Reflections on a Previous Rant about My Former High School Bully

When I look back at the rant I wrote about my former high school bully, who in my fury gave her the nickname Crapsack after I blocked her, I felt a couple of things. On one hand, it was cathartic because I never got an apology from her for everything she did and said to me like calling me a fail at life and just being condescending, cruel, and rude. On the other hand, it did feel rather harsh of me, but you know how it is, what goes around comes around and an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That rant apparently caught the attention of her older sister, who proceeded to say that my bully never did anything wrong to me and just called me a petty kid. It sort of made me realize that my former high school bully does get away with a lot of things because she thought she was smart and all that and she and her older sister are so accustomed to being rude and condescending towards each other as their form of sisterly love. The other part of me was hurting because we were batchmates, I wanted to see the best in her, I tried to treat her like a good friend, and she still had every right to emotionally harass me even after the retreat and Dux Lucis. Going back to her older sister, it made acknowledge how much of an ignorant, stupid, rude, and obnoxious person she is and on top of that, she was a crummy role model to her younger sister. Sure they may have jobs, but does that entitle especially my former bully to think what she did and said to me was okay? No. Did her older sister think that I would easily forget about it even if it were after so many years without even getting an apology from her? No. On top of that, through a really good friend of mine, I kind of realized that my former high school bully was not just mean and unemphatic to me but to a lot of other people when she was a lot younger and even had a rather toxic relationship with her older sister to the point where they are so rude to each other and from what I can interpret, it’s like their parents do not even have a clue on how to discipline them and be great role models. And comparing her to the other former bullies I had, she really gets the short end of the stick when it comes to truly growing up, whereas some of the other ones have actually turned out for the better and saw the crap they did and made their own lives greatly.

Just by realizing what my former high school bully was through her older sister and to an extent her family made me realize how grateful I should be to have had parents who ensured that we, my younger brother, my younger sister, and I, stayed kind, patient, polite, and with good decorum. If I were to be a teacher, then this is something that I have to acknowledge. It’s so easy for kids and teenagers to bully, harass, and put certain people down and think they can get away with it, which is why I am not a fan of bullies, nor anyone who puts on a thinly-veiled mask after hurting certain people. Sometimes the words one says to a person can last for a long time and usually the one afflicted will end up coming back with something even more painful.

All in all, I am very happy I got myself away from her and her older sister, because like I said, I never want to be as fake and nasty as those two. I don’t need them to be in my life anymore as they belong in the distant past. I have a lot of other people in my life I need and want to connect with given my YouTube and performing arts careers and especially my future career of being an English teacher. There are so many things I need to do with my life and more than anything, I always have to love and respect myself, if I want to live a life full of good contacts, meaningful relationships, and an overall fruitfulness to ensure things go spectacularly.

magination vlog part 3Return to Kybar’s Teeth


The Cartoon Physicist’s Noughtie List – Toolbox Murders

Physicist returns from wherever the hell she’s been to do a (late) Halloween review in honour of the late Tobe Hooper.

(It was very much intended to be released on Halloween when it was filmed, sorry that it’s late.)

Manic Expression Loses One of It’s Own

I have just learned that Stephen Leotti, the man animating Manic Expression: The Movie, died in a tragic car accident. His work was exceptional, and I greatly enjoyed the short time we got to work together. He was an amazing animator, a fantastic director, and while I didn’t know him well I did enjoy our conversations and felt we were becoming friends.

Here is an example of what he was working on for the film:



Our thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time.

As for production on Manic Expression: The Movie, vocal performances are still being recorded. We will begin the search for a new animator in January.

Vaulting: Updates, New Videos and Other Stuff

I’m just going to repost everything I said on my Patreon page as all that needs to be said, has been said. It’s not a case of being lazy. I just want to get the word out at the moment.

So I figured this would be easier to send a message to everyone following me, at least those who are. With everything going on, I figured it would be simpler to update EVERYONE on where things are.


First, let’s start with the obvious. Where is Vaulting? As you have noticed by now, there hasn’t been a new episode in a long time. Here is where the show stands now. Episodes 90 and 91 are filmed. 90 is still being edited. An additional episode was filmed over the summer, but that one won’t be due for a long time. Once episode 90 is finished edited, I’ll give you ahead’s up on when it will be released. I’m hoping for early 2018.

