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YouTube film review of War for the Planets of the Apes by 4thWallBreak

Hey guys,

my name is Jamie and since January, I’ve been reviewing films on YouTube. Recently, I upgraded my sound equipment and within the next few months, I hope to upgrade my lighting but for now, it is what is. I’d be very grateful if you were to check out my video and give me any feedback, particularly if it is constructive. Thanks!


I’m probably going to post a review of Dunkirk this weekend as well

My Thoughts on Rossini’s Semiramide at the Bayerische Staatsoper

Le grande e meravigliose Signore Joyce DiDonato and Daniela Barcellona stand tall as Semiramide and Arsace!

Tokusatsu in Review: Kamen Rider W Part 5

TRIGGER! Ryu reaches the next level of speed in his final confrontation with Weather, as Museum restructures itself amidst increased pressure from it’s investors.


Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Skies of Arcadia: Legends – Part 11

We tackle our first main plot dungeon, and have a boss, but then…


Team Yume Podcast: “Apes of Discord”

Madhog and Devar depart from the safe but steryle Lands of Skype in search of fortune and adventure in the World of Discord: a most bizarre conversation about Edgelord OCs, Existentialism and Christopher Walken takes place. This episode discusses: “Sonic Forces” and its questionable soundtrack, “The Jungle Book” remake in direct comparison with the original film, “Final Fantasy IX” on PC and so much more!


Download the MP3 file here:

My Thoughts on Wagner’s Tannhäuser Live from the Bayerische Staatsoper

How well does Herr Klaus Florian Vogt hold up as the errant and flawed Tannhäuser? Find out in this review.

Whyboy At ConBravo 2017

Whyboy is heading back to ConBravo! If you’re coming to be sure to say HEY!

►► ConBravo 2017

Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Skies of Arcadia: Legends – Part 10

We explore a brand new city, Maramba, and then encounter an interesting person who’s willing to help us out!


Such A Silent Let’s Play | Nero Plays Styx Master of Shadows – Episode 2

Silent Night, Goblin Fright, Styx is back to stab some guards as Nero Plays Styx Master of Shadows!

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love part 47 – Do You Want To Build A Dollhouse?

My Thoughts on Verdi’s Rigoletto Live from Maschpark

Five charismatic leading players from Tezier to Sierra. How well do all of these pros hold up?

Rob Watches Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Sniff the Goblin Foot | Nero Plays Styx Master of Shadows – Episode 1

Imma play a goblin and go on adventures. Come join me?
Let’s have some fun with Styx Master of Shadows!

Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Skies of Arcadia: Legends – Part 9

We do some cleanup for things we missed earlier, as well as hunt for discoveries, and then we meet…the Angel of Death.