How To Fix It: Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice

This week, as the Justice League movie premieres, Michael looks back at the disappointment that was Batman v Superman.

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Screenplay Archaeology Episode 32: The Punisher

KiramidHead and ShadowPred discuss two early Punisher scripts.

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Punisher Comic Reviews – Vol. 2 #14-25, Annual #2

I look continue my look at the first Punisher ongoing comic.

The Mouse House: List of my Favorite Charatcers

The Mouse House:  List of my favorite characters

If there’s one thing I love more than good plots or world building it is characters. A good plot and well developed world are ultimately meaningless if you don’t care about the people or creatures in it. Now this list is sort of a master list of my all time favorite characters in general and I have several sublists and criteria for favorite villains, heroes, sidekicks, funniest, scariest etc. to me these characters are the best of the best and yes a lot of them are Disney characters so sue me! This list is going to be split up into two parts and there are obvious choices and there may be a few surprises along the way. There are characters on this list I love and some I love to hate! Who are they? Read on to find out!

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A Sabrina Halloween: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina




Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration.  Today, we have reached the end our Sabrina Halloween. And today’s review features the most drastic departure for the character of Sabrina Spellman as we enter the world of horror.   This comic series comes to us from the Archie Horror Line.


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A Sabrina Halloween: A Night To Forget (Sabrina The Teenage Witch # 88)


Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration and today, we look at another Halloween comic. Okay, we have a lot to unpack here. You may have noticed the extremely different look of Sabrina and Salem on the cover.  That’s because Issue # 58 of the comic saw the characters get a Manga makeover.  Why?   Heck, if I know. Well okay, that’s not entirely true as a new artist, Tania del Rio was brought in and I haven’t touched much on the artists for the other reviews as the art  but I will bring up the evolution of the art but  this is the first time that the art has taken a rather drastic change.  Rio explains this on her blog here, 

In 2003, I was hired by Archie comics to take over the writing and penciling for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Starting with issue #58, Sabrina was relaunched with a new manga look. The series spanned 42 issues, ending with issue #100. This remains one of my proudest achievements to date!

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A Sabrina Halloween: Monster Advice (Sabrina The Teenage Witch # 50)



Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration here.  There’s been a bit of a change as originally I was going to look at Sabrina’s introduction into New Riverdale from 2015 in the Jughead solo series but finding out that there were two more Halloween stories featuring the teenage witch, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to look at them.  This event is called A Sabrina Halloween after all and it is more fitting to look at Halloween stories featuring the teenage witch.   And the story that we are looking at today is rather cute.

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A Sabrina Halloween: Costume Brawl (Sabrina # 24)




Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration here as we look at another Halloween story this time featuring the incarnations of the characters from Sabrina: The Animated Series.  Now, I covered the weird history of how this version of Sabrina was brought into the comics already but as a reminder.


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Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon: Tales from the Crypt Duology (Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood)


Tales from the Crypt was a breakthrough on cable television for ramping up the gore and sex. Based on the infamous EC Comics, it was perfectly cartoony without overstaying the fun. The anthology show was a runaway hit on HBO and made the Cryptkeeper (voiced by John Kassir) an iconic image on 1990s cable television. The property was perfect ripping for a theatrical franchise, but where to start? Previous incarnations like Creepshow, a 1972 British adaptation and its follow-up The Vault of Horror were rooted in being an anthology themed feature. You would get a magnitude of stories for the price of one. It was a nice little concept that fits within the show. Read more

A Sabrina Halloween: A Monstrous Halloween (Sabrina The Teenage Witch # 20)





Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration here.  Admittedly, for this being my Halloween event,  I haven’t looked at much Halloween stuff beyond the Halloween episodes from the sitcom and from the animated series.


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A Sabrina Halloween: Do You Believe In Magic (Sabrina The Teenage Witch # 0) (31 Days of Halloween)




Our Sabrina celebration continues today as we look at the story that relaunched Sabrina’s comic career alongside the Melissa Joan Hart show.  However Issue 32 saw Sabrina become her 12 year old self and that ended the relaunch for a good while until Sabrina as it was titled saw Sabrina become a 16 year old again in issue 38 of Sabrina/Sabrina Animated.


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Trotting Towards Nightmare Night: The Many Tales of Queen Chrysalis (FIENDship is Magic # 5)


Hello & welcome back to our Nightmare Night celebration here as we conclude our look at Queen Chrysalis.  In 2015, the MLP writers and artists at IDW gave fans a five-week limited series FIENDship Is Magic.  And these five issues would explore the past  of some of Equestira’s most feared villains including King Sombra,  Tirek, The Sirens,  Nightmare Moon and the subject of today’s review, Chrysalis.   Now, we’ve already looked at the 4th FIENDship issue back in 2015 as we looked at Nightmare Moon

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Trotting Towards Nightmare Night: The Return of Queen Chrysalis (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic # 3 – # 4)



Hello & welcome back to the Nightmare Night celebration as we look at the second two issues in The Return of Queen Chrysalis.   We didn’t look at covers last time and considering that we are once again covering 2 issues,  I think it best to skip that portion and dive right into the plot section.  With that outta the way, let’s begin.