Second, I have a new part time job working for a local newspaper. It has been an interesting experience doing meetings and human resource stories. However, this are crucial as this and my other job in retail are what currently appear to be paying the bills. THOSE COME FIRST! I love doing video work, but work is very important. Even if it takes up a lot of my time.

Third, it is important for me to know WHO is still interested in what I do. I beg of you, leave a comment, share my work, etc, etc. Because if there is no audience present for what I do, then I have no interest fueled in what I do. It’s a basic and simple rule. If the viewers are there and determined, so is the creator. I plead, don’t leave me in the dust. I’m counting on you guys.

Fourth, I’ve said time and time again I have a novel written. Right now, its undergoing another proofread, but it’s improving. I’m liking a lot of the new changes so far and I hope it will be completed soon. To give you a vague idea, it’s a modernization on kitsune folklore. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time and I can’t wait to share it once it gets finalized. But after 121 declines, I’m thinking about self-publishing. More on that to come in the future.

NOW, some uplifting news. I’ve been thinking about some things these past two weeks and I think it’s time to do some new stuff around here.


There’s an upcoming new series I am working on called “MovieBuffMel’s Guide To…” This is sort of a more broad version of Vaulting, but going farther than underrated nostalgia. It will be looking into movies and TV shows without much limits. Think of it as a part encyclopedia and part review show. It was more original vision for Vaulting and I want to test the waters with it. It won’t replace Vaulting, I promise. This is just something I would like to do and see if it works.

Every Christmas, there is something I like to do, but I want to do something other than a Top 10 list. Instead, I’m going to do a “non-canon” Christmas special. In terms of which thing, I’m going to tackle “Jingle All the Way.” It’s one of those movies that’s been rattling in my brain for a revisit and it’s time to give it the due. It will be a “Vaulting special,” but not an official episode as I have a complete storyline planned out for the show.

Speaking of which, starting next month, I plan to upload old episodes of Vaulting. However, before anyone gets excited, they will be uploaded once a month. This was something I did with the original series to pace myself. Thus, when a new month comes around, so will a classic Vaulting. Most of these episodes will be specially re-edited as I had some personal problems with the older material. I’ll explain this in deeper detail within a future video, but long story short, these episodes are retweaked for a “better viewing experience” for fans of old and new.

Again, I can’t do all of this without your support and help. Please, spread the world. Tell a friend. I am still alive and doing all I can in bringing you the best! Vaulting will continue and I’ve made that promise a lot. But things take time and can’t be rushed. For now, I hope my updates on where everything is at will help.

In the meantime, I’ll see you all on the flipside.

Morgan “Fox” Leger

Punisher Comic Reviews – Vol. 2 #14-25, Annual #2

I look continue my look at the first Punisher ongoing comic.

Worse Champion: Mickie James or Natalya Neidhart?

Hello, folks, it’s me, Deepthroat Ghoul; sorry if I’ve been gone a long time, but I’ve popped up to do a fun article for all you wrestling fans.

First off, this is inspired by Brian Zane of Wrestling With Wregret and his two Worse Champion videos in which he compares certain terrible championship title reigns. Read more

The People Who Inspire Me to be a Better Person

I can’t just boil it down to one, but here they are.

1. My old high school bully and her older sister. I do not ever want to be as rude, unemphatic, cruel, inconsiderate, condescending, bad-tempered, discouraging, and territorial like those two are, especially the former, who never returned my friendship and kindness by scolding me for the dumbest of reasons, only caused pain, frustration, and anger, and was never sorry for hurting me. And of course her older sister, for thinking that her younger sister never did anything to me and just regarded me as a petty kid, I never want to be as ignorant as her.

2. My former adopted sister/cousin. I never want to be as nosey nor possessive nor treacherous nor cowardly nor manipulative like her back then, especially when she states that people say shit about me, when she told my mom that I talk to myself as if it were a bad thing, and when she wants to have me as her bodyguard. Granted she’s doing much better in her life, but the memories of having her do and say all of that were very upsetting to the point where I could never achieve anything higher because of her trying to get me into trouble so that I could spend more time with her and my family. With us parting and with that said, I still hope she does find her own way in life.

