

Transmission Rory | Lucy Review

On this weeks episode of Transmission Rory I take a gander of a Luc Besson film from 2014 that being Lucy. Will this be a challenging intelligent thriller or just a heap of shite.


Synopsis: 0:03

Positives: 2:02

Negatives: 2:56

Final Verdict: 17:32

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marines (Part 5)

Transmission Rory | Hunger Review

Transmisson Rory | Metro: Last Light Review

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marines (Part 4)

Transmission Rory | Ghost in the Shell 2 Review

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marine (Part 3)

Transmission Rory | Akira Review

Note: If the video sounds off in terms of audio it because the video was Content ID claimed and i had to remove the background music for one of the tracks, little did I know this would mess with the voice recording.

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marines Part 2

Transmission Rory | Perfect Blue Review

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marines Part 1

Note: The sound quality in this first part is quite poor because I was using a headset rather than my usual recording microphone. Don’t worry I change microphones in the second part making the sound much more pleasant to listen to.