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Dracula 3000 (2004)

Bravo Darrell Roodt, You Oscar Nominated Director You, Bravo! In the same year the man directed Yesterday, a movie that was nominated at the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film, he directed his REAL masterpiece, Dracula 3000!

The movie has such a brilliant premise!

People like Dracula right?

And Space right?

So why don’t we combine Dracula AND vampires.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!

But wait…wait!

What if we promise to make a movie about Dracula in space but then barely HAVE Dracula and instead make it about Dracula infecting the rapper Coolio and having HIM be the main Monster!

That sounds…well I already used fantastic…and brilliant…I don’t know what word I should use to describe it…I know! I’ll make up a word!

It’s Fantabulistabrilliantistic!

And my oh my do I love the production values. Roodt made the great choice of having almost every shot be really close or in an uncomfortable close up and, with the repetitively ugly ship that looks like a warehouse that the characters inhabit, gives off a wonderfully claustrophobic vibe that gives off a creepy sense of atmosphere. In addition, this movie has some of the greatest special effects and props I have ever seen in a movie that was made on such a low budget!

The characters and performances are also exquisite. The characters are all interesting in that none of them are likable. They all treat each other horribly throughout the whole movie. Some may find it irritating and hard to watch these characters bicker all the time but obviously, by having all these characters be jerks, Roodt was trying to do some very keen social commentary on the nature of man and how fickle it really is. The actors portray themselves this beautifully by giving off deadpan, emotionless performances while having faces that one may say would make them look “bored” but really they intentionally do it because, by all of them giving emotionless and lifeless performances, what Roodt is really doing is showing how artificial we humans have really become.

After all, we’ve seen all these actors in other, more well known movies and we’ve all seen them emote in these more popular movies so it’s not like they were given bad direction or just didn’t give a shit, nay, they did this on purpose because they wanted to fit the director’s vision!

And the ending! Oh god the ending! Nothing is more fantabulistabrilliantistic than the ending! At the end, most of the crew mates are dead with only two survivors left. However, the ship is headed towards the sun and there is no way to stop it so what do they do?! Have sex! Just…just fantabulistabrilliantistic!

It just fits the theme of the vagueness and artificiality of human nature so well! By having sex at the end, the two characters realize how out of touch humanity has become. In fact, they are so out of touch that one of them is a literal robot! But, by having sex, they decide to re-connect to their inner human nature.

In other words, this ending is basically a giant metaphor for humans realizing how distant they’ve become and connecting with each other again! It’s also why one of the crew mates is a robot because what Roodt is saying is that we’ve all basically become robots and need to re-connect to our human side!

But really this is just…just…the best film I’ve ever seen and it was a CRIME it didn’t win every Academy Award in 2005. Below I’ll link the trailer but you should go, go, and watch this masterpiece of cinema:

Manic Expression’s 31 Days of Halloween (Day 16): Let’s Talk About . . . Fears

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Just in case

If my review isn’t there for Halloween
Here’s why

A Sabrina Halloween: Sabrina: Friends Forever



Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration. Today, we put the Harts behind us as we look at other actresses that have played Sabrina.   Friends Forever is a continuation of Sabrina: The Animated Series albeit, quite a few characters such as Chloe, Gem, and Uncle Quigley do  not appear in this series.  It is said that Chloe moved, Gem is now attending a boarding school and as for Uncle Quigley, I’ll use the comic’s explanation

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Movie Curiosities: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Wonder Woman has never been more popular. Now more than ever, there has been overwhelming demand for a cinematic superhero to serve as a role model and inspiration for girls the world over. Feminism is huge right now, and those values were represented in a big way when Wonder Woman finally came out to booming success earlier this year.

But with all of this going on, it’s easy to forget a time just a year or two ago when pop culture at large knew virtually nothing about Wonder Woman. Sure, everyone knew her name, her image, the bullet-deflecting bracelets, and the Lasso of Truth; but relatively few in the mainstream knew much about her origin, her rogues gallery, or who Diana Prince was as a person.

