The Literary Lair: Short Story Sanctuary #2 – Blue Beetle

This week, Mike takes a look at some Golden Age short stories featuring the first incarnation of his favorite superhero, The Blue Beetle!

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The Literary Lair: The Lightning Thief

The results of the poll are in and the book you chose was… not Twilight!

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A Look at Disney Gets Tangled: Rapunzel’s Journal



Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and today,  we continue our look at Tangled: The Series as we look at one of the most important aspect of the show, Rapunzel’s Journal.   Towards the end of Tangled: Before Ever After, Rapunzel is given a journal by her mother, Queen Arianna and the journal remains a key part of the show’s first season.   As we see Rapunzel write and draw in it as a way to express her feelings about what happened in an episode.  Such as take a look at these pages  from the episodes,  “Queen for a Day” and  “Challenge of the Brave”

The journal plays a key role in the show as a plot device that does get Rapunzel in trouble with her father as he reads it and finds out about the adventures that Rapunzel had been going on and this frightens him as he has promised to do anything to protect his daughter as he does not want to lose her again.


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The Literary Lair: A Criminal Defense

This week, Michael looks at what just might be his favorite legal thriller that he’s ever read.

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My Future on YouTube: Come What May

In the span of a day, I reached 544 subscribers. That is fifteen more awesome people, who subscribed to my channel and hopefully enjoyed the content I have to offer and for that, I thank you all and I wish you well in your lives. Usually, I would be all happy and enthusiastic that I reached 100 more subscribers to my channel, but I thought this “update” or lack thereof will suffice due to everything that happened.

I know that the change in the whole YouTube Partnership Program where nowadays one has to meet 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time put me at a point where I was almost depressed, but I had this to remind myself. I should be extremely for all of the reviewer friends and the friends in general, who are passionate about the same stuff as I am, whether it be opera, anime, music, cartoons, or movies. On top of that, my main goal was neither fortune nor fame, even though these two sound exciting and wonderful, I cannot keep my hopes high nor be consumed and engulfed by fame too much, it was just finding the joy in sharing what I love to my viewers because if I didn’t start my career as a vlogger who makes reviews from opera to anime, I would not be here for all of the singers, voice actors, and actors who put in a lot of effort to the works they did, which range from excellent to mediocre to awful. For all that was and is worth, I am grateful, delighted, and blessed to know that there are people who enjoy the work I do, see the effort I put in despite the screw-ups, and seem to encourage me every single time and that’s something precious. Along the way, I even gathered tips and tricks from reviewer friends to true professionals in terms of how I should improve the overall quality of my video reviews. Read more

Manic Expression: A Collection – Available Now!

All six Manic Expression books are now available to purchase on Amazon, both in eBook and paperback form. These books represent twenty years of hard work on my part, so please give them a look and help support my dream.

My Thoughts on Giuseppe Verdi’s Luisa Miller Live from the Prinzenregentheater

Ah, Kabale und Liebe, known in English as Intrigue and Love, by Friedrich von Schiller. When this piece of German theater is put into opera by one of Italy’s most influential composers of the mid-19th century, then high-caliber singing is to be expected to serve the drama well, especially when there is a solid cast consisting of Marina Rebeka, Ivan Magrì, George Petean, Marko Mimica, Ante Jerkunica, and Judit Kutasi. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

The Literary Lair: Bernice Summerfield – True Stories

This week, it’s the first episode of 2018 and it’s time for some new beginnings, and some familiar territory.

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The Literary Lair: Angel Armor – The Cassandra Conflict

IT’S THE 150TH EPISODE! And Michael concludes Sequel Month by following up the last numerical milestone celebration.

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A Clamorous Litany Before New Year’s

I’ve grown insurmountably fed up with people not being thankful for even the smallest of things, some of my “former high school batchmates” thinking I’m the bad guy just because I fought back through a rant and blocked a bully, more appropriately she-devil, who harassed me emotionally and was never sorry even though it was years ago, me being a pushover because I am not going to allow it that anyone walks over me, having shallow relationships with others when I should be having deep and meaningful ones, that bully’s older sister who is a complete and utter dumbass for calling me nothing more than some petty kid, as if she herself is a good role model, she is truly pathetic, anyone who is a spoiled and self-entitled brat, and of course, bigotry, homophobia, fearmongering, close-mindedness and hatemongering, which are taken up to obnoxious extremes.

