Title Hero

You want to be hero,
best take a look of what it takes to be one, Read more

Forever Now

Don’t you forget what was given in the sight now, Read more

Actions Off

Sunshine is a rare joy to have in areas around the world, Read more

Streets Fighting

I am in shock of happiness right now,
I mean the worst is not over yet by far, Read more

Later World

Aim for greatness yet it’s okay if you miss,
stand up for what you believe in but be ready, Read more

Liver Life

You came out of the blue in my life,
never a moment did I show regret in keeping you, Read more

Reason Yourself

Coming close in the bent of troubles go no where dying, Read more

Sorry Karma

I guess I am sorry for a lot of things,
but of how things are working out now, Read more

Lying Does

Lost ways gone through the sleep as it goes,
but nowhere else leads on elsewhere on par, Read more


E is how in most cases for people don’t get to see the Evergreens Read more

Now Seek

Mark of a hunt has taken place,
a hidden joy for the young, Read more

Fights Grew

I have seen from the distance of how between us it grew,
it wasn’t something we have stopped when we both felt it, Read more

Awry Failure

I wouldn’t call the best plan we have made thus far in our lives,
yet the possible outcome that could from it makes the future look better, Read more

Better Appeal

When someone says they are not a fan of something that falls short of appeal,
they mostly have no interest in it because of how it might come off to others, Read more

Dust Tears

Forgive on what can be fixed than what is dust, Read more

Monthly Stones

I remember something of a short visit I had with someone close,
a crazy woman that I called mi abuela, Read more

Others Minds

Because of who you are stand before us and what your status of living,
many say you could do no wrong and yet somehow terror is everywhere, Read more

Bare Gem

No finer of a light given to see in the distance scape lands bare,
I couldn’t find no better soul to have near me in the worst of times, Read more

Crash Haze

It’s becoming a hard in finding out some things lately,
given of how everything goes from on out from facts to fiction, Read more

Something Due

Is it wrong of me as an adult to be scared of a calendar,
for almost somewhere around two months the pages never changed, Read more