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Trotting Towards Nightmare Night: The Return of Queen Chrysalis (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic # 1 – # 2)




Hello & welcome back to our Nightmare Night celebration here. Let’s return to a simpler time of 2012.  Season 3 had just aired and at this time,  the grabber of all media licenses picked up the license to print Pony comics and as of now, they are up to 59 comics in the main line.  And they have gone through three spinoff titles, the Mirco-Series,  Friends Forever,  and the current Legends of Magic and one miniseries that I do wish had become an actual spin off series, Fiendship is Magic.  Now,  these first 4 issues hold a special place in my heart as before 2012, I had read a comic here & there but it was thanks to ponies that I became a comic reader, well okay, an IDW reader.  IDW through these comics became my favorite comics publisher as they made it so easy for someone like me to dive into comics as they had licenses to so many characters that I already knew from things that I had loved before. Whether be it, Ponies, Ghostbusters, or it came after I became an IDW fans, Back to The Future.

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A Sabrina Halloween: Strange Love (Sabrina The Teen-Age Witch # 001)




Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration here as we look at Sabrina’s first story from her first solo issue.   Now, I read this from a collection of Sabrina’s greatest stories celebrating 75 years of Archie Comics.  It includes this story, Issue # 0 from the ’90s relaunch,  a story that saw Sabrina become her 12 year-old self from Sabrina: The Animated Series (which according to my research Sabrina: Animated had the longest comic run) and the first issue of the Magna inspired Sabrina comic

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A Sabrina Halloween: Archie’s Madhouse # 22



Hello & welcome to a special Halloween celebration here.  One of the coolest characters ever in my opinion is Sabrina The Teenage Witch and starting today, I will be doing a special Sabrina retrospective.  Going all the way from her first comic appearance to where she is, today. We will start with Sabrina’s debut appearance in Archie Comics from Archie’s Madhouse # 22.

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The Mouse House: Little Mermaid Comics Showcase

The Mouse House: The Little Mermaid Comics Showcase

theme song by Buddy Baker and Richard and Robert Sherman and owned by Walt Disney Records

One of my favorite aspects of a fictional work is the setting. For those that remember I had a segment called “World Showcase” where I would look at the worlds and settings of Disney films and video games and explain their history and how they function. I don’t do those as much as I would like because of how large and extensive some settings are and unfortunately I have no plans or the time to bring the segment back anytime soon. Still I love worldbuilding and setting development. While the plot of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was quite weak I still really enjoyed the movie because the film massively expanded the world of Harry Potter. Not just seeing  how the Wizarding World works outside of the UK, but in a completely different time period as well.  One of my favorite settings in fiction is the Atlantican Universe. In other words the universe of the Little Mermaid. So much was done in the animated series to enhance the setting and make Atlantica feel like a living breathing (with gills and oxygen filtration) world. The comics were no exception. They feel like an unaired season of the show featuring many of the show’s original characters.

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The Literary Lair: Top 11 Adam West Performances

Holy tribute, Batman! This week, Mike pays his respects to one of the most famous men to ever wear the Dark Knight’s cowl.

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CineVlog- Spider Man: Homecomming

Did they get it right? Well, many people are saying this is the best Spider Man so far….


The Mouse House: Batman Arkham Knight Review

The Mouse House: Batman Arkham Knight Review

theme song by Richard and Robert Sherman and Buddy Baker and owned by Walt Disney Records

With the massive Game of the Year level success and the open ended nature of Batman Arkham City, fans couldn’t wait to see where the series would go after the shocking events of Arkham City’s conclusion. Unfortunately, fans would have to wait quite a while before seeing that conclusion. In 2013 Warner Brothers Montreal utilizing the same general assets of Arkham City made a prequel game of the Caped Crusader’s second year of crimefighting called Batman Arkham Origins which was met with mixed reactions with massive technical and performance issues as well as a less refined version of Arkham City’s gameplay. The story showcased Batman forming the foundations of his relationships with his villains, but this ground was already tread almost as much as Batman’s origin and in the eyes of many wasn’t built up in any unique way by focusing too much on Joker instead of other villains. Shortly after the release of Origins, primary series developer Rocksteady Studios released a teaser cinematic cg trailer for the true follow up to Arkham City. The trailer featured an updated Batsuit, updated general graphics engine and the implementation of the Batmobile! Originally set for release in the Fall of 2014 Batman Arkham Knight was massively hyped up, but was delayed for more polish and tweaking and was released in the Summer of 2015. Unfortunately, Arkham Knight fell victim to many unfortunate circumstances and controversial creative and business decisions. One was the controversial season pass, as opposed to the standard 20 dollars one would pay for a season pass of DLC, WB was asking for 40 dollars on top of the 60 dollars for the game itself. It was seen as excessive and greedy. Another source of controversy was the terrible PC version of the game. It was so bad that WB actually pulled it off the market and is still unable to be played on PC to this day and that made the gaming community absolutely enraged. Arkham Knight also had many major complaints and flaws from the game content itself. What is my take on this rather controversial game? Is it as bad as other people say? My answer is yes and no. Arkham Knight does a lot of wonderful things, but makes many serious mistakes. Mistakes that really hold back an otherwise excellent experience. Naturally there will be spoilers for Arkham City’s ending.

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