Nobody liked to admit it, but the most common image of Wonder Woman in the popular mindset probably involved her tying someone up with her lasso, or getting tied up herself. And there’s a reason for that. Read more

Underrated Trek-Night Terrors (TNG)

Welcome back to Underrated Trek, where I take a special look at Star Trek episodes that I love…which may not be the most popular or even liked by most. Today we continue our special Halloween look at scary Trek with a look at an episode of Next Generation that is scary. Even if it’s also a far from perfect episode. This is:

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Fantasy War

what a grin of happiness they wear so proudly, Read more

Manic Expression’s Monster Extravaganza: The Jiang Shi

Hello! Mediaman here, once again taking part in 31 Days of Halloween. A few years ago, Jim Bevan wrote a few articles about legendary monsters. They were good reads and they gave me an idea about what to do for this year. He covered a lot of creatures, but there’s one that I thought deserved more attention. To be fair though, it is a fairly obscure one.

In recent years, pop culture has used the concept of the living dead to the point of near exhaustion. Thanks to shows like “The Walking Dead” and games like “Dead Rising”, zombies have become the most prominent of all these monsters. But even so, there’s one type of zombie-like creature that we often overlook for our own. The legend of this creature was first started in ancient China. Of course, I speak of the hopping vampires themselves, the Jiang shi.


Image result for jiangshi

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Movie Curiosities: Happy Death Day

Do you remember Edge of Tomorrow? I do. The film got buried by Warner Bros.’ incompetence, but I remember it fondly. The basic premise involved a man who kept reliving the same day over and over each time he got killed in some new way. The premise opened itself to all sorts of comical, terrifying, action-packed possibilities, and so the movie worked beautifully on multiple levels.

With this in mind, I was perhaps overly hyped for Happy Death Day, in which a young woman inexplicably named Tree (Jessica Rothe) has to keep reliving her birthday until she figures out who keeps killing her and why. The trailer looked genuinely solid, and I was interested to see where the filmmakers were going with this.

Such a shame the movie turned out to be less than good. Read more

Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon: The Mummy (2017)

NOTE: I apologize for the lack of blog posts this week. Work got hectic and had a difficult time focusing between movie reviews and news articles. I’ll make it up to you guys this week somehow…I promise…you will get 13 blog posts this month even if it’s late…With that said…



Honestly, there is no reason this movie should be given a spotlight on this blog-a-thon. However, it does tie into the theme of “cult classics” (somehow) and the Universal Studio Monsters franchise is normally watched around Halloween. On top of that, I’m certain EVERYONE had something to say about this dusty turkey. And yet, if I had to toss my two cents in, The Mummy is without a doubt, on my roster, for being the worst movie of 2017. Read more

The confusing first scene in Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Say what you will about his personal life, Michael Jackson was The King of Pop and Music Videos. The man made some very entertaining, if not always coherent, videos including Bad, Smooth Criminal and, of course, Thriller, probably the best thing John Landis and Rick Baker has done that was about werewolves (An American Werewolf in London was good and all but it wasn’t even in the same league as the Thriller video).

On a serious note, though, it was a great video, with fantastic choreography, cool costumes and make up, and a great twist ending all set to a really, really catchy song.

But there is one big flaw with the video: the beginning.

For those who need a refresher, here’s the video in question:

In the beginning of the video, Michael Jackson’s girlfriend gets pissed because she took him to a movie but actually she got really, really scared by it.

What’s the problem?

In the movie they watch, the couple are ALSO played by Michael and the lady playing his girlfriend.

Don’t they find it a little bit weird that the main actors in the movie their watching look exactly like them? Considering the girlfriend is scared of the movie and Michael has to assure her “it’s just a movie”, I doubt they were watching a movie they were actors in so what was the point of getting Michael and Ola Ray (the woman who played his girlfriend) to play both the characters in the movie and the characters in the rest of the video?

