The Mouse House: Top 13 Hardest to Obtain Items in the Kingdom Hearts Series

The Mouse House: Top 13 Hardest to Obtain Items in Kingdom Hearts


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Most video games love to have various items for the player to obtain throughout the game. Some of these items are collectibles and combat related items, while some function in the gameplay systems or simple bragging rights. This concept is especially true for RPGs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Some items are very common while others are not and the ones that are not can be extremely rare and frustrating to obtain. The Kingdom Hearts series is no exception and has its fair share of frustrating items. Today I will count down what I believe to be the top 13 items that are the absolute hardest to obtain. Read more

The Mouse House: Top 13 Best Disney Speeches/ Dialogues

The Mouse House: Top 13 Disney Speeches/Dialogues

The Disney films are known for many things. The Disney films have wonderful art direction, timeless stories, and unforgettable characters, but the writing and dialogue has never truly been critically acclaimed by itself. No one has ever really examined the monologues or exchanges that really enhance the films’ themes and characters, so I decided to make a list of the Top 13 Disney Speeches/ Dialogues. Now there are some rules and restrictions. First rule is: films only. If every media was allowed, then the entire list would be nothing but Kingdom Hearts monologues and that’s not fair or interesting. Second rule is: severely limited song choices. I specifically chose this wording because song is very important to the storytelling of Disney films. I could simply say no songs allowed for the same reasons as rule 1, but for this list I follow a principle of “the written/spoken word above all else”. If the lyrics are powerful enough and central to a theme or character enough then that song can be on the list. With the rules in place these are my top 13 Disney Speeches/ Dialogues! Read more

The Mouse House: Let’s Discuss Tomorrowland

The Mouse House: Let’s Discuss Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland. This movie is very difficult to talk about. On one hand it is a mysterious and fascinating movie to showcase all of the futurist and optimistic themes that Walt Disney presented on television in the 1950s and 1960s on the Wonderful World of Color/Disney. On the other it is a very poorly paced film that takes WAY TOO LONG to get to its point with disappointing payoff when the characters actually get to Tomorrowland. The film has trouble with what it wants to be. Does it want to be a social commentary heavily criticizing modern cynicism and be a call to action to use intelligence, imagination, skills, ideas and optimism to make the world a better place? Or does it want to be a mindless by the numbers scifi action movie? The indecisiveness is ultimately what kills the film and any potential greatness it could have achieved.

The first sign of trouble actually came at the beginning where Frank played by George Clooney and the main girl are having a back and forth banter that delays the real beginning of the movie. Once the movie actually begins any Disney fan is going to love the exploration of the recreated 1964 New York World’s Fair. The story of Clooney’s character as a kid is interesting and I wanted to see where it went. Unfortunately, the Clooney story is merely set up (the whole movie in a way is setup).

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I’m Not Dead (Update)

Hello Expressionists. To quote that guy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail “I’m not dead!”

It feels like I haven’t posted in 6 months even though I know it hasn’t been that long, but 2015 was a year where my presence on the site was virtually non existent aside from reposting a lot of old articles, which I still haven’t completed yet. But in the first half of the year I was finishing up school and I needed to take a very time consuming and difficult class during summer school so that took a lot of time and in order to graduate I need at least 600 hours of work experience and at that time I had only put a tiny dent in that so I came home after summer school and immediately got a job so I have been just as busy if not more for the last half of the year. I’ve just been lazy and tired when I get home so the last thing I want to do is write articles.

Also my entertainment world has been severely attacked by my PS4 dying on me for no apparent reason. Since I was not a Playstation Plus member I did not have cloud saving so I LOST EVERYTHING. Hundreds of hours of progress gone! So being the idiot that I am I just bought a new one and I got Playstation Plus to cloud save everything as well. So I am making considerable progress catching up on my games, but right now I’m playing Witcher 3 and if you have played Witcher 3 then you know how HUGE that game is and I am thinking about abandoning the optional areas mainly because i don’t have the time and they don’t offer really any substantial rewards.

So between work and catching up on my games that is where my time is spent and being sick of most of January hasn’t helped my motivation much either. So if and when I get better and i get to a good place in getting my gaming progress back I will try to post more often. Expect a Tomorrowland article before January is over regardless of how I feel.