Oh, and to that bully’s older sister I have this to say. Yeah, I know your younger sister has an amazing job she’s doing well at but that does not excuse the fact that her attitude towards me was absolute crap. I should know because I was one of her former batchmates. If she were truly smart, she would apologize for all the mean things she said. But no, it’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I still cannot believe how utterly ignorant and rude you are. You live in your own little world where you two can be so rude to each other that it becomes your form of sisterly love and you think you could pass it on to others like that. I’m not mad at her because of it. I’m mad at her because, despite every kind deed I did as her former batchmate, she still treated me like crap. On top of that, I cannot believe you would let her get away with stuff like calling me a fail for the most arbitrary of reasons. And even if I screwed up, she showed no compassion. So, to my former bully and her older sister, put that in your pipes and smoke it, screw yourselves over to the moon, and don’t come back! I’m okay with you calling me a petty kid but you! You two are always gonna be a couple of jerks and douchenozzles!

Oh yeah, and to the jerkwad back in high school who said I asked one of my former male high school batchmates to prom and spread it around and it convinced me and everyone else it was true, I have this to say. Go screw yourself to the moon and back. Yeah, I am gay. I love men. As an actor, voice actor, singer, and reviewer, there are so many people in the performing arts industry, who are LGBTQ. So, to anyone who found my sexuality gross whether back then and now, then you go to Hell! That’s where you belong. If you want me to be a bit nicer, then get your sorry ass re-educated!

Even more, to this who called me SPED behind my back, I highly recommend you re-evaluate your choice of words and think before you act.

At least through this, I can have the confidence to say that I have let go of people, who come off as obnoxious, ignorant, uncultured, disgusting, and vexatious! Thank the Lord they are gone from my life. If ever one person would have the gall to be straight up rude to me, I will say this, bugger off!

I will wrap my little rant before New Year’s up with this. I am a classy, well-rounded, shabby chic gay man, with a rebellious punk-goth heart, a strangely surreal artistic mind that it’s into anime like Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, and Yu Yu Hakusho, cartoons like Regular Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast, video games like Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, and Crash Bandicoot, operas from Bel Canto to Verismo to Modern, ballet, musicals, theater, and film, and with enough articulacy to stand on his own two feet, not take any crap from anyone, and just be myself.

The Literary Lair: The Man with the Golden Gun

This week, Sequel Month continues as Michael finally returns to his original Christmas tradition.

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The Literary Lair: The Lost World

This week, Sequel Month continues as Mike takes another trip to the world of Jurassic Park.

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Here We Come A Carolling: Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical


Hello & welcome back to our Christmas musical celebration here.  I’ve decided to look at another musical adapted from a classic Christmas book.  This time, we are entering the world of Dr. Seuss.  One of Seuss’ most beloved works is How The Grinch Stole Christmas! from 1957.   It was a big success and became even more popular after the 60’s TV special.  And of course in 2000, Ron Howard directed Jim Carrey in a live action theaterical adaption and next year, Illumination will be releasing their animated take featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as The Grinch.   Today, we are here to look at the musical adaption that has become a bit of a staple on Broadway to take young kids to see. Now, I’ll freely admit that I’ve not seen this production and I will only be looking at the music but this does seem to be one of the lesser known adaptations of Seuss’ work and that’s why I wanted to look at it.

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The Literary Lair: Star Trek – The Return

This week, Michael starts out Sequel Month with another trip into the Shatnerverse.

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Dramatis Lectio: “Blaze and Silver” (Ch. 4)

Silver will make a mom out of you! No, wait… WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?


Recommended Goth Type Sites

As a total fan of goth fashion, I highly recommend you check out these sites, and this is coming from someone who could’ve transitioned to being a full-fledged posh goth as a teenager, but thankfully these days, I am doing all I can to make my goth dreams come true. Speaking of which, I am kind of developing a bit of a concept based on this mostly just for fun. I am thinking of basing my characters on the different goth styles and even base my own personality onto the said concept, so that will have to kind of wait. With that said, I hope you find these websites enjoyable and informative as I did. 🙂

The Literary Lair: Elementary- Blood and Ink

This week, Michael finds out if Blood and Ink are two great tastes that go better togeth… wait, didn’t I already use that joke in the Love and War video?

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Fan Fiction Recommendation: Lethean Caresses, a Soul Calibur FanFic written by ZoZo1770

Happy Veterans Day, everybody, Antoni here, with another fan fiction recommendation. This is Lethean Caresses written by ZoZo1770 back on February 9, 2014, starring two of my most favorite Soul Calibur warriors of all time Siegfried Schtauffen and Kilik and they are a couple in this story, which I really love with a passion. It’s rated M, it’s in English, and it’s under Angst/Romance.

I know a lot of people who support Kilik and Xianghua as a couple will be out for my blood, but as much as I like that couple, along with Siegfried and Cassandra and to some extent Siegfried and Sophitia, I absolutely fancy the pants off of Siegfried and Kilik as a handsome, sexy, and awesome couple. Think about it, both of these gentlemen have very haunting pasts, what with Siegfried murdering his father, Frederick, for mistaking him for an enemy bandit, and Kilik murdering his half-sister, Xianglian, when he was under the influence of the Evil Seed, they are of the same age and born in the same month of February, with Kilik being three days younger than Siegfried, both carry huge and long weapons, Siegfried with his Zweihänder and Kilik with his bo staff, they are both the fan favorites in the gaming community, and in Japanese they are respectively voiced by two of my most favorite male Seiyuu, Nobuyuki Hiyama as Siegfried and Souichiro Hoshi as Kilik.

