TV Trash: Axe Cop

What… What did I just watch??

TV Trash: Greatest American Hero Web Series

TV Trash: Out Of This World

Premiering this season by going back to the 80s, where almost ANYTHING could get made into a show.

Rowdy And Friends: Pilot – Rowdy Goes Hollywood

It’s a new beginning for Rowdy! Can a Z-level internet reviewer actually make it big?

The Rasslin’ Roundup: 7/22/17

Rowdy, John Weber and Jeff “Writrzblok” Gwinnip preview WWE Battleground and debate why there is a lack of strong babyfaces in wrestling currently.

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The Rasslin’ Roundup: 7/8/17 – Pilot/GBOF

The start of my new wrestling podcast with John Paul Weber of “The Punchline” fame!

Rowdy & Friends: The Series! COMING THIS FALL!!!
Rowdy’s newest and biggest adventures start this fall! Join Rowdy’s Patreon to get episodes before anyone else!!

Rowdy Reviews Twin Peaks – Available to Patreons!

Rowdy takes on one of the most infamous cult dramas ever! A multi-part review from June 5-21 available to all Rowdy C Patreon supporters!

TV Trash: Get Smart “The Little Black Book”

Review Requests Now Open!