3. My friends and family. Sure there are some members who stand out more than the others but in general, they see me for who I am, and I am blessed by how unique they are. They have their own unique quirks, tragic flaws, and own brilliance. Some of them were former bullies, who have actually changed for the better and were generally much kinder and more mature than what they used to be. Others are family members and friends who still don’t know what they want with their lives, yet a fair amount of them see how much I’ve done to strive to get what I want and are in turn rather inspired. On top of that, their mistakes also inspire me to not make the same as them and find my own path to fulfillment. Much acknowledgment has to go to my parents who did their absolute best to put me on the right track, while at the same time, I learned from their mistakes, thus making me a much better person and I am very grateful they raised me and my younger siblings well.

4. All of my beloved fellow reviewers, actors, singers, voice actors, filmmakers, writers, and in general, artists. They are all the reasons why I love what I love and why I maintain my passion for reviewing installments in either music or animation. I do not ever want to let them down and I will always find something from them, which inspire and enlighten me.

5. All of my teachers from grade school until now. As an aspiring English teacher, I have learned so much from them. Granted, when I was still a very young boy, I was not the most ideally teachable nor angelic person, even though I was reasonably smart for my age. Each of them has acknowledged who I am and as I grew and grew, they saw loads of potential and have done their damnedest to put me on the right track. On top of that, through them, I always have to remind myself never to let myself down.

6. Finally, myself. I know that sounds egotistical but this is my life, my path, and my hopes, dreams, and ambitions and I’m not pussyfooting around here. I know exactly what I want, what will always make me happy, and I can always give myself a greater boost of self-esteem. I do not ever want to fail myself as a reviewer, an actor, a singer, a voice actor, and a person. I have to always be the much better person than I was years ago and I always have to make healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Horror-Wood Blog-a-thon: Spongebob Squarepants – The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom

(As promised, here is one of two blog posts to conclude this year’s Blog-a-thon!)


We had some very lackluster Halloween specials this year. Michael Jackson’s Halloween proved to be one of the most head-scratching in years while SNL’s The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special didn’t really do much for viewers (personally, I thought it was ok.) But between these two, how come no one is talking about the recent Spongebob Squarepants Halloween special? Yeah, of all the things to come out this month, how is it that Nickelodeon’s cartoon about a sea sponge actually got it right? It’s full of Halloween imagery, surrounds itself on the spooky holiday and its all made with stop-motion animation…well, partly, but we’ll get to that.

Spongebob (voice by Tom Kenny) is not a fan of being scared and likes to make merry on the holiday, not understanding the true meaning completely. His buddy neighbor Patrick Star (a starfish voiced by Bill Fragerbakke) manages him to confuse him into thinking the scariness of the holiday is meant to be taken funny. They visit a couple of haunted houses and it causes Spongebob to feel more comfortable with the new found philosophy while laughing all the way. However, the Flying Dutchman (voiced by a hilarious Brian Doyle-Murray) thinks otherwise as he plans to scare the giggly sponge by any means necessary.

I just want to get this out of the way, I friggin’ love the stop-motion animation here. I loved this animation as a kid and I’m still fascinated by it to this day. The studio Screen Novelties, who also did the Christmas special in 2012, do a great job bringing these characters to a three-dimensional state while also fitting in with the nonsensical tone of the show. CGI animation would have been too easy to use as the animation here has a strange charm to it. The animators even go as far to match the strangeness of jokes like a close-up of Patrick’s teeth or the movement of certain characters. I’d arguable say the show’s concept and animation style are an odd match for the two.

Stop-motion itself was always a laborious process, but it really pays off in the end. There’s behind the scenes videos out there showcasing how difficult the animation is while also being a marvel. The sets on the Flying Dutchman’s ship are great to look at and it’s cool to see the undersea world of Bikini Bottom turned into a full dimensional place. Also, there are times when they don’t use animation. Sometimes, they will use live-puppetry for certain effects which is kind of neat. There’s a good mix of hand puppets and wire marionettes which have this near creepy vibe to them. Even famed animator Sally Cruikshank provides a great piece, known for her psychedelically surreal pieces like her short Quasi at the Quackeradero.

The best highlight for me is easily the “Scare Song” sequence. The Dutchman takes Spongbob and Patrick on this creepy ride which is almost adjacent to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. There’s puppet ghosts everywhere, strange creatures running about and at one point, our heroes get launched into a pinball machine. It just literally screams out Halloween every time I see it.

