The DudeMan Show: Mike and Mark Get Manic

Mike and Mark left high tea to talk Manic Expression and four years on the web.

The DudeMan Show: Bernie and Company

Mike and Mark were on their way to confront a consortium of super villains about how they formed without proper licensing, but decided to stop to discuss the upcoming Iowa Caucus.

The DudeMan Show The Re-Returning-ing

Mike and Mark are flying home after a long trip to the moon in order to solve one of the great mysteries of mankind, but before they reveal their findings, they decided to talk winter movies.

The DudeMan Show: Dude. The Dude.

Mike has recruited Smiffy to sit in for Mark who was off on a top secret mission at a local ice cream shop Tune in as they talk all things James Bond.

The DudeMan Show: Wa Wa Charlie Brown

Mike, Mark and Rowdy decided to talk about Peanuts this week with the upcoming movie. What? Were you expecting some strange adventure aborted for this thing. Some weeks a guy just wants to relax and talk. Jeesh.

The DudeMan Show: The Stuff of Nightmares (Mostly Stupid Ones)

Mike and Mark wanted to take up monster hunting, but it is not a real job, so they joined up with Jim Bevan to talk about movie monsters.

The DudeMan Show: Retarded Kids Swimming

Mike and Mark were writing the ultimate rock opera, but couldn’t agree on the climax between Emperor XjXl and Sir Blumb, so they got together with Kyle and Jim to talk about Trick or Treating.

The DudeMan Show: Episode Zero

Mike and Mark laid great waste to their enemies recently and decided to relax by talking about some shows the have premiered the last few weeks.

The DudeMan Show: Inspiration

Mike and Mark spent the day looking for inspiration in nature, but that seemed stupid, so they got together with Patricia and talked about what already influenced them.

The DudeMan Show: Crime Paying Off

Mike and Mark were headed off to rob a bank, but couldn’t find the C4, so they decided to talk about crime movies instead.

The DudeMan Show: A Football Classic

Mike and Mark, the best quarterback-receiver combo on Manic Expression, are ready for the season opener. They have added The Creature aka Chris to add to their offensive fire power and run up the score.

The DudeMan Show: BOOM!! and PUNCH!!

Mike and Mark.. Well, you have to listen to the podcast to get the outrageous adventure this week. They are joined by SomeJerkFromBoston to talk about action movies.

The DudeMan Show: This Just In

Mike and Mark stopped a conspiracy by the Count of Evilness to take over the world cheese market and decided to sit down with James afterward to talk about the news.

The DudeMan Show: What’s the Deal with More Power

Mark and Mike wanted to try and stop the coming apocalypse, but it seemed like too much work. So, instead, they got together with Rowdy C and talked about 90s live action TV.

The DudeMan Show: Body Slam the Wimp!

Mike and Mark have returned from the revenge quest to get back to what they do best, talk about nonsense. Today, they explore what they like about pro wrestling.

The DudeMan Show: A Door to Nonsense

Mike has been found! He was busy winning a forty man fight to the finish where he proved himself the most manly of all. He and Mark were about to dash off to avenge the death of their faithful servant, Chubby, but decided to take a break first and talk about Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone and other anthology shows.

The DudeMan Show: English Lit is Cool

Mark continues his search for Mike. Mark has begun to suspect the hand of their mortal enemy, Sir Reginald Fatbottom! In the meantime, Mark was joined by Martin and Jim to talk about the value of liberal arts as part of an education.

The DudeMan Show: Now Read This!

Mike and Mark went exploring a volcano and Mike was lost, so Creepy and Kyle joined Mark to talk about literature until Mike could be found.

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The DudeMan Show: Vote for US!

Mike and Mark were off to Mars, but their rocket was out of gas, so they and James decided to talk about the upcoming presidential election.

The DudeMan Show: Banned from DisneyLand

Mike and Mark wanted to create an independent film telling the tender story of what it is like to be a pre-teen girl, but couldn’t get the funding, so they got together with alexthed and talked about Disney theme parks.