Understand Everything

We always end up finding something we don’t like,
from the inside out of ourselves, Read more

Do Now

For what hasn’t happen today,
will likely happen tomorrow, Read more

No Today

What did it ever mean to be one thing and yet another, Read more

Another Cage

The cubical of the cage,
six sides, Read more

Pity Meal

Tarnish in life has been for us,
yet looking by a glance, Read more

Why This?

I’m shaking,
yet it’s not winter, Read more

Warm Skin

Tender to the sight you were once, Read more

Shock Rush

Fair as this could be,
leaves that as a lie on your lips, Read more

This Counts

I haven’t given up on a lot of things,
but it would seem I am folding the cards for this, Read more

Surreal Grace

Falls from the sky in greater grace, Read more

Them Foundlings

They are a sign of repent and release,
in given by their sights as been, Read more

Inner Beast: Armadillo

There is one thing that at times many people want and give,
in the matters of safety, Read more

Now, Now

How troublesome most things are, Read more

Day Jobs

Take the strength I can give for a moment,
for as I can tell from this day on, Read more

Being This

A powerless cunt of a being,
is not better than the bastard who can’t bothered, Read more

Trash Bliss

There is no secret in what I see before me,
as I’m listless in thought once more, Read more

Empty Climb

Freedom is never free as the title of itself implies,
you end up giving up so much to feel less weight on you, Read more

Talking Shit

As to where you go after this, Read more

Level Down

I am starting to enjoy a new side of things,
sure as a fact I don’t quite understand it all, Read more

Comes Home

I could be dead on my feet,
and yet coming home never seem like a sweeter moment, Read more