Is James still a Liberal? Is Les still a Conservative?

JDW: Hi everyone, James here. With me for this very special blog is my good friend, Les. Say hi, Les.

LES:  Hi, Les 😉

JDW: (sigh) Every time… 
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Classic Cross-Over: Les and James Agree on Politics (sort of)

Hi, Manic Expression. Les and I wrote a new article, a sequel if you will, to our original cross-over piece. We agreed it would be a good idea to re-post the original article, as it never appeared on this site. This thing is ANCIENT. You’ll notice I make reference to That Guy With the Glasses being our audience, and Les was still going by NOTYETUSEDNAME. The new article will be up Tuesday. Till then, digest this article from 2011.

JDW:Greetings TGWTG fans. You’re all familiar with NOTYETUSEDNAME, one of the many fine writers here on this site. He and I are here to talk about how respect and love for good writing can bring together two friends who are politically on opposite sides of the world.

NYUN: First off, James, thank you for having me on your show. I’ve always admired your excellent writing and thoughtful articles.

JDW: And I yours, my friend. I know this is stepping outside of your comfort zone a little, as you once swore never to do a political blog, but I don’t think that’s what we’re going to be doing here. You and I have discussed our own political views, and we disagree on a great many things. I myself am a liberal, I voted for the President, and you didn’t. Read more

Jack Skyblue Reviews: The Best Moments of 2017

Just like with last year: This is basically the extended cut of all the positive news that I’ve looked up for this video. This episode of Jack Skyblue Reviews adds 2 Minutes and about 30 Seconds of extra news.

What could be a better way to end the year than with a video about the most positive things that happened in 2017.

I hope you enjoy this video and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

STOP THE HATE: Mayim Bialik

The sad, twisted story of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall has captured the attention of the nation…or at least of the news media who are obsessed with it because it involves celebrities. Your average person probably didn’t even know who Harvey Weinstein was, despite his name being in front of so many of the movies we watch. Unlike Bill Cosby, Harvey was a behind the scenes kind of guy, a fixture of Hollywood that those outside of Hollywood could largely care less about.
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Transmission Rory | Hunger Review

STOP THE HATE: Fighting Back Against the Trolls

I’m sad right now. Not angry, not blue. Sad. I suppose it’s been building for some time now, this feeling. I’m sure many of you may be feeling the same. After a month in office, Donald Trump has turned my country into the laughing stock of the world. Despite the protests and the media backlash, the man is bulletproof. It now seems likely that Russia played a real part in getting him elected, and he’s barely trying to hide it. Despite their leader losing the popular vote by over three million votes, the Republican party is moving full steam ahead with an agenda of discrimination and alienation and calling it a mandate. Professional trolls like Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos are now considered serious people and hold actual power. There is a lot to be sad about at this moment in time.

Speaking of Milo, he may have finally gone a step too far. After being in the news for racist comments, anti-trans comments, anti-Muslim comments, and sexist comments, the fact that he actually condoned pedophilia during a podcast has caused him to be uninvited from CPAC and have his upcoming book be canceled. A win for the good guys? Not really, because it took advocating for man on boy love to finally make a dent in this guys armor. Everything else he’s said, that was all just fine. Read more

Nexus News Monthly January 2017


Does it still count as news when it’s no longer relevant? I don’t care!

Jack Skyblue Reviews: The Best Moments of 2016

This is the extended version from the Team Night Saturn Holiday Video 2016 with all the good news I’ve talked about this year. I kept it short in the Holiday video so that it wouldn’t overshadow the other people too much. However I also didn’t want to delete the good chunk of great news I’ve looked up for and considering how bad this has been: Yeah! So I hope you enjoy the good news of 2016 because believe me: With all it’s faults there were still plenty of awesome moments that happened this year. With that said I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Schlock & Terror – Axe!

In this episode, Bob Ross has to survive the rapist Blues Brothers, a thirteen year old axe-wielding model in her twenties, and a paralysed grandpa in a staring contest with the camera. Trust us, it still doesn’t make sense in context.

Hey Arnold’s Veterans Day Special Discussion/Review

Continuing with Hey Arnold Month, Patricia does a quick recap and review of one of the show’s most overlooked episodes, the Veterans Day episode. Does it deserve to be more well known? Absolutely. Now, more than ever. Why? Watch the video and find out.



Also the legislative branch is a thing but we’ll have to wait and see what they do.

Who’s To Blame For Trump Winning?

Knowledge is POWER. Use it.

STOP THE HATE: Election 2016

Is it safe to say this thing is finally done? I mean I know that technically we still have till November 8, but with Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton 11 points in the polls, while simultaneously, like a black cat, jinxing the chances of every Republican he’s ever walked passed, we can all be done with this nonsense, right?
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Schlock & Terror – Anthropophagous: The Beast

Dave returns! In a…not so thrilling adventure. Umm…there’s a cat in it? Oh, well. Just listen to us b*tch about movie.

Trying to clear up misconceptions and rumors about YouTube’s advertiser-friendly guidelines.


This guy explains it a lot better than I ever could(though he is most likely a bit off on who is to blame).

Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines:
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STOP THE HATE: Civil Discourse

I recently saw a beautiful little movie called Last Days in the Desert, directed by Rodrigo Garcia and starring Ewan McGregor as both Jesus Christ and Satan. The movie, which did not receive wide release and played mainly art houses, is about Jesus leaving the desert to begin his mission, and along the way he meets a family in crisis. Satan, trying to mislead Jesus by taking his form, wagers that Christ cannot save this family. The film is a quiet, beautiful meditation on fathers and sons, and examines the more human aspect of Christ. I haven’t been a Christian for sixteen years, and yet I cannot recommend it more highly.
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