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Violence Jack Trilogy Review(The Mounty Presents)

Here is my review of the Violence Jack OVA’s

Now onto the Questions.

1)What is with the border?
A video of mine got Content ID’d, so I wanted to see if this would work.

2)What is the map/music you used?

Suburb House:

As for the music, I used the following:

Various tracks from Undertale owned by Toby Fox.

Undertale – ASGORE Battle Theme (Electric Violin & Electric Guitar Cover-Remix)~String Player Gamer

Hopes and Dreams – Undertale [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)

Also included:


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The Cartoon Hero Reviews: Space Jam

The Cartoon Hero Reviews: Space Jam from Eli Stone on Vimeo.

Season 8, Episode 299.

COME ON AND–enjoy a review of this movie that’s actually somewhat positive!

Featuring Iannone of The Sports Reel. Also, because some of you don’t like skits, feel free to skip the first two and a half minutes of the review. Unless you actually care about the plot for whatever reason. 😛

Dukect lounge: NXT Takeover Chicago/#JinderMania

On this week Dukect Lounge I review NXT Takeover Chicago and the aftermath on where NXT goes from there. And after that, I get into Jinder Mahal winning the WWE Championship is it a good thing or a bad thing I’ll tell you that and more in the lounge.

The Dukect Lounge is live every Thursday night at 10 PM EST on

Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Rule of Rose – Part 15

We take a look at what seems to be our actual day-to-day experience in the orphanage, but then it’s time for another gift for the Aristocrat Club.  This…isn’t good.

Parental Glideance – The Second Opinion Opinion

Nero’s Teepublic Unboxing

From TeePublic to ToonGrin, Nero opens up a few gifts from TeePublic.

Check Out Our TeePublic Shop for more Pop Culture and Funny Merch to help support ToonGrin!

ONE DUMB KID | American McGee’s Grimm – Episode 1 – A Boy Learns What Fear Is

A young boy goes on a quest to find the true meaning of fear… and Nero is on the quest to find a game he can let’s play and not be dull.

Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Rule of Rose – Part 14

It’s time to finish this chapter, and we lead to arguably the most uncomfortable mission completion cutscene yet.  Geez, these kids just never let up.

Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Rule of Rose – Part 13

Amanda continues to be disturbing.  Maybe we’d better focus on items for a bit.

Team Yume Plays “Beachside”, Part 73: “Grindfest”

The party ventures into the Cathedral for one lengthy farming session before the fight with the area boss: Chloe gains -1 in Defense, -1 in Intelligence and +10 in Anger, Demona gets wrestled by a familiar fairy (again), Frank solves a puzzle and Manny gets all the puppies!


What’s Next for Cartoon Corner?

Wanna choose what Whyboy reviews next on Cartoon Corner?

Follow the link and choose!

Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Rule of Rose – Part 12

Let’s deal with the power problem.  Also, we finally get some payoff for some of the items we’ve been collecting!

Plan 9 Commentary Copyright Strike

I decided to post this video here since I know some of the contributors on this site are supporters of the #WTFU movement.
So consider this some ammo against those who abuse the DMCA.