I mean, I know that they were trying to trick viewers into thinking the segment at the beginning of the video would be the entire video but we could have had the same effect with two different actors and it would be a lot less confusing if they did it that way!

I mean, this video wasn’t exactly produced on the cheap, I think they could’ve afforded a couple more actors. And, if not, just get two of the dancers who you can hardly see in the background to play the couple in the beginning.

Oh well. It’s an otherwise fantastic video but that confusing ending is kinda weird if you ask me…

To Boldly Go The Great Star Trek Recap – Episode 92

Hello and welcome to To Boldly Go, where I weekly review every episode of Star Trek over the next few years.

TNG: Identity Crisis

So this is one of those episodes that’s good but not great, showing that TNG is best at making average episodes that don’t do anything bad, but aren’t going to have me go out of my way to re-watch at later dates.

The plot is okay: Some sort of virus has infected Geordi and his friend, and both are turning into alien creatures. Fortunately they manage to save Geordi and get him off the planet before the process becomes irreversible. The end. Read more

Give Action

Won’t be said out right for where evil comes from or where it sleeps,
though in actions to come in matters of this, Read more

Manic Expression’s 31 Days of Halloween (Day 13): Choice And Childhood Memories of Horror Video Games

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The Different Cuts of Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers

TLOTA (Voiceover):

 The original 1978 Halloween movie directed by John Carpenter started the slasher film craze of the 1980’s and 1990’s and while Halloween II was as good as the first it should’ve ended there but sadly it didn’t. While the third movie tried to turn the franchise into an anthology series audience backlash forced producers to bring Michael Myers back and sadly the quality of the sequels kept going downhill so by the time the sixth one came out in 1995 the franchise was on its last legs! Having gone through hell the Original Producers Cut which was very dark and controversial and never got a theatrical release. The one we got was possibly one of the dumbest, unoriginal and yet somehow underrated movies in the entirety of the “Halloween” movies. Not even Rob Zombie’s reimagining of the original and the sequel that suceeded it can claim it is that damn good. But eventually in 2014 the original Producer’s Cut got a Blu-Ray release and Hoo boy are we in for it now!

Will Michael Myers curse claim me? Find out as I take him on here

Movie Curiosities: Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes dramatizes the world-famous 1973 tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King (respectively played here by Steve Carell and Emma Stone). At the time, Riggs was a U.S. champion player with a Wimbledon triple victory under his belt. Meanwhile, Billie Jean King had earned multiple Grand Slam titles and worked as a founding member of the Women’s Tennis Association. Additionally, Riggs had built up a reputation as a womanizing showboat while King racked up headlines as a feminist demanding equal pay and treatment for female athletes. Read more

Insane Worth

For how some don’t see their own self pity like worth, Read more

Trotting Towards Nightmare Night: The Return of Queen Chrysalis (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic # 3 – # 4)



Hello & welcome back to the Nightmare Night celebration as we look at the second two issues in The Return of Queen Chrysalis.   We didn’t look at covers last time and considering that we are once again covering 2 issues,  I think it best to skip that portion and dive right into the plot section.  With that outta the way, let’s begin.

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Outstanding Content of the Weeks 9/23/17 to 10/6/17

Hello and welcome to another Outstanding Content of the Week. Without further ado let’s get started.

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Underrated Trek-Wolf in the Fold (TOS)

Welcome back to Underrated Trek, where I take a special look at Star Trek episodes that I love…which may not be the most popular or even liked by most. I wanted to do something Halloween related, but I already did Catspaw. So what else can I check out? Looking at a list there are plenty of creepy Trek episodes which are perfect for the season.In fact each series has a handful. So for Halloween something a little different. Five Trek articles on scary episodes from each Trek series. I want to be clear, these are EPISODES that are creepy not just an episode that has a random creepy scene. Today we start with :





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