On a final note yes I did see Star Wars on preview night on the December 17th and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! I ended up seeing it 4 more times! I love practically everything about it! My Star Wars fandom has been rekindled and I haven’t felt like that since before the prequels!



The Mouse House: Top 13 Sofia the First Songs (OLD POST)


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Sofia the First is one of the best animated series I’ve seen in a long time. While the show excels in all aspects one in particular is its music! These songs are in my opinion the best set of songs that an animated series has ever had period with maybe one exception that I can’t think of at this moment. These songs surpass the ones in The Little Mermaid TAS. Yes I went there. The songs have been unbelievably consistent and I am still amazed at the amount of effort that was put into the songs when they didn’t have to considering the target audience and that says a lot about how the people making the show really respect their audience and put effort forward! So let’s celebrate that effort with my picks for the best Sofia the First Songs!

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The Mouse House: Sofia the First Review (OLD POST)

Sofia the First Review

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When I first heard of the new Disney Junior show Sofia the First, I like many others snickered and had a complete disinterest or indifferent attitude toward it. I actually also had a cynical attitude claiming it to be a character that was manufactured as an in house creation and groomed by the head of the toy department as a character specifically created to sell toys with no personality and no effort put in to the character, the world or the other characters. In other words a hollow and lifeless shell meant to churn out cheaply made toys by children in Indonesia for.000000047 cents a week. But when I was home this past holiday I was flipping through channels for the first time in months (I don’t actually have any network or cable tv in my apartment just internet and my Playstation2 and 3) and I caught the movie the Floating Palace. My fandom for Ariel had me sit down and watch, but it was everything else that had me stay. I had been proven 110% wrong about this show (I was definitely right about the toy making, but I digress)! There was effort put into it. There were really good and funny characters. While the writing is smaller in scale doesn’t make it any less interesting. The animation while not spectacular is still colorful and has drastically improved over early promo shots I’d seen. If the show was anywhere near as good as this special then I had some watching to do. I have seen most of the episodes. The 1 hour pilot Once Upon a Princess up to the completion of the first season. This is a very good show. The morals are sound, the acting is really good, the writing while not mind blowing is still quite strong and has much more dignity than most shows for the intended audience, and the songs are catchy and well done! Ladies and Gentleman this is Sofia the First! Read more

The Mouse House: DTV Showcase (OLD POST)

The Mouse House: DTV Showcase

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Ah the 1980s. Even though I was born a little afterwards (born in 1991) I basically grew up with excellent 80s leftovers with classic 80s movies coming out on VHS and classic songs from the period being played on the radio. I also remember the last days of the MTV network actually being good! Showcasing the music videos and showcasing all the latest hit songs and for those that remember was truly wonderful. Well MTV was so popular that even Disney took notice and decided to do something similar to capitalize on the success. They fittingly called it DTV. Now I know that usually when Disney tries to be “hip, modern or current” then it usually means complete failure and disaster. But with this we get a wonderful exception to the rule. DTV is a very short section that would appear to fill in gaps between the 5 minute gaps in between shows on the Disney Channel. These were simple Animated Music Videos taking classic animation from Disney cartoons and films and editing them together to classic songs that range from the doo wop music of the 50s to the classic rock and pop songs of the 80s! Now without any further delay let’s look at some of the best and most prominent of DTV!

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The Mouse House: The Mask of Zorro Review


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DO: It’s hard to imagine a time when the action adventure genre did NOT rely or have CGI and had an emphasis on creating solid stories and characters with good actors to portray these characters as well as make a fun and entertaining film with grand and creative action scenes. The goal was to make an entertaining film yes, but also wanted to have the audience care about the characters and revel in all of the romance, emotion and grandeur the genre had to offer as opposed to marveling at the special effects alone. The Mask of Zorro released by ColumbiaTristar and Amblin Entertainment in 1998 is an example of a film that is one of the last to truly accomplish this(Pirates of the Caribbean 1 is probably the last with The Winter Soldier nailing the hardcore side of the action genre). The film directed by Martin Campbell and written by John Eskow and fittingly enough Pirates franchise screenwriters Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio is an absolutely wonderful film that pays tribute to the old swashbuckler films of old and pays tribute to a Hollywod that unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. The film has a true understanding of the source material and clearly were fans of the stories and the Disney show! It’s easily one of the top 5 best action adventure films ever made joining the ranks of the Indiana Jones films and its swashbuckling predecessors! Read more

