The Spirit That Fought

I wasn’t sure at first what to do in the world I once knew,
but if anything to it, Read more

The Psyche That Hurts

I wanted to get away from the world above,
far from something that showed no kind means to another, Read more

Okay Guess

By the sweetness in the air,
it was thicken out by lust, Read more

Said Problems

Children are a fragile bunch,
always hiding away from when things get back, Read more

Away Will

In second to ask for something out of sheer will,
what will be the answer that is given by the ancient, Read more

Standstill Story

Just do what is told,
and follow through the thick, Read more

Fog Rose

Deep into the night have problems of their own,
recalling that murmur of you in a distance fog, Read more

Small Numbers

To create a life,
some say it starts as something small, Read more

Blood Motives

Just how lovely was that angel to you,
was it a pleasure of anew that made your flesh sweat, Read more

Right Hope

Through the speed of sound,
looking through and touching the stars, Read more

Witness Cases

I wish there was a moment,
you would stop trying to rely on me, Read more

Inner Beast: Dove

In a life sense of this meaning,
could be anything of the sight for it, Read more

Better Us

We hit a new low between us,
out in saying you would always take my words like a grain of salt, Read more

Desire Instinct

You are forsaken brilliant mind,
with a body made of glass, Read more

Blue Sunshine

oh baby of mine, Read more

We Are Making History, Right?

Know that one day someway along in your worst moment,
maybe getting that happy ending will come for you, Read more

Body Nuked

There is no chance of here now,
you lost a battle you couldn’t win, Read more

Manic Expression’s 31 Days of Halloween: ABC’s Of Death – The Fans Theories and Dreams?

Hello and welcome to another out of the norm blog, as well an add on to the Manic Expression’s 31 Days of Halloween. Read more

Inner Beast: Cobra

So to most on the hills to the valleys,
what was the moment that strike the hardest, Read more

Know Doubt

I’m unsure of how to see this,
though given your moral traits, Read more