Beauty and Warrior(2002)~ (The Mounty Presents)

Chou Super Hero Taisen-Chronos Corner #1

Welcome to Chronos Corner Maniac Expression folks I am Masked Rider Chronos. With the recent shutting down of VidMe and YouTube constantly screwing over it’s smaller creators I had to get these vids more attention if I was to grow further besides the 32 subs (I do this for Fun but I like to grow further to make a little income of these). Then I saw that Shinta Reviews was part of this humble site and I deiced to join up.  Over this week I plan to Release my first 7 episodes with to the site so I can start posting here more often. So what is Chronos Corner?

Chronos Cronoer is my Comdeic Review show where I look at Tokusatsu (Live Action Japanese programming with Special Effects). I mostly cover the bad stuff from this review of Chou Super Hero Taisen to the horrible US adaption that is Masked Rider. I sometimes review Toku parody like Karn-Helmets of Henshin Power Rider Fusion but that’s more for jokes and a quick laugh. So thanks for reading and watching everyone I hope I can be of help to this wonderful little site.


How To Fix It: Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Who has two thumbs and is about a month late for the Star Wars sequel party? This guy!

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Manic Month: Manic Expression – Creative Chaos

The Mouse House: Michael Eisner: Good Executive? (Maybe?)

The Mouse House: Michael Eisner: Good Executive? (Maybe?)

theme song by Buddy Baker, Richard and Robert Sherman and owned by Walt Disney Records

This is going to be one of my most opinionated and controversial articles I think I’ve ever written. In the interest of full disclosure, the information presented will be my own impressions of events and basic research from viewing “Waking Sleeping Beauty” and reading the Mouse Tales books by David Koenig. I have not read the more in depth books specifically about Michael Eisner, such as his autobiography and the book “Disney War”, which chronicles the business feud between Eisner and Roy E. Disney in the mid 2000s. As much as I would like to have read these books I have been putting this article off for months and I need to finish it or it will never get done. Also these books are both extremes of bias. The bias in Eisner’s autobiography is very obvious and “Disney War” while incredibly well researched and documented is presented with a major anti Eisner slant. This article is hopefully a more balanced view of Eisner as opposed to bogging down his reign in all of the legitimately awful business decisions he made (direct to video sequels anybody?).

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On The Case: The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (Season One)



Hello & welcome back to On The Case and I realize that it’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at any of The Hardy Boys TV adaptations.   And that is just because I had taken on a lot of other projects but I’m ready to return.   I also think that I was a bit nervous as I am now taking on, the most famous adaption of The Hardy Boys as I look at The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.   The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries was an ABC TV series  that ran for 3 seasons from 1977 – 1979 and up until the third season,  the show would alternate between episodes featuring The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.  We will talk about that more as we look at the next two seasons of this show.  (Which may be a while)  e.   The website, Den of Geek  has a rather good article that does a deep dive into the history of this incarnation of The Hardy Boys.  I highly suggest reading it before reading this article.   Universal has released all three seasons  of the show on DVD and as or right now,  I have the first season.

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The Literary Lair: Bernice Summerfield – True Stories

This week, it’s the first episode of 2018 and it’s time for some new beginnings, and some familiar territory.

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Watchin’ Stuff – Top 5 Worst Animated Films of 2017

ToonGrin lists the bottom of their rock-bottom movies of 2017. ENJOY

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4 Easy Ways to Fix Underwhelming Sequels

Oh, movie sequels. We want to love you, but often you let us down. For every Godfather Part II we get at least 20 that disappoint. But often simple changes would prevent underwhelming the audience. So here are 4 random movies in no real order that I believe could have been saved by making simple changes. These are in no real order, so lets dive in.

Smokey and the Bandit 2

What We Got: A film set a good amount of time after the original movie. Proceed to throw most of development for characters out and start from starch. At least the Jerry Reed song is still good.

Easy Fix: Start the second after the original movie. The first film ended with the crew chasing off to get clam chowder. Keep the momentum going and this time keep the cameos at a minimum. But if you touch the sound track I’ll punch you in the mouth. Read more

Vaulting – Lost Scenes of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

That’s right folks! The sky is not falling! Throughout the rest of this year, all the old episodes of Vaulting from Season 1 will be uploaded exclusively for To get a rough idea why I’ve been holding back all these old episodes (mainly Season 1 to half of Season 3), here is a short introduction that will explain everything.


Now with that out of the way, let’s start off with the very first episode of the show that every debuted.


Some Personal Recollections:

I remember well when I first made this episode. It was in one whole day and on the fly. I was in community college at the time and batting around ideas for webshows to create. They originally were to be for YouTube, but as always, things change.

There really was no agenda or list of what to talk about at the time. It was really a case of “I’d like to discuss this because I feel like it” ordeal. With the famed Rankin/Bass special getting cut and edited so often, I figured it would be interesting to address the different versions and lost scenes. So, I took out my camera, rambled on without a script, recorded the footage into the computer, edited it in a matter of hours…and the rest is history.

When this episode debuted on YouTube, it gained 25 views in one day. Then it doubled the next and by day 3, it got about 100 views. Being new to this, I wrote it off as somewhat successful and decided to continue from there.

Those who have been there from the start will notice some material maybe missing from this version. The original cut of the episode had a Nutcracker Santa state the episode was protected by copyright law, some awkward pauses and redundant information was removed, more awkward pauses and a “sneak peak” of the future at the end was taken out. This was done to add a quicker pace and remove some the awkward moments that dragged the episode down. Trust me, it won’t be missed…

Original Upload Date: December 20, 2008


Screenplay Archaeology Episode 33: Legend

Deusdaecon and KiramidHead discuss a bizarre early draft of Ridley Scott’s Legend.

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Big Girls Don’t Cry…They Get Even Movie Review

Hillary Wolf, who was very famous for her portrayal as one of Kevin MacAllister’s older sisters Megan from Home Alone 1 and 2, stars in this comedy about a smart and sarcastic thirteen-year-old girl and her massively dysfunctional family. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

Tokusatsu in Review: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave

The marathon of the 2010 Dinosaur-themed Sentai and Ranger series ends with the 2017 Korean-funded sequel to the Original Kyoryuger…and a series that once again Shows that Toei REALLY should think about Firing Producer Shinichiro Shirakura.
And to think, we thought we escaped this guy for a year.


CineVlog – Star Wars The Last Jedi

After a long wait, I question … doesn’t anyone remember the 35th anniversary of The Dark Crystal? Also, I review The Last Jedi…


DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games (A Red Ribbon Review)


(This article is written in association with Red Ribbon Reviewers, an annual project designed to spread HIV and AIDS awareness. This year, RRR is promoting GAIA, the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance, which aims to provide healthcare to those affected by HIV/AIDS related illnesses in Africa. For more information on how you can contribute to this or other charities, please consult the following resources: GAIA, Red Ribbon Reviewers.

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Tokusatsu in Review: Power Rangers Dino Charge Parts 5-9

Dino Charge enters it’s ‘super’ Sect, as the show actually gets stupid instead of possessing a bunch of badly executed Idea’s.
Maybe if they started hiring competent, experienced writers this would stop happening.

lastly, an update video on plans for 2018