The Mouse House Supports Classic Westerns: Zorro Month Walt Disney’s Zorro Review


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DO: When television entered the lives of the world’s citizens many studios feared it would make movies obsolete and they would lose audiences, but Walt saw it as opportunity. He could use television to tell the stories that he couldn’t tell in a film as well as promote the studio, himself and his most ambitious dream ever Disneyland. Walt had found great success with the Disneyland TV show which promoted the park’s construction as well as with the extremely popular during the 50s western genre. With successes like Davy Crockett Walt felt that he could do something even bigger with a large scale and having a series that he could continue to produce seeing as you can only make a limited franchise with Davy Crockett because well he dies at the Alamo. That answer came in adapting the Johnston McCulley character Zorro to the small screen and I must say THIS IS DISNEY’S BEST LIVE ACTION SHOW EVER!!!! With its memorable characters, massive scope ambition and attention to detail as well as being well written with something for everyone young and old it became a cultural phenomenon. It doesn’t treat your child like a moron and even if it did have a decrease in quality in season 2 it was still good and is still to this day leaps and bounds better than anything Disney puts on television nowadays!

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The Mouse House: Zorro Month Introduction w Special Guest Big Black Hat Man (OLD POST)

Zorro Month: Introduction with Special Guest Big Black Hat Man

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DO: Hello and Welcome to another great event here at The Mouse House where my very special guest Big Black Hat Man and I will take a look at one of the greatest heroes to grace the serials and television: Zorro. However he didn’t truly begin there. Zorro was created by pulp writer Johnston McCulley in 1919. First appearing in the story called “The Curse of Capistrano” and was serialized in 5 parts in the All Story Weekly pulp magazine.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Zorro it is about a young Spanish nobleman named Diego De la Vega or if you put his title of “Don” (title of wealthy landowner and nobleman) in front his official name by the people he interacts with is Don Diego De la Vega. Diego decides to fight for justice and for the common people by donning a mask and black outfit and ride a black horse and bring peace and justice to Spanish Colonial California. He called this alter ego Zorro which is Spanish for Fox. This story caught the attention of one Douglas Fairbanks and he and his wife who were opening a new studio United Artists decided to bring the character to the silver screen!

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The Mouse House: General Thoughts on the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster


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The Mouse House: Disneyland is Your Land Show Review w/ Special Guest Moviefan12!

DinseyLand/World is Your Land/World Retro Theme Park Show Review

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The Mouse House: Top 13 Nat King Cole Songs (OLD POST)


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My favorite singer ever is Nat King Cole! With that smooth, clear, and great voice he was able to sing a lot of diverse and wonderful songs, some of which have become classics and famous the world over. He also had such a confidence and a cool and easygoing attitude and his performances were always very relaxed and comfortable as well as inviting. Not only an amazing voice, but great stage presence as well. So I am going to honor the King today by counting down my favorite 13 songs of Nat King Cole! This list will showcase the King’s versatility, his charm, his sincerity in performance, his voice, and just him being awesome and my favorite singer!

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The Mouse House: Remembering Diane Disney Miller 1939-2013 (OLD POST)

Remembering Diane Disney Miller 1933-2013

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The Mouse House: The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Review

The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Review

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The Last of Us Main Theme by Gustavo Santaolalla


The Last of Us is a fantastic game and was my pick tying with Bioshock Infinite as my game and story of 2013! I was looking forward to the DLC story and was curious to see what Ellie’s life was like before she met Joel. While these story questions are answered and answered wonderfully there are various things that took me out of the experience. I’m going to detract from what the mainstream critics are saying and be a lot more critical of this DLC. While the story and characters are excellent I feel as if in the end this story is in the wrong medium and gives the wonderful gameplay featured in the main game of The Last of Us nothing to do. Read more

The Mouse House: Top 13 Disney Climaxes


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The climax is often the most important and everyone’s favorite part of a story. It’s the part where everything in the story comes together, a release of dramatic tension, the actions that resolve the conflict throughout the story are carried out in the climax and Disney has some of the best in movie history! These are the moments that had people cheering inside or openly and the moments that made people believe that dreams could come true. There are an absolute ton of films and media that could be eligible for this list, but I narrowed it down to just films. If everything was on here then the endings to all the Kingdom Hearts games would be on here and that wouldn’t be the most diverse list so it is just film animation or live action qualify. Here are my picks for the top 13 Best Disney Climaxes (and by extension endings)!

