Shinta’s Take on Yugioh: the Toei Movie

Before coming to the first Studio gallop series, there’s a movie that needs discussing!
…NO, not pyramid of light. The one before that.


Tokusatsu in review: Gojira/Godzilla King of the monsters (redux)

The Redux reviews continue with the First Toku review Shinta did back in 2011!
…Why’d he stop doing Godzilla reviews?


Note: you are free to disagree with me on the 2014 movie and the points I brought up, but those are just a handful of many Issues I had with the film.  As Said, it’s blacklisted so I can just leave it alone, for I know many actually enjoyed it.  But I did not.

Shinta reviews: Batman Arkham Asylum (Redux)

Nanananana-Batman! In the continuing patreon Re-reviews of old episodes, Shinta Heads back to Arkham to rebuild his original trek through the Asylum.


Tokusatsu in Review: Ultraman Tiga part 4

Tiga concludes with the appearance of The deep penetrating tentacles of Lovecraft.
Someone call Chibi-thulu!


Tokusatsu in review: Ultraman Tiga Part 3

Part 3 of the tiga reviews presents “Ultraman insurrection: return of the pretentious space elves.”


Tokusatsu in review: Ultraman Tiga Part 2

Tiga Continues with the crew getting a warship!
…yeah, that’s pretty much all relevant in this one.


Shinta’s Casual Take on: Warcraft The movie

.Hack may own Shinta’s Heart, but Blizzard has stolen his soul.  Shinta goes to see the already-slammed-by-critics-Warcraft film adaptation, is it really that bad?


Tokusatsu in Review: Ultraman Tiga Part 1

Shinta finally comes around to talking about Tsuburaya’s Ultra series, beginning with one that was Bastardized by the evil that is known as “4Kids”





RPG Hell: Digimon World 4 part 3

World 4 Concludes with an Anticlimax and an Epiphany, as this old vendetta is put to rest.


Also: on June 1st at Noon central time, we will be having our 5th anniversary stream over on our youtube page.

RPG Hell: Digimon World 4 part 1

How bad does a game have to be to spark a hatred of all things ever shown to be the slightest bit incompetent from a single company? Digimon world 4 Bad! This is a Vendetta Eleven Years in the making!

Tokusatsu in review: kamen Rider black RX (Remaster) Part 4

Crisis’ Deadline approaches, Old Riders return, and Kotaro’s Final loss Showcases the End of the Showa TV Era, as RX Concludes.

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider black RX (remastered) part 3

Shadow Moon Returns again, the Team adds a WaterBender, and An Asinine Officer who’s moronic scheme’s eclipse all those that have come before them usurps the villains, in part 3 of the RX reviews.

Tokusatsu in review: kamen Rider Black RX (remastered) part 2

Black RX continues with the series’ Second story arc, On-screen child death, and Kotaro learning More about his new powers. Also: Many more stupid Crisis plots

Shinta Unboxes/Reviews Kamen Rider Drive Break Gunner Drive saga version

Fresh from Japan, Shinta unboxes the last Drive gear he intends to get, The re-release of the break gunner with new sounds.

Also: We figured out what sounds the Rhino Super viral core would make in the other drivers. Take that other unboxing/Showcase videos!

And as a Bonus, here’s a VLog on the movie before it gets subbed:

Tokusatsu in review: kamen Rider Black RX (remastered version) part 1

The Rider reviews return with Black’s sequel series and the continuing tales of Kotaro Minami.

Shinta’s Take on Yugioh: Toei Season 0

The Yugioh reviews begin with Toei’s take on the original manga, before the world became ruled by card games.
yes, there was such a time.

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider black (remastered Version) Part 4

Black Concludes with the inevitable battle, an evacuation of Japan, and the rise of a King.

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider Black (remastered version) part 3

Shadow Moon Awakens as the Gorgom Conflict continues.

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider black (remastered Version) part 2

Desperate the Take back the lost Kingstone, Gorgom’s Priests awaken a rebellious Mutant to Combat Black.

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider black (remastered version) Part 1

The late 80’s returns the riders to Television, with the best show out of the showa Era, and possibly the franchise.