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The Mouse House: Michael Eisner: Good Executive? (Maybe?)

The Mouse House: Michael Eisner: Good Executive? (Maybe?)

theme song by Buddy Baker, Richard and Robert Sherman and owned by Walt Disney Records

This is going to be one of my most opinionated and controversial articles I think I’ve ever written. In the interest of full disclosure, the information presented will be my own impressions of events and basic research from viewing “Waking Sleeping Beauty” and reading the Mouse Tales books by David Koenig. I have not read the more in depth books specifically about Michael Eisner, such as his autobiography and the book “Disney War”, which chronicles the business feud between Eisner and Roy E. Disney in the mid 2000s. As much as I would like to have read these books I have been putting this article off for months and I need to finish it or it will never get done. Also these books are both extremes of bias. The bias in Eisner’s autobiography is very obvious and “Disney War” while incredibly well researched and documented is presented with a major anti Eisner slant. This article is hopefully a more balanced view of Eisner as opposed to bogging down his reign in all of the legitimately awful business decisions he made (direct to video sequels anybody?).

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My Old Sonic FC Crossover Story~ The Mounty Presents 50th Episode

Jack Skyblue Reviews: The Best Moments of 2017

Just like with last year: This is basically the extended cut of all the positive news that I’ve looked up for this video. This episode of Jack Skyblue Reviews adds 2 Minutes and about 30 Seconds of extra news.

What could be a better way to end the year than with a video about the most positive things that happened in 2017.

I hope you enjoy this video and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

A Clamorous Litany Before New Year’s

I’ve grown insurmountably fed up with people not being thankful for even the smallest of things, some of my “former high school batchmates” thinking I’m the bad guy just because I fought back through a rant and blocked a bully, more appropriately she-devil, who harassed me emotionally and was never sorry even though it was years ago, me being a pushover because I am not going to allow it that anyone walks over me, having shallow relationships with others when I should be having deep and meaningful ones, that bully’s older sister who is a complete and utter dumbass for calling me nothing more than some petty kid, as if she herself is a good role model, she is truly pathetic, anyone who is a spoiled and self-entitled brat, and of course, bigotry, homophobia, fearmongering, close-mindedness and hatemongering, which are taken up to obnoxious extremes.

Oh, and to that bully’s older sister I have this to say. Yeah, I know your younger sister has an amazing job she’s doing well at but that does not excuse the fact that her attitude towards me was absolute crap. I should know because I was one of her former batchmates. If she were truly smart, she would apologize for all the mean things she said. But no, it’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I still cannot believe how utterly ignorant and rude you are. You live in your own little world where you two can be so rude to each other that it becomes your form of sisterly love and you think you could pass it on to others like that. I’m not mad at her because of it. I’m mad at her because, despite every kind deed I did as her former batchmate, she still treated me like crap. On top of that, I cannot believe you would let her get away with stuff like calling me a fail for the most arbitrary of reasons. And even if I screwed up, she showed no compassion. So, to my former bully and her older sister, put that in your pipes and smoke it, screw yourselves over to the moon, and don’t come back! I’m okay with you calling me a petty kid but you! You two are always gonna be a couple of jerks and douchenozzles!

Oh yeah, and to the jerkwad back in high school who said I asked one of my former male high school batchmates to prom and spread it around and it convinced me and everyone else it was true, I have this to say. Go screw yourself to the moon and back. Yeah, I am gay. I love men. As an actor, voice actor, singer, and reviewer, there are so many people in the performing arts industry, who are LGBTQ. So, to anyone who found my sexuality gross whether back then and now, then you go to Hell! That’s where you belong. If you want me to be a bit nicer, then get your sorry ass re-educated!

Even more, to this who called me SPED behind my back, I highly recommend you re-evaluate your choice of words and think before you act.

At least through this, I can have the confidence to say that I have let go of people, who come off as obnoxious, ignorant, uncultured, disgusting, and vexatious! Thank the Lord they are gone from my life. If ever one person would have the gall to be straight up rude to me, I will say this, bugger off!

I will wrap my little rant before New Year’s up with this. I am a classy, well-rounded, shabby chic gay man, with a rebellious punk-goth heart, a strangely surreal artistic mind that it’s into anime like Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, and Yu Yu Hakusho, cartoons like Regular Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast, video games like Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, and Crash Bandicoot, operas from Bel Canto to Verismo to Modern, ballet, musicals, theater, and film, and with enough articulacy to stand on his own two feet, not take any crap from anyone, and just be myself.

