No Doubt

Let me be a champ in my own way,
to be able to surpass what others couldn’t, Read more

1,500 Blog Post: The Great “Almost Disaster” Road Trip To A New Home

Hello everyone and welcome to another out of norm blog. Read more

Bullshit Point

Bitter of the taste that graces my lips,
I still keep the smile forward to what is to come, Read more

Honest Lies

Will you have the heart to be honest, Read more

Statement Experiments

There isn’t much on the words,
that lie in the book as they drip from the lips, Read more

End Yourself

It was weird of how I ended up trusting those around me,
some for the best parts of my life that I won’t lose, Read more

What Is Love?: Chapter 38 (Final Chapter)

Epilogue: The Answer!

Awhile back, I asked you what love was and how it can happen. It’s a wild side that can be a life changing moment for anyone. Be it planned or not. As for me to find mine as a long-lost friend who wanted me back and I for him. Love can be change to softer tone, call friendship or can be covered by lust, for that you don’t how to react at first. But when you have it, you can never let go. Read more

Every-Day Cries

Smile that one the wicked be you,
there is a chain that stops you, Read more

Background Tools

Come from the top of the life here,
able to do just as one can do, Read more

Beg Away

Seen from the higher heavens,
no eyes of fate sealed this away, Read more

Oneself Rules

Where is one going,
when there is no path to see, Read more

Dying Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of memories,
chained by ideas, Read more

Summer Worth

It was forever a summer,
on a winding road that never seem to end, Read more

Uncharted Home

I left very much out of the blue,
I didn’t give much of a warning like a storm, Read more

What Is Love?: Chapter 37

Chapter 34: We meet Again and A Surprise Added

When Hikaru said, he had no say in what was going to happen in the wedding. Read more

What Is Love?: Chapter 36

Chapter 33: What You Have Missed

The fashion school in Italy, I will say, a chance I am happy to have not to miss out on. Read more

What Is Love?: Chapter 35

Chapter 32: Our Last Moments Pt 3

After the beach. Hiro took me to so many other places. Read more

What Is Love?: Chapter 34

Chapter 32: Our Last Moments Pt 2

The salt water stung my eyes, but no where close as a burning. Read more

What Is Love?: Chapter 33

Chapter 32: Our Last Moments Pt 1

” . . . And by the power invested by me, I now pronounce you man and wife.” Read more

What Is Love?: Chapter 32

Chapter 31: He Can Shed Tears

That year of the summer, was maybe the hottest one in all my lifetime. Read more