The very interesting thing about Hiyama-sensei and Hoshi-sensei when it comes to the characters they voice together there is a certain Ho-Yay atmosphere going between said characters. It could be a fan thing, it could be kind of canon in the show, or it could be interpreted by fan fiction authors and fan artists as belligerent sexual tension. On top of that, while Nobuyuki Hiyama specializes in a lot of passionate heroes, tragic anti-heroes, maniacal villains, and even comedic characters all thanks to his rough, wide-ranging, husky tenor voice, which can reach baritonal low notes, Souichiro Hoshi specializes in a lot of youthful, boyish, and a lot of boy-next-door characters all thanks to the soft-toned and light tenor voice. Speaking of which, both of them have really gorgeous singing voices. Hiyama’s singing voice has that smoothness and coolness which make him very alluring, whilst Hoshi’s is youthful and gentle. When you put these two together, their voices blend gorgeously with Hiyama’s earthier and rougher timbre being a fine complement to Hoshi’s airier and more delicate timbre. Don’t get me wrong I also love Grant George as Kilik and Crispin Freeman as Siegfried before he got Darrin’d by Roger Craig Smith as these two also did phenomenal jobs of embodying them, but I can never go wrong with Hiyama-sensei and Hoshi-sensei for their amazing works as Siegfried and Kilik.

With that said, let’s get on to the fanfic. I will warn you that this is not for everyone to read, mostly because it is rather erotic with our two heroes making really passionate yet painful love to each other. That’s pretty much the entire story and I’m sure some of you are feeling hot beneath the gussets. Yes, the plot is rather minimalistic with two men caressing, kissing, embracing, and making love to each other, but this minimalistic plot is more than compensated by the language and stylistic devices. Let us not forget that Lethe is a river in the Underworld, which is meant for forgetfulness, hence the title Lethean Caresses. What we have here in this story are two men tormented and tortured by their sordid pasts that they find solace, comfort, intimacy, and such strong and mutual affection for each other, so much so, that they yearn to forget their earthly pains by making strong love to each other. There are only two pieces of dialogue, which are just the words “Bitte.”, or please in English said by Siegfried and “Look at me.”, said by Kilik, as the imagery, atmosphere, wordplay, and many other stylistic devices I could barely name off the top of my head help to make this story a huge blast to read from beginning to end and of course, make it extremely interesting.

Speaking of language, I found no typography errors whatsoever and even though a super small of punctuations were a bit questionable, that did not distract from the enjoyment I had reading this fanfic. The vocabulary has a lot of distinction as it is vivid, colorful, and just plain excellent in a somber and melancholic way. The overall language manages to manipulate my emotions so masterfully that I was so rooted in Siegfried and Kilik’s erotically intimate tale.

Speaking of our two male leads, Siegfried and Kilik sell the story. Their chemistry with each other is so effective, as their personalities blended so well, and I have to give ZoZo1770 a lot of credit for bringing in this much action to the both of them whilst keeping them sufficiently in character. I can sense the tension, the passion, the steam, and the longing for solace going on between them and it is a marvelous experience. On top of that, I can see their moments of intense intimacy playing in my head, all in courtesy of the great use of such poetic language, which showed eloquence, passion, and allure.

Overall, I am absolutely astounded by this dark and haunting tale of erotic pleasures going on between such tortured souls as Siegfried and Kilik. With such magnificent poetry in the passages and an overall haunting yet darkly romantic atmosphere to move the story along, this is a major must-read especially if you like Yaoi, Soul Calibur, or of course, Siegfried and Kilik just making out with each other. With that said, I give this an A+. I spotted no grammatical errors, I was not left bored, and the action going on between Siegfried and Kilik was thrilling, which were the biggest strengths of this story. Well, that’s all for now, and tune in later for my review of the Vokalensemble Kammerton’s Evensong at the Heiliggeist Kirche and until then, have a great day everybody.

Dramatis Lectio: “Blaze and Silver” (Ch. 1-2)

Matti joins the party as Your Boys get their hards dirty with non-specific psychic marks, random Japanese monsters and horribly mishandled story arcs… Part 3 of “The Tails’ Saga” is upon you! Trying to escape it is NO USE!!!


The Literary Lair: Star Trek Discovery – Desperate Hours

This week, Michael looks at the first tie-in novel based on Star Trek: Discovery.

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