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The Mouse House: Top 13 Other Underrated Disney Songs

Top 13 Other Underrated Disney Songs

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Well I finally worked up the strength to pry myself away from playing Batman Arkham Knight with the Michael Keaton Batsuit (it’s amazing by the way) to write again. So I just have one question for you dear reader. Are you SICK of LET IT GO!? Because I kind of am. It’s a great song and completely deserved the OSCAR, but if you don’t let the song and the listeners breathe then the song will just get grating and will fall the tragic way of some of the best songs and become gasp an OVERRATED SONG! So in order to give you a break from Let it Go I will countdown my list for the next set of underrated Disney songs. I did a list like this a long time ago so here’s the others I couldn’t put on that list. The criteria has lossened for this list it can include songs that can be heard over and over again and can be well received, but no one really gives them any mind. So here is your Let it Go overdose medication with the next set of Underrated Disney Songs!
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The Mouse House: Top 13 Batman Beyond Episodes (OLD POST)

Top 13 Best Batman Beyond Episodes

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Batman: The Animated Series was an excellent and revolutionary show in children’s television programming. With its dark and gothic stories wonderful art design and animation along with excellent writing and acting it forever changed children’s programming and influenced practically every animated show of the 90s and beyond. When Batman was brought back for a special 4th season to accompany Superman TAS (made by the same people and both aired on the Kids WB) one of the executives of the network asked the creative team to create another Batman show except this time with a teenage Batman to “get more of the kid demographic back”. Now under normal circumstances this would be an absolute disaster, but the creators took that idea and gave that idea the same TLC and respect they did with the original show. They took the history of the franchise and their own universe and decided to set it 50 years in the future with an old Bruce Wayne retired as Batman and training the new Batman Terry McGinnis to become the new Dark Knight in a cyberpunk and still crime infested Gotham. When it aired it was a very big hit despite the drastically different approach. For as different the show was from the original series it was similar in many ways and had the same thematic mood it was just more raw and in your face and of course more EXTREME! But it was never EXTREME! to cash in on a fad, but a different way of telling classic Batman stories and stories that would be unique to Terry. The original series had those tragic and gothic stories that had an artistic and contemplative gravitas to them while Batman Beyond reflecting a younger and more impulsive Batman had stories and themes that were in your face and hit you with the tragic or darker moments full force and essentially punch you in the gut. It was because of this that Batman Beyond ended up being an ironically darker show. The word that you are going to hear me use a lot in this countdown is “cruel” because a lot of the endings in certain episodes, because it didn’t pull punches and hit you with the tragedy full force as opposed to artistically framing it, end on a really downer note or a very creepy and/or disturbing note that stick with you. So without any further ado these are the TOP 13 BEST BATMAN BEYOND EPISODES!!! Read more

The Mouse House: List of my all time Favorite/Greatest Movies: Part 5 The Best of the Best


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This is it! These final 10 films are in my opinion the best of the best! These films are actually ranked. Now when I say ranked I don’t mean that one film is better than the other I mean that by this is how I would rank them right now. I don’t have a real favorite movie. Every single one of the following films has at one point in time been my favorite movie and depending on my mood these movies will rotate in any combination and will eventually be my favorite movie again and when the mood changes another on this list will be my favorite. People and their thoughts and emotions are very complex and constantly change and movies appeal to all these complex aspects and tastes of human nature. It’s this principle that has some of the most intelligent and sophisticated people liking the biggest pieces of schlock you’ll ever see. The point I’m trying to make is I can’t possibly tie myself to just one or even 2 choices. I just love movies that much and I have very diverse tastes and stories that I love, even though a lot of the following movies are Disney movies. It all depends on what I’m thinking and feeling and my mental and emotional state dictates what my favorite movie is. Without any further delay here are my top 10 favorite and best movies of all time! Read more

The Mouse House: List of my all time Favorite/Greatest Movies Part 4


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These are the final set of movies before we go into the top 10. These movies are in no particular order, but next time the movies will actually be ranked! Read more