Tokusatsu in Review: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Part 3

Part three has Utchi properly join the samba, character exploratory episodes critics of this entry say don’t exist, and the 8th man to the band coming in to encourage the next stage of their growth.


How To Fix It: Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice

This week, as the Justice League movie premieres, Michael looks back at the disappointment that was Batman v Superman.

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A Posh Goth Moment starring Me (Antoni Matteo Garcia)

And now for your viewing here’s a one-minute film I made that was meant for the Linguland contest, A Posh Goth Moment starring me as The Posh Goth. As you can tell, I put in a lot of dedication, passion, and love to this project, as I knew this was going to be something really fun, especially doing my own goth make-up, which I love to do. Even if I do not win this contest hosted by Linguland for the sake of my English major course, I will admit one thing. I had fun, I totally got into it, and it was an overall great experience.

Justice League Movie Review



A review of the DC teamup, Justice League. Starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher. Directed by Zack Snyder Follow me on Twitter if you want to not die: Facebook:

Watchin’ Stuff – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Review

We’re watching an adorable fighting dumpling of a kid today as we watch OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. ENJOY

Jack Skyblue Reviews: Justice League (2017) (First Impressions + Spoilers!!!)

I review Zack Snyder’s Justice League and right off the Bat: I loved it! So let us find out as to why I love this film.

In this video I’m talking about Zack Snyder’s Justice League in full spoilery details and with that I hope I can provide you an even better idea as to why I loved this movie so much.

Jack Skyblue Reviews: Why the Justice League (probably) Won’t Be Too Overcrowded!

Originally Uploaded August 29, 2017.

I give you my thoughts on why I believe that the upcoming Justice League movie probably won’t be nearly as overcrowded as people make it out to be and why double standards are on full display here.

Movie Rehab: Meet Dave (Commentary)

Originally Uploaded August 13, 2017.

After a few years I chose to do a commentary on one of my older Movie Rehab episodes again. I feel this commentary will probably interesting to anyone who’s interested about my view on reviews in general.

Jack Skyblue Reviews: Oreo Cinnamon Bun Flavored Cookies

Originally Uploaded August 12, 2017.

To make up for the overlong schedule of mine I give you a new video just one day later after the other one. Actually the Oreo video was filmed a few months ago however I felt that the Wonder Woman video was long overdue which is why I’ve uploaded the newer video earlier and the older one later.

Anyway this is the first time in which I’m reviewing food. I don’t know if this will actually catch on in this show but I look for enough reasons to get out my videos as fast as I can. Have fun.^^

Jack Skyblue Reviews: Wonder Woman (2017) (First Impressions)

Originally Uploaded August 1, 2017.

Here it is at last! My review to Wonder Woman is finally out and I hope that you enjoy this video.

Tokusatsu in Review: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger part 2

Kyouryuger continues with the continued gathering of the Team, one of whom the cast has already met as an enemy!
…Come on, it’s a Dinosaur sentai, you think they weren’t going to pull this?


Letters To Celestia: Even More Ideas I Would Like To See in MLP

As we push on to Season Eight, there are still plenty of random ideas that many people want to be put into the series. While I’ve shared quite a few in the past (and some of have come to reality), I decided to share a few more because…why not?


(There aren’t as many as last time, but I still wanted to share them anyway)

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magination vlog 4 ice and fire


Screenplay Archaeology Episode 32: The Punisher

KiramidHead and ShadowPred discuss two early Punisher scripts.

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Tokusatsu in Review: Zyuden Sentai kyouryuger Intro/Part 1

Vamola! Des Shinta dives into the last widely popular and yet mixedly-received modern sentai series!
Maybe that mixed reception has to do with it being the third show based around Dinosaurs when there are other themes they’ve yet done.



The Literary Lair: Elementary- Blood and Ink

This week, Michael finds out if Blood and Ink are two great tastes that go better togeth… wait, didn’t I already use that joke in the Love and War video?

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Watchin’ Stuff – The LEGO Ninjago Movie Review

Watch as the Lego Ninjago movie gives us what we always needed… product placement and horrible writing. ENJOY

The Cartoon Physicist’s Noughtie List – Toolbox Murders

Physicist returns from wherever the hell she’s been to do a (late) Halloween review in honour of the late Tobe Hooper.

(It was very much intended to be released on Halloween when it was filmed, sorry that it’s late.)