Easy Sadness

I want to things to be easy,
to see of how where we go matter, Read more

Same Skin

Don’t be scared of what could be said to you,
yes it feels like a drunk midnight tattoo mistake on your skin, Read more

Space Fiction

Floating in a world so dark as space,
yet so cold as the ocean that weighs you down, Read more

Real You

Savor your world in finding justice, Read more

Brave Too?

It doesn’t matter in what I think of how things work out,
I can’t control others of how they run things or those who flee, Read more

True Nature

How far are you willing to carry that burden on yourself,
for how yourself is like a little bunny lost in the plains, Read more

Better Support

Carry on my feet to a land of dreams,
forever running on a road that is rough and heated,
nothing in the world could change on facts now, Read more

Top Choice Rejected Princesses that should get a Spotlight Chance

Hello and welcome to another out of the norm read. Read more

That Goodbye

The matters of how this will out won’t be what you want,
say everything you want to say to make yourself better, Read more

More Wise

In a mutual agreement that we have tailored together,
on how long this can last before they become wise, Read more

Fixed Facts

In the lines of history that can come from this,
there is no lies of how often history is fixed, Read more

Wary Cuts

Setting into a groove to follow,
able to find a liking of life for once, Read more

Tame That Shrew, The Ending part 2

Act 5, scene 2, The woods

Lord: Blast it all! Read more

Tame That Shrew, The Ending part 1

Act 5, scene 1, Back at the pub.

Players: (Players leave with saying) Thank you for having us. (Exit) Read more

The Underground Traveler part 8

Day 25 Read more

Worthless Drop

Falling in between the space that can’t be held,
withstand of the lies that flood the dreams on, Read more

Sightless Warmth

Cradled as that light was for warmth, Read more

Limits Leaving

Be sweet as you lie in sleep tonight,
hungry in your pleading eyes of unjust, Read more

The Underground Traveler part 7

Day 23

Those damn bastards! Out of nowhere Read more

Gains Submit

Out of the corner of the eye,
there is something in the shadows that won’t leave, Read more