Manic Months: Mason Dixon – A Podcast Play, episode 1

Creepyween — Scream 3 Review

In which the trilogy format does not compensate for poor direction and clumsy screenwriting.

News about “Young Justice” has reached me…

Word has it that “Young Justice” will be getting a third season.

I may be slightly excited…

The Scooby-Doo Retrospective — The Scooby-Doo Project

In which the Creepy Witch Project pauses for ice cream.

Creepyween — Scream 2 Review

In which knowing the Rules of Sequels will NOT save you from an untimely demise.

Creepyween — Scream

In which knowing the Rules of Horror saves teenagers from an untimely death.

American Horror Summer: Murder House — Open House

In which sex swings and bizarre threeways are displayed.

The Garfield Retrospective — Garfield Goes Hollywood

In which Garfield becomes star-struck and Jon’s guitar finally gets buried.

The Jem Retrospective — The Princess and the Singer & Island of Deception

In which regicide and rock concerts precede a Swiss Family Robinson plot.

American Horror Summer: Murder House — Piggy Piggy

In which a conversation about giving birth to the Antichrist occurs.

The Batman Retrospective — I’ve Got Batman in My Basement & See No Evil

In which a Hardy Boys novel was mistaken for a Batman script.

American Horror Summer: Murder House — Halloween (Part 2)

In which the Murder House actually feels like a haunted house for once.

The X-Men Retrospective — Whatever It Takes & Red Dawn

In which bromance is in the air alongside tank fumes and the cries of villagers.

The Garfield Retrospective — Garfield in Paradise

In which paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

American Horror Summer: Murder House — Halloween (Part 1)

In which ultrasound results induce fainting in hospital technicians.

The Steven Retrospective — Frybo

In which a fast food mascot morphs into a Lovecraftian eldrich abomination!

The Jem Retrospective — In Search of the Stolen Album & Hot Time in Hawaii

In which a plush tiger usurps an eldrich horror’s hosting duty.

American Horror Summer: Murder House — Murder House

In which redundant episode titles are redundant.

The Steven Retrospective — Together Breakfast

In which a smoke monster gains the power of a balanced meal.

Creepy Visits… Disney World!! (YAY!) — The Magic Kingdom

What terrifying things will happen when Creepy sets foot in the Happiest Place on Earth! TM