Tokusatsu in Review: Power Rangers Ninja Steel Premiere

Season 6, Start up!

Ninja steel’s begun…and it’s based on A Terrible Sentai. How’s Saban dealing with it?


Steaming to Legacy – Thomas the TV Star (Chapter 3)

Tokusatsu in Review: Power Rangers Zeo

IT’s Morphin Time! AS Shinta boots up the Fourth zordon Season to see how it compared to it’s source material just in time for the end of it’s 20th anniversary!
…Our Timing is Bad, Okay?

Des Shinta Will Return in February with “Tokusatsu in review short: Power rangers Ninja Steel premiere

Tokusatsu in Review: Ohranger Vs Kakuranger

The Second theatrical Sentai teamup brings the Kakuranger in to fight a Baranoian Youkai…to the detriment of the current show regulars.


Tokusatsu in review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Part 3

Baranoia’s Backstory is explored as the Sixth Ohranger appears, and the show reaches it’s worst arcs.


Tokusatsu in Review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Part 2

The second sect of Ohranger Begins the abandonment of the show’s original direction in favor of silly stories, as Hirohisa Soda joins the writing staff.


Tokusatsu in review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger The Movie

It’s time for some movie madness as Bulldont tries to make his own feature film…inside of a feature film!




Tokusatsu in review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Intro/Part 1

Your franchise-Cancellation-threatening series is in another castle.
Seriously, that was Fiveman; Ohranger never caused that.  Stop spreading that it did.



SPOTLIGHT: Expressionist of the Month – December 2016

Manic Expression has become such a big community that I can’t possibly have a close personal relationship with every member. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t just be a fan of their work. We’ve been fortunate to have so many insanely talented people bring their clever ideas to this site, but in the last few months there is one in particular that has caught my attention.

KiramidHead has a show called Screenplay Archaeology that captured my imagination as soon as I saw the title. A show about unproduced scripts! Genius! As someone who religiously read fan magazines like Cinefantastique as a kid, I remember all those movies that were announced yet never came to be. So when I saw Screenplay Archaeology’s first episode, dealing with the long delayed Guillermo del Toro film At the Mountains of Madness, I thought, “What a fantastic idea for a show.”

Everybody (including yours truly) reviews movies that are easily accessible. KiramidHead goes the extra mile and reviews movies that were never even made! Searching on-line for leaked scripts to James Cameron’s Spider-man or an alternate script for Hellraiser: Bloodline, KiramidHead and his frequent co-host, Deusdaecon, delve into these lost treasures (?) page by page.

The effort that must go into a single episode of Screenplay Archaeology is staggering, and rather than be content with just posting his work here at Manic, KiramidHead gets the word out. He includes links with every episode to his Facebook and Twitter pages, to where you can find the show on iTunes and various other sites. That’s what I like to see, someone who takes his work seriously and is using Manic Expression as a platform.

Manic Expression is a community of people with interesting ideas. This is a site where you can find an audio drama making fun of death, or a musical number, or a review of the latest Hollywood blockbuster. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, and there’s nothing new under the sun, along comes someone like KiramidHead to surprise and delight you.

RPG Hell: Megaman Battle Network 1

Jack in! Shinta returns to cyberworld RPG’s, with Capcom’s re-imagining of the megaman series as AI companions to squishy Humans instead of Robots!





Schlock & Terror – Axe!

In this episode, Bob Ross has to survive the rapist Blues Brothers, a thirteen year old axe-wielding model in her twenties, and a paralysed grandpa in a staring contest with the camera. Trust us, it still doesn’t make sense in context.

Tokusatsu in Review: Toei Spiderman part 3

Toei’s spiderman show ends with it’s main general gaining some competition that drives her battier than usual!
And also: the answer to why this series is so important!


Tokusatsu in Review: Toei Spiderman part 2

The Continued look at Takuya’s adventures showcases the series’ drop in quality, as Amazoness loses her marbles.



Tokusatsu in Review: Toei Spiderman part 1

Shinta takes on The Japanese Spiderman show from the 70’s. Everyone says it’s insane, but is it really?

SPOTLIGHT: Expressionist of the Month – November 2016

Sometimes in life, things don’t always work out as planned. Manic Expression: The Movie, has been long in development. Based on a story by myself and pbMiranda, we had hoped to be well into production by now. Instead, a completed script is not yet done.

Script duties fell to SomeJerkFromBoston, who turned in a fantastic first draft, but as anyone who has ever tried writing knows, life often manages to keep you from the pen. In the time he’s been working on the second draft, Gurning Chimp has decided to leave the project, we’ve recruited Uncle Bootleg as our animator, and Chronix has drawn up some fantastic concept art. But without a finished script, we were going nowhere fast.

Than, out of the night like a masked hero, come to save us all, is Teo! Recruited by SomeJerk as his replacement, Teo will now be the chief writer of Manic Expression: The Movie. SomeJerk chose well, as Teo is one of this communities most accomplished writers. He has shared with us much of his own work, such as the chilling A Night in the Pine Tree Forest, the post apocalyptic After Grace, and the DC comics inspired Fall of Justice.

I’ve been asked many times why I don’t write the script for the animated film myself. The fact is, I’m not known for having a light touch as a writer. Anyone who has listened to any of my Podcast Plays knows I’m quite adept at gloom and doom, but a feature length animated romp? Not my style. Teo, on the other hand, knows what he’s doing. In my discussions with him about the movie he has shared some of his other writings, and it’s clear when he talks about his plans for the film that this is a man who understands the process of writing.

Manic Expression: The Movie has been a dream of mine for the last few years. A chance to showcase the talents this site has to offer in writing, acting, music, and art. A fun filled adventure with heart and a real relevance to the times we live in. I wouldn’t trust this to just anyone. I had faith in SomeJerk, and that faith proved justified by that first draft. Now I have faith that Teo will build from that first draft, and provide us with a script worthy of our community.

So godspeed, Teo. Anyone who has read your work around here knows that our story is in good hands.

Tokusatsu in Review: Garo Makai Senki

Howl-Oween returns once again to showcase the mature side of the Tokusatsu genre with a sequel to Chapter of the black Wolf FIVE YEARS In the making!






Shinta reviews: the last Airbender Movie

A mistake of Epic Proportions! How does M Night Shallamalan still have a career?


Film Venutres: The Accountant/Doctor Strange Preview

Film Ventures has returned with two reaction videos. First up is the special look at Doctor Strange. The film comes out in a few weeks, but Tim gives his thoughts on this first look at the upcoming Marvel film.

The second Film Venture is on the new action thriller The Accountant. Does the thriller bring something new to the table? Find out.

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RPG Hell: mass Effect 3 part 7

Salvation can only come from Destruction.