The message of Boo-kini Bottom is that’s its ok to be scared, even when you don’t like it. This comes in very well near the final third and it works well to its advantage. So at least kids will be ok with a nice message about the holiday. For adults, there’s plenty of good visuals and funny jokes along the way. Part of me wishes it was a little longer, but it still has a lot of rewatch value for the 24 mins we get. If your not a fan of the show, that’s fine, but I still recommend checking it out for the technical craft. I honestly can’t think of another modern Halloween special like this. It shows how fun Halloween can be while also presenting some nice tricks and treats.

Psychic Wars(1991) Review~ The Mounty Presents

Here is my review of the 1991 OVA: Psychic Wars

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Now onto the Questions.

1)What is with the border?
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2)What is the map/music you used?

Suburb House:

As for the music, I used the following:

Super Danganronpa 2~ Ocean’s Aroma
Megaman Zero 1~ Meeting the Four Guardians

Also included:


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Vaulting: Top 10 Scariest Twilight Zone Episodes

(NOTE 11/1 – This video was supposed to debut on Halloween Day, but some setbacks kept it from getting finished. For this reason, the finale two blog posts of the Blog-a-Thon have been bumped to Friday and Saturday. In the meantime, enjoy and leave a comment below!)

Right in time for the Halloween mood, let’s enter a world of sight, sound and mind…for the most terrifying episodes to exist in the Twilight Zone!


Personal Paranormal Encounters (31 Days of Halloween – Day 30)

I consider myself to be a logical person. While I can be easily swayed by emotion at times, I try to be rational and skeptical, especially when it comes to extreme claims. So I’ve never thought much of paranormal reality shows like Ghost Hunters or Destination Truth. Sometimes they offer some interesting trivia on folklore or urban legends, but they never find any concrete evidence of ghosts, aliens, or unknown creatures. And what they usually do present as “proof” is always so vague or easily debunked. It’s pretty clear these people are just trying to cater to the gullible while getting TV networks to pay for their vacations. That being said, I can’t dismiss everyone who claims to encounter the supernatural as a fraud or naive, because I have had several experiences that I can’t explain.

The first occurrence was when I was 10 years old. It was the middle of the night, and I had gotten up to use the bathroom. After opening the door to my room I saw some figure standing in the hallway near the stairs. It looked human, but it was completely black, like a shadow. The figure was just standing there for about a minute or two before it went into the bathroom. I was a little scared, worried that someone had broken into the house, but at the same time I wanted to know who it was. I followed the thing into the bathroom, only to find there was no one else in there. Keep in mind, this was on the second floor of my childhood home, and the windows were closed, so there was no way it could have gotten out. The thing had just disappeared. A few years later when I started researching supernatural creatures for my writing, I learned about what I most likely saw – a Shadow Person.

I fully admit that I may have just been imagining things because I was young and tired, but it still felt incredibly real to me.

My next encounter happened when I was 12. I was out in the alley with my brother Kyle practicing basketball when I noticed something going through the sky above us. At first I thought it was a plane, but the more I looked at it, I realized it didn’t look like any plane I’d ever seen before. The best way I can describe it is an aircraft that resembled a silver disc resting on top of a vertical silver cylinder, with something shaped like a dorsal fin protruding from the center left side of the cylinder. Again, I was young and impressionable, so my first thought was that it was an alien ship, and I freaked out. Strangely enough, Kyle saw it as well but didn’t think much of it. I still don’t know why he wasn’t as weirded out by it as I was, because that clearly was no normal aircraft.

That sighting put me on a bit of an alien conspiracy nut binge for a while. I became obsessed with stories about UFO sightings, abductions, and allegations that alien presence on earth was being covered up by the world’s governments (now that we live in the era of Wikileaks, I know that can’t be the case). I also carried a camera with me whenever I went out so that if I saw another UFO, I could get evidence. The chance came again when I was 13 and I saw another strange vessel in the air, this one looking like a black submarine. I took two, maybe three pictures of it and was overwhelmed. I actually had photographic evidence of an alien ship. I would be famous. People wouldn’t think I was nuts for believing in aliens.

My mother got the pictures developed a week later, but when I looked at them my heart sank. The UFO was gone from all of the pictures. Everything else in the photos came out fine, but the ship was nowhere to be found. I began to wonder if the ship had some kind of technology that prevented it from appearing on film, or if some shadowy government agency had gotten their hands on the film and altered it to keep the truth covered up. That, or I just didn’t take the pictures properly. Whatever happened, it disheartened me, and I gave up my alien hunting pursuit. I still do believe there’s life beyond Earth, but if it is, they clearly aren’t interested in making their presence known to us yet.

