Outlast 2: Walrider Chapter 1

Their treatments were only what the Devil’s Inferno seven levels of sins. Read more

Thy One Fear Is . . . (No. 32)

Just keep it quiet.

There is no need for all that chackling. Read more

Sands Worth

I could never tell with those ace-high blokes,
couldn’t say I wouldn’t laugh if they keeled, Read more

Sass Anyone

Never was one to think before acting,
never saw the need to do so, Read more

Tuning Master

The music is divine by the touch of masters,
though how they come to be, Read more

Inner Beast: Crab

There is quite something akin to this now,
something so small in size at times, Read more

Same Worries

There wasn’t a moment that could have been right,
in the ends it was just meant to be a job, Read more

Alive Sights

Learn to the dance that is there,
but know in the steps forgotten, Read more

Compassion Hours

Where was that little angel,
that guide that was near, Read more

Human to Ghoul

He lives in the mirror. Clone of our world, yet so different. Read more

Free Write No. 79

Standing Woefully Still



Couldn’t say it was coming. Read more

Cody, You Don’t Know

Based on a Fan Plot Read more

Clean Face

How was that the smoke was so thick,
that grin of yours remained so clean, Read more

Amber Youth

That look said enough through the night,
as the thickness of liquid amber, Read more

Deep Snap

The form I saw that night,
was something that left in awe, Read more

Human Energy

Another moment,
another time, Read more

Inner Beast: Dog

No one is saying that there needs to be protection,
at least not so early on into the game, Read more

N.E.W. Y.E.A.R.

N is how Nothing could be either bad or good to come soon, Read more

Black World

I hear black as I scream in the night, thinking will the nightmares ever end. Read more

Dark Blue World

I see dark blue as night comes close, very relaxing after a long day. Read more