Transmission Rory | Lucy Review

On this weeks episode of Transmission Rory I take a gander of a Luc Besson film from 2014 that being Lucy. Will this be a challenging intelligent thriller or just a heap of shite.


Synopsis: 0:03

Positives: 2:02

Negatives: 2:56

Final Verdict: 17:32

Movie Curiosities: Life

It seemed like we were on a pretty good roll. We had The Martian, we had Hidden Figures, we had Arrival and Tomorrowland, we had Gravity and Big Hero 6… I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. The point is that we’ve been seeing all these many and varied films made in the past few years to inspire a love of science. These were movies all about humanity as a whole coming together across all sociopolitical differences to solve problems and advance our understanding of the cosmos.

Then came the unfortunate critical and commercial tanking of The Space Between Us, and I started to worry. Especially when it would be so soon followed by this picture. Read more

Movie Curiosities: Power Rangers (2017)

Back when “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” first aired, I was hooked on every episode. I begged my parents for the toys. I beat the Game Gear movie tie-in. I didn’t just own the coloring books — I literally used them to wallpaper my room. I’d be embarrassed, but I was a grade school boy in the ’90s. At that age and that time, it probably would’ve been more embarrassing NOT to be a fan.

I was never surprised or upset to hear that Hollywood had finally gotten around to strip-mining such a core part of my childhood. It had to be my turn sooner or later, after all. But I did have to think long and hard about what my expectations were. Did I want something that tried to play everything straight and gritty? Yeah, right. Cheese is so thoroughly hardwired into the premise of this franchise that any such attempt would be deeply embarrassing. But I didn’t want the film to be so over-the-top goofball that it only exists because of nostalgia. Read more

Vlog: Power Rangers The movie (2017)

Des is Joined by Matt and John to recap and analyze the Recent New power rangers movie!
Relax, this is a mostly positive review.


RPG Hell: Persona 4 Golden part 4

Detectives, stalkers, And Deliverymen take focus as the Inaba investigation team closes in on the culprit!
Also: A Traumatic trip to heaven.

House of Love: Kung Fu Panda 3

Ni Hao, Kung Fu fans, it’s that time again!


And that’s it for today. Join me next week for the Season Finale! Zheme Jiule, Folks!

Screenplay Archaeology Episode 24: King Kong

KiramidHead and ShadowPred discuss a few different drafts for unmade King Kong films.

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CineVlog – Power Rangers 2017 w/SonicGuru

Ok, a little backstory. There is a long story behind this one…..on the week I planned to see this, my grandfather broke his ankle while chipping ice. I will say right now he is doing fine and trying to rest. So I get to the ticket booth and I get a call from mom checking up on me….here is where trouble begins.

She asked me to make a pumpkin bread for my grandfather so he had something more “healthier” to snack on. My thoughts got in the way and I had a choice between seeing this movie or doing a more kinder gesture. Well, I explain in the review the movie started doing no favors and I decided to give up halfway in. Instead, I left at the 65 minute mark and made a pumpkin bread. I know everyone is coming out and saying the movie is good…I thought otherwise…



Life Movie Review



A review of the sci-fi horror, Life.

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa.

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Poll: Who Do You Think Should Sit on the Iron Throne?

I give the results of my latest blog poll.

So…someone wants a dragon on the Iron Throne? Read more

Team Yume Podcast: “Los Illuminados Confirmed!”

WATCH OUT!!! Madhog and Devar team up with Toon Grin’s WhyBoy to analyze and dissect the newest season of “Samurai Jack” and how it compares to the original run. Afterwards, the team veers into a lengthy conversation about “Resident Evil 4” as the cherished memories of gaming past resurface. This episode discusses: the art of visual storytelling, the correct application of the Nemesis dynamic, unexpected references in a 2017 animated series, Adult Swim’s redemption, why “Resident Evil 4” is still a great game and… Goocy!?


Download the MP3 File here:

Steaming to Legacy – Thomas Goes International (Chapter 4)

Best of 2016: #1 Rogue One

So why did Rogue One make this list?

Watch to find out! Read more

Best of 2016: #2 Deadpool

So why did Deadpool make this list?

Watch to find out! Read more

Police Academy Reboot Thoughts & Fantasy Casting

Hello, it’s me, Deepthroat Ghoul once again.

You know, I love the Police Academy movies; they’re great fun. Well… most of them, except for Mission to Moscow; that one was total shit, wasn’t it? Yeah.

Anyway, it was hinted somewhere around the late 2000’s/early 2010’s that instead of making an eighth Police Academy film, New Line Cinema (who bought the rights from Warner Bros.) would instead go the route of a reboot. With the passings of David Graf (Eugene Tackleberry), Bubba Smith (Moses Hightower), and George Gaynes (Commandant Eric Lassard) over the past sixteen years, and Bobcat Goldthwait (Zed McGlunk)’s infinite amount of reasons to refuse an eighth film, it makes perfect sense. I mean, Hollywood doesn’t really have original ideas anymore, because most of what we see are reboots anyway.

Well, if the Police Academy reboot does get made, the plot needs to be a composite of the first two Police Academy films, and having certain characters merged with other’s traits. For example, Zed should now be the main villain with traits of the main baddie from the first film, while Harris’ lackey Proctor should be a cadet at the academy, with the character traits of Kyle Blanks given to him, along with Blanks’ buddy Chad Copeland.

Also, here’s a list of casting choices for the reboot:

Carey Mahoney = Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum, Paul Rudd, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, or Adam Scott

Larvell Jones = Reggie Watts, Lamorne Morris, Aziz Ansari, or Donald Glover

Moses Hightower = Shaquille O’Neal, Terry Crews, Kevin Hart, or Craig Robinson

Eugene Tackleberry = Rob Riggle or Jason Segel

Laverne Hooks = Kristen Schaal, Charlyne Yi, or Mindy Kaling

Douglas Fackler = Ed Helms

Debbie Callahan = Jane Lynch, Katherine Heigl, or Christina Hendricks

Thaddeus Harris = Tommy Lee Jones, Dustin Hoffman, or Gary Cole

Carl Proctor = Jay Baruchel

Chad Copeland = Seann William Scott

Zed McGlunk = Charlie Day or Zach Galifianakis

Carl Sweetchuck = Whit Hertford

Commandant Eric Lassard = Chevy Chase, Dustin Hoffman, or Steve Guttenberg

Commissioner Henry Hurst = Ed Begley Jr., John Michael Higgins, Chevy Chase, Richard Jenkins, Larry David, Rob Corddry, or J.K. Simmons

I just hope that this movie turns out good. In fact, former MADtv cast members Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the producing team behind this upcoming reboot, have said that it will be a reality-based cross between End of Watch and MASH.

Got any other casting suggestions? Please leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll add them here.

The Pokemon Special Movies Review(The Mounty Presents)

Here are my reviews of the Pokemon Special Movies :).

Now onto the Questions.

1)What’s with the border?

My Manaphy review got hit with Content ID, so I thought this might help reduce that risk.

2)Why not compare the two versions?
Because I tried to do that before and it failed. As such, I will be looking at the movie from the perspective of it being created by North Americans.

3)What is the map/music you used?

Suburb House:

As for the music, I used the following:

Various tracks from Undertale owned by Toby Fox.

Undertale – Asgore Orchestral Cover (OCDC)~OC/DC

Also included:


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Best of 2016: #3 Sausage Party

So why did Sausage Party make this list?

Watch to find out! Read more