CineVlog – Star Wars The Last Jedi

After a long wait, I question … doesn’t anyone remember the 35th anniversary of The Dark Crystal? Also, I review The Last Jedi…


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders(The Mounty Presents)

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You Review (The Mounty Presents)

Here is my review of Pokemon’s 20th movie.

Why I hate Avatar the Last Airbender

Archetypical, barely relatable characters with offset development: This is an objective and subjective point. Subjectively, none of the main characters resonate with me. I could better identify the characters through their archetypes alone. The free-spirited to plain jane one, girl with a temper and a dead mom, comic relief, blind rich girl who manages to adapt to new horizons within the course of one episode and Tomoki from Watamote if he were a democrat in 2017. Personally, I can’t find a single endearing character. What kind of characters do I like? In many shows I often root for the divas, the bullies, the cynics, the deadpan snarkers, the sarcastic ones and the goths/emos/moody ones. I like them because they tend to be the most expressive and open-ended when it comes to the other characters. It’s fun seeing them act over the top, and in the face of a breakdown I could really feel the weight of the world crushing them. Even then, I find it easier to assess their situations as to why they became who they were today. Read more


You love everything I hate about myself. You are the best thing I know. You are here even when it feels like you’re gone. You’re the ache I feel in my soul when no one else is around. You’re the beauty the rest of the world is blind to. The light in darkness. The stars in the sky. You’re the one thing that is always there. You’re never unkind. You don’t know how to hurt. You only know how to heal. Like a whisper, you are faint, but if I listen closely, I can hear you. Even when I’m afraid of everything else, I can never be afraid of you. No matter how much I’ve tried, I cannot push you away. If I believe love exists at all.. it’s because of you. You. You. You. It’s always been you.


Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile. A couple of you might remember me. Hi. Sorry it’s so short. Just depression. You know how it is. 

Clannad: The Motion Picture Movie Review~ The Mounty Presents

Here is my review of Clannad: The Motion Picture

Punisher Comic Reviews – Vol. 2 #26-34, Annual #3

I cover the next eight issues and the third annual for the first Punisher ongoing title.

In This Corner of the World(2016) Movie Review ~ The Mounty Presents

MovieBuffMel’s Guide To – Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day

Presenting an all new retrospective review series where Morgan talks all about movies and TV shows with no limits. Anything goes here!

To kick off the first episode, Morgan dives back into an old TV viewing tradition that is still going on to this very day with every devoted MSTie!


Reflections on a Previous Rant about My Former High School Bully

When I look back at the rant I wrote about my former high school bully, who in my fury gave her the nickname Crapsack after I blocked her, I felt a couple of things. On one hand, it was cathartic because I never got an apology from her for everything she did and said to me like calling me a fail at life and just being condescending, cruel, and rude. On the other hand, it did feel rather harsh of me, but you know how it is, what goes around comes around and an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That rant apparently caught the attention of her older sister, who proceeded to say that my bully never did anything wrong to me and just called me a petty kid. It sort of made me realize that my former high school bully does get away with a lot of things because she thought she was smart and all that and she and her older sister are so accustomed to being rude and condescending towards each other as their form of sisterly love. The other part of me was hurting because we were batchmates, I wanted to see the best in her, I tried to treat her like a good friend, and she still had every right to emotionally harass me even after the retreat and Dux Lucis. Going back to her older sister, it made acknowledge how much of an ignorant, stupid, rude, and obnoxious person she is and on top of that, she was a crummy role model to her younger sister. Sure they may have jobs, but does that entitle especially my former bully to think what she did and said to me was okay? No. Did her older sister think that I would easily forget about it even if it were after so many years without even getting an apology from her? No. On top of that, through a really good friend of mine, I kind of realized that my former high school bully was not just mean and unemphatic to me but to a lot of other people when she was a lot younger and even had a rather toxic relationship with her older sister to the point where they are so rude to each other and from what I can interpret, it’s like their parents do not even have a clue on how to discipline them and be great role models. And comparing her to the other former bullies I had, she really gets the short end of the stick when it comes to truly growing up, whereas some of the other ones have actually turned out for the better and saw the crap they did and made their own lives greatly.

Just by realizing what my former high school bully was through her older sister and to an extent her family made me realize how grateful I should be to have had parents who ensured that we, my younger brother, my younger sister, and I, stayed kind, patient, polite, and with good decorum. If I were to be a teacher, then this is something that I have to acknowledge. It’s so easy for kids and teenagers to bully, harass, and put certain people down and think they can get away with it, which is why I am not a fan of bullies, nor anyone who puts on a thinly-veiled mask after hurting certain people. Sometimes the words one says to a person can last for a long time and usually the one afflicted will end up coming back with something even more painful.