While I don’t have any more stories to share, my friends and family have shared some of their own supernatural experiences with me. During my third year of college, for example, my roommate had an Islamic prayer of protection hung on the wall over his bed. I asked him why he kept it there and he told me that when he was a teenager, one night when he was getting ready to sleep he felt something reach out from under his bed and touch his ankle. When he looked under the bed, there was nothing there. About a decade ago one of my grandmother’s dogs, Angel, died after a long illness. The day after Angel’s passing she got a call on her cell phone from an unknown number. When she picked it up she heard a voice say “Transmission complete. Signal received.”

I’m sure there’s some rational explanation for each of these encounters I described, but at the moment I can’t really come up with any. I still think back on them from time to time as a reminder that there is still so much in this world that remains an enigma and that makes life a little more mysterious and enjoyable.

Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon: Addams Family Duology (1990 Films)




With a new adaptation in the works, it’s about time to take a look at the two Addams Family movies from the early 1990s. Originally based on Charles Addams’ famed cartoons, the Addams Family were part of a one panel gag for the New Yorker magazine. Addams’ style of humor was to satirize the modern lifestyle in a macabre way. His characters were so popular, they have been brought to life more than once through the famous 1964 TV series and a couple of Saturday morning cartoon incarnations. The one people seem to remember the most are the live-action theatrical films directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and for good reason.

Both The Addams Family and Addams Family Values are the closest thing to a perfect take on the New Yorker cartoon and TV show. I say that because both movies have their own set of positives and negatives. And yet, the negatives themselves can be overlooked for enjoyment value. The cast and crew is having a good time and there is a lot of good writing behind capturing why we love this creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky family. Read more

Gurren Lagann’s 10th Anniversary~The Mounty Presents

Here is my video on the 10th Anniversary of Gurren Lagann.

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1)What is with the border?
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2)What is the map/music you used?

Suburb House:…

As for the music, I used the following:

OC ReMix #1746: Kingdom Hearts II ‘Duet of the Keyblade Masters’ [Darkness of the Unknown] DOWNLOAD IT FREE at OC ReMix!

Fairy Tail Opening 21 – Believe In Myself (8 bit Remix) ~ 8-Bit Sound…

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Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon: Lifeforce


Tobe Hooper is one of the most interesting horror movie directors. He knew how to get that really gritty and dirty feel with his movies like in his famous entry, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Since then, most of his movies have been laid in a middle ground of absurdity or be moderately scary. Lifeforce, on the other hand, is so out there that it’s a wonder to know Hooper was behind it. This one is a testament to his style of taking a B-movie premise and just flying with it.

The story has so many tone shifts that the entertaining value really comes from how many movie tones it channels. First, it concerns a group of astronauts, aboard a space station called the Churchill, who find a floating craft holding a bunch of well-preserved alien, yet human looking bodies in suspended animation. Three of them are taken aboard and then the astronauts go missing. After the Churchill crashes, a rescue mission finds the alien bodies in tack and takes them in at a research center.

From there, the movie kicks into full gear becoming a part-zombie and part-vampire feature. One of the creatures awakens and starts draining the life energy from scientists. The more life energy it consumes, the younger these creatures get. If the creatures can’t find a fresh host, they explode into a matter of dust. The special effects are highly commendable as one corpse-looking body rejuvenates into a naked woman played by Mathilda May.

In regards to these alien creatures, I guess the correct term to use here is “space vampires.” The scary thing about these monsters is how they have little to no weaknesses outside of killing the head vampire. Lifeforce takes on a lot of the original tropes and cliches of vampire movie mythology, while adding some “fresh blood” to it. Unfortunately, Lifeforce was greatly re-edited in America to avoid any connection to the blood sucking creatures for some weird reason. Thankfully, the International cut restores a great bulk of the vampire references and is currently available in all home media releases.

There is an interesting idea here I really like where one of the Churchill astronauts, played by Steve Railsback, turns up alive and has a strange connection to the head space vampire. Apparently, he has a physic link that causes him to lose control and be used as a Renfield-like ploy. This is handled in a more erotic manner where the guy is seduced to the dark side, while he struggles to fight against the creatures. You can’t tell if he is with the humans or trying to help the space vampires.

