A Journey Chapter 13

Chapter 13: From The Past

“Ambrette Town looks like one of the coastline islands’, feels like home. Read more

mislabeledmayhem Comic W/W

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Squeaks and Hits Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Last Forgotten Hello

Summer Flight School was over and it was back to normal schooling, much to the Read more

Squeaks and Hits Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Second Friendly Hello

Over the following weeks at flight camp, things were going smooth enough. Read more

A Journey Chapter 12

Chapter 12: During Travels

From their last battle, Louis made sure to make it a habit to Malie to battle Read more

Squeaks and Hits Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The First Quiet Hello

Not long in wait, summer flight school was near. Read more

shadight COMIC W/W

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Squeaks and Hits Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Feather Touch

Fresh summer breeze rushed through the dense mists of Cloudsdale, Read more

Dream Abusing

The skin wasn’t aged,
nor very much smooth, Read more

Blind Leading Trouble

It was a straight on downpour. Bleak of a night given far what the eyes Read more

A Journey Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Wonders and Retries

After a few hours travel by bus, stopping at random of a Read more

A Journey Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Going South

In the following hours of the new morning, Read more

Rhyme Time

It was a soulful kind of setting day,
many warm colors fading away into dark, Read more

Scares and Cheers

If anyone said once that you had a sick mind,
that you could handled any kind of gore through at you, Read more

They’re Something Else

She gave me something I thought that couldn’t be worth much,
a smile shining bright than any jewel or gleam as any gold,
it was a dazzle hex that hooked me good and I wasn’t go anyway. Read more

A Journey Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Running To No End Read more

A Journey Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Learning Some Curveballs

Tophet at the head of the bed, blank yellow clear eyes staring down at his Read more

Falling Hard

This is going to be the night to remember,
something to have and to hold where nothing but the fireworks, Read more

Molten Night

I found myself in a humorous sense of seeing things,
while having a martini in hand, Read more