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Best of 2016: #2 Deadpool

So why did Deadpool make this list?

Watch to find out! Read more

MTCN Review Team: Get Out

A film that we called this year’s wild card has also turned out to be one of the best we’re likely to get for the rest of it! Ron and I dig our claws into the surprise hit, Get Out and explain what makes it worth the hype!

The Entertainment Round Up: Expended Episode. The JonTron debate 3-20-2017

It’s been a crazy week for JonTron and here is why Read more

My Thoughts on Piotr Beczala’s Liederabend at the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt

Mon cher Monsieur Piotr Beczala charms the evening embracing German, Polish, Czech, Russian and Italian songs!

The Pokemon Special Movies Review(The Mounty Presents)

Here are my reviews of the Pokemon Special Movies :).

Now onto the Questions.

1)What’s with the border?

My Manaphy review got hit with Content ID, so I thought this might help reduce that risk.

2)Why not compare the two versions?
Because I tried to do that before and it failed. As such, I will be looking at the movie from the perspective of it being created by North Americans.

3)What is the map/music you used?

Suburb House:

As for the music, I used the following:

Various tracks from Undertale owned by Toby Fox.

Undertale – Asgore Orchestral Cover (OCDC)~OC/DC

Also included:


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Best of 2016: #3 Sausage Party

So why did Sausage Party make this list?

Watch to find out! Read more

Half the Battle : Foreign Filecard Fun 2

New episode featuring GIJoe : A Real European Hero


Classic Who Only – Enemy of the World

Recently discovered, we take a look at one of the sought after missing serials in all of Who history. Not only is the Doctor a hero but also gets to play a villain!!!! How will this hold up?

Entertainment Round Up 3-20-2017

What’s going on around the entertainment world? J 77 will talk about it. Read more

Best of 2016: #4 Doctor Strange

So why did Doctor Strange make this list?

Watch to find out! Read more

Wrestling Mark Show: SNME 3/14/87

NOTE: I recorded this just after WWE Fastlane and before the following SmackDown where AJ Styles was removed from the world title match at WrestleMania. Still, I feel a number of issues I was summarizing in the opener to this video remain accurate regarding WWE’s inability to build compelling characters and storylines over the past year.

Let’s Play | Aliens: Colonial Marines (Part 5)

Regular Movie Vlogs: “The Belko Experiment”

CineVlog – Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Time as old as time gets a live-action treatment. Morgan tells all if this was necessary.


Flashback Review Of Duck Tales The Movie Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990)

J 77 review Duck Tales The Movie. Read more

My Thoughts on Wagner’s Tannhäuser at the Staatsoper im Schillertheater

Another production of Tannhäuser? And directed by Sasha Waltz? Oh by the celestial, majestic, mystical and awesome powers of Venus and Elisabeth, yes!