There is one scene I have to bring up, because it must be seen to be believed. Patrick Stewart plays the manager of a psychiatric hospital and has the alien trapped in his body. At one point, they hypnotize the alien inside him to talk and he causes the astronaut to make their bond “stronger” by kissing him. Let THAT sink in. Captain Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation has a kissing scene with an actor who played Charles Manson in a 1976 TV miniseries called Helter Skelter. It’s a surreal moment. Again, this too was changed in the US theatrical cut, so it looks like the tortured man is kissing the head vampire instead. This is why I prefer the International cut more when it comes to a movie like this.

The final third of Lifeforce is just downright insane. After channeling Alien with the outer space scenes to a little of The Terminator, everything just goes out of control as it becomes an doomsday apocalypse movie. The alien gets loose and starts affecting everyone in London. Left and right, pedestrians get their lives drain out of them while the movie turns into a zombie movie on acid. It just comes out of nowhere and rockets into an epic finale.

There is nothing else I can say. Lifeforce must be seen to believed. Even Leonard Maltin was speechless giving it a mild recommendation for it’s crazy detours. I do agree with him on how this movie jumps from many different film tones and that’s where most of its charm comes from. It keeps you wondering what direction it will take not knowing how bonkers it will become by the final reel. It maybe inconsistent with the tone its going for, but it results in a lot of entertaining vaule.

Do Uncle Morgan a favor. Buy this movie, invite a lot of friends over for Halloween night, order some pizza, play the full International cut of Lifeforce and get ready for one wild night with space vampires and bewildered viewers. It will make for a great evening full of “what the $%*# am I watching?!?” God…I love this movie…

Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon: Tales from the Crypt Duology (Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood)


Tales from the Crypt was a breakthrough on cable television for ramping up the gore and sex. Based on the infamous EC Comics, it was perfectly cartoony without overstaying the fun. The anthology show was a runaway hit on HBO and made the Cryptkeeper (voiced by John Kassir) an iconic image on 1990s cable television. The property was perfect ripping for a theatrical franchise, but where to start? Previous incarnations like Creepshow, a 1972 British adaptation and its follow-up The Vault of Horror were rooted in being an anthology themed feature. You would get a magnitude of stories for the price of one. It was a nice little concept that fits within the show. Read more

Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon: Transylvania 6-5000


I really want to say Transylvania 6-5000 is smart and clever, but there are too many cons that hold me back from doing so. The concept is something I can get behind. A bunch of “monsters” are sighted in this Transylvanian village and two tabloid reporters are sent to make a cheesy report about it. I like the idea of how its taking the famed monsters and turning the mythos on its head. However, once the movie is over, I can’t help but realize there is a lot of room for improvements here and there. And I mean a lot… Read more

Whatever happen to that Infamous Jak guy?

A long long time ago, there was blogger with the ever so stupid user name of Infamous Jak. He posted about the Muppets and Country music a lot. He was considered among the best of his peers …..


equal to his peers ….


slightly below …..


ok he wasn’t very good. But he enjoyed posting none the less and reading the watching the content created by much better contributors *cough cough* moviefan12 *cough cough* and joining in conversations with people much smarter than himself *cough cough* Les or whatever username you have now *cough cough*


And then one day, without a word or warning, he vanished! Leaving no clue to his location. This caused great outrage amoungest his fellow bloggers ….


some outrage …


was barely even noticed. An investigation was held, the only leads being he was killed by aliens or was working 3 jobs at the time, had a new girlfriend and something has to give. I’ll let you decide which of the two it was. My money is on aliens.


But as time passed, he longed for days of freedom. Days where he could write blogs with very very very bad grammar.  So he returned to the corner of the internet he once called home. While not as the regular blogger, but just to stop in and say hello and post every so often when he finds the time.


This lead to great rejoicing amougest his peers….


Some rejoicing….


A few people saying “not this asshole again.”


Now before we all break out into dull celebration, you may be asking yourself, “what happened to that girlfriend he mentioned?”




Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


Monster movie hosts are hard to come by, but their legacy lives on. The tradition of late night television were a ghoulish figure would riff on the absurdity being seen is a dying art on the small screen. In my opinion, there are three recognizable figures that have kept this tradition alive. There’s Joe Bob Briggs of TNT MonsterVision and Joe Bob’s Drive In, Svengoolie (who is still active as of this article) and lastly you have Elvira.