All in all, I am very happy I got myself away from her and her older sister, because like I said, I never want to be as fake and nasty as those two. I don’t need them to be in my life anymore as they belong in the distant past. I have a lot of other people in my life I need and want to connect with given my YouTube and performing arts careers and especially my future career of being an English teacher. There are so many things I need to do with my life and more than anything, I always have to love and respect myself, if I want to live a life full of good contacts, meaningful relationships, and an overall fruitfulness to ensure things go spectacularly.

magination vlog part 3Return to Kybar’s Teeth


The Cartoon Physicist’s Noughtie List – Toolbox Murders

Physicist returns from wherever the hell she’s been to do a (late) Halloween review in honour of the late Tobe Hooper.

(It was very much intended to be released on Halloween when it was filmed, sorry that it’s late.)

Manic Expression Loses One of It’s Own

I have just learned that Stephen Leotti, the man animating Manic Expression: The Movie, died in a tragic car accident. His work was exceptional, and I greatly enjoyed the short time we got to work together. He was an amazing animator, a fantastic director, and while I didn’t know him well I did enjoy our conversations and felt we were becoming friends.

Here is an example of what he was working on for the film:



Our thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time.

As for production on Manic Expression: The Movie, vocal performances are still being recorded. We will begin the search for a new animator in January.

Vaulting: Updates, New Videos and Other Stuff

I’m just going to repost everything I said on my Patreon page as all that needs to be said, has been said. It’s not a case of being lazy. I just want to get the word out at the moment.

So I figured this would be easier to send a message to everyone following me, at least those who are. With everything going on, I figured it would be simpler to update EVERYONE on where things are.


First, let’s start with the obvious. Where is Vaulting? As you have noticed by now, there hasn’t been a new episode in a long time. Here is where the show stands now. Episodes 90 and 91 are filmed. 90 is still being edited. An additional episode was filmed over the summer, but that one won’t be due for a long time. Once episode 90 is finished edited, I’ll give you ahead’s up on when it will be released. I’m hoping for early 2018.

Second, I have a new part time job working for a local newspaper. It has been an interesting experience doing meetings and human resource stories. However, this are crucial as this and my other job in retail are what currently appear to be paying the bills. THOSE COME FIRST! I love doing video work, but work is very important. Even if it takes up a lot of my time.

Third, it is important for me to know WHO is still interested in what I do. I beg of you, leave a comment, share my work, etc, etc. Because if there is no audience present for what I do, then I have no interest fueled in what I do. It’s a basic and simple rule. If the viewers are there and determined, so is the creator. I plead, don’t leave me in the dust. I’m counting on you guys.

Fourth, I’ve said time and time again I have a novel written. Right now, its undergoing another proofread, but it’s improving. I’m liking a lot of the new changes so far and I hope it will be completed soon. To give you a vague idea, it’s a modernization on kitsune folklore. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time and I can’t wait to share it once it gets finalized. But after 121 declines, I’m thinking about self-publishing. More on that to come in the future.

NOW, some uplifting news. I’ve been thinking about some things these past two weeks and I think it’s time to do some new stuff around here.


There’s an upcoming new series I am working on called “MovieBuffMel’s Guide To…” This is sort of a more broad version of Vaulting, but going farther than underrated nostalgia. It will be looking into movies and TV shows without much limits. Think of it as a part encyclopedia and part review show. It was more original vision for Vaulting and I want to test the waters with it. It won’t replace Vaulting, I promise. This is just something I would like to do and see if it works.

Every Christmas, there is something I like to do, but I want to do something other than a Top 10 list. Instead, I’m going to do a “non-canon” Christmas special. In terms of which thing, I’m going to tackle “Jingle All the Way.” It’s one of those movies that’s been rattling in my brain for a revisit and it’s time to give it the due. It will be a “Vaulting special,” but not an official episode as I have a complete storyline planned out for the show.

Speaking of which, starting next month, I plan to upload old episodes of Vaulting. However, before anyone gets excited, they will be uploaded once a month. This was something I did with the original series to pace myself. Thus, when a new month comes around, so will a classic Vaulting. Most of these episodes will be specially re-edited as I had some personal problems with the older material. I’ll explain this in deeper detail within a future video, but long story short, these episodes are retweaked for a “better viewing experience” for fans of old and new.

Again, I can’t do all of this without your support and help. Please, spread the world. Tell a friend. I am still alive and doing all I can in bringing you the best! Vaulting will continue and I’ve made that promise a lot. But things take time and can’t be rushed. For now, I hope my updates on where everything is at will help.

In the meantime, I’ll see you all on the flipside.

Morgan “Fox” Leger