Cassandra Peterson’s TV persona which consists of a low-cut dress, tall beehive hairdo and Valley girl style talk was no doubt a runaway hit. No one could expect this horror host to skyrocket from obscure figure to a brand name every household knows. Her face and big…uhhh, popularity dominated the 1980s and well throughout the 1990s. There were trading cards, comic books, action figures, dolls and even a pinball machine, too. The last thing one would expect from all this is a cinematic adaptation based on the character. And as expected, there is.

1988’s Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is something that’s worth seeing, than actually reading a review about. To describe this feature, I would have to talk about every scene and what happens. There is a plot…well, many to be exact, as the story bounces between a loose thread of scenes tied to a “fish out of water” story-line. But is it enough to hold a character that says one-liners and ghoulish puns? For what it’s worth, I actually think so.

After quitting her job due to a perv boss, the hostess is at least delighted to learn one of her relatives died and left a great inheritance in Massachusetts. She travels far, but disappointed to find all she gets is an old home, and pet poodle that can shape shift and a spell book mistaken as a cookbook. The reason for her disappointment is that Elvira hoped to create her own stage show in Las Vegas, but doesn’t have enough funds. Instead of fulfilling the dream, she is stuck with some ancient artifacts with not much use, expect living in the old house.

From there, the rest of the plot is very loose and kind of all over the map. One minute, she is trying to fit in with the locals, gets better accepted by the teenagers of the town, is the envy of  a town moral goodie (played by Edie McClurg of John Hughes movie cameo fame), a warlock (W. Morgan Sheppard) who is after her inheritance and that’s just scraping the surface. There’s so many loose threads that I’m tempted to say this works against the film’s favor. However, while it doesn’t get too complex, you do wonder how a movie can juggle so much weight and still feel simplistic.

In all honesty, I’m fine with movies like this. As long as there are some things anchoring the plot together, I can at least say there is some form of a story going on. Many big screen adaptations like Coneheads or The Flintstones have used this method of story telling which gives a laid back feel or ends up running all over the map. With Mistress of the Dark, I don’t think the movie is that chaotic as those two examples. I’d really compare it more to Wayne’s World. You have a one-note sketch that is well-done and entertaining, but the universe around the character(s) is explored more. They feel less like a couch potato, and it’s interesting to see how they would act in the real world.

The idea of Elvira trying to fit in a small Massachusetts town works in its own way. I’m not saying this because I live near Boston or anything. But for a state that is “head over heels” with things like witchcraft and local legends, it does make sense for this kind of character to enter in a town still stuck on old-fashioned beliefs. The concept of a character out of place with a bright and vibrant town is cliche, but it works in the movie’s favor. You do get to see Elvira try and connect with the locals, despite being turned a blind eye for …well, mostly her looks…which is weird, because why would someone- then again, it was the 1980s and some parents were uptight about sex appeal, so I can let it pass by a hair.

For 90 minutes of your time, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark packs a lot to keep you entertained. There’s some hilarious set pieces like a sabotaged stage-show, cheap monster effects, an origin story of Elvira that is interesting, a climatic duel with an evil warlock, a grand Las Vegas finale and that’s just scraping the surface. I think the reason this movie didn’t do well at the box office (and with certain critics) was how loose the story was. It’s the only element I can see being a problem with some viewers, but certain comedies like Caddyshack and Anchorman have used this way of story-telling before. There are elements that do keep the plot tied together like a hilarious performance by Edie McClurg as the “town moral” who schemes to run Elvira out of town. If you go in with an open mind and leave your brain at the door (surgically), you will be in for a good time.

Also, for a movie based on a famous monster movie host, who knew it could work? At this day in age, how come we don’t see more like this? Heck, I propose an Avengers-style that crosses many horrors hosts together. Wouldn’t that be a box office treat? You could have a league where Joe Bob Briggs is the Nick Fury, Elvira pulling off some “killer moves,” Svengoolie with a bow that shoots flaming rubber chickens and perhaps a “Son of” Zacherley, The Cool Ghoul. Sounds absurd, but I’d pay good money to see it.

Soul Eater(2008): The Mounty Presents

Here is my review of the 2008 anime Soul Eater.

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