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STOP THE HATE: Fighting Back Against the Trolls

I’m sad right now. Not angry, not blue. Sad. I suppose it’s been building for some time now, this feeling. I’m sure many of you may be feeling the same. After a month in office, Donald Trump has turned my country into the laughing stock of the world. Despite the protests and the media backlash, the man is bulletproof. It now seems likely that Russia played a real part in getting him elected, and he’s barely trying to hide it. Despite their leader losing the popular vote by over three million votes, the Republican party is moving full steam ahead with an agenda of discrimination and alienation and calling it a mandate. Professional trolls like Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos are now considered serious people and hold actual power. There is a lot to be sad about at this moment in time.

Speaking of Milo, he may have finally gone a step too far. After being in the news for racist comments, anti-trans comments, anti-Muslim comments, and sexist comments, the fact that he actually condoned pedophilia during a podcast has caused him to be uninvited from CPAC and have his upcoming book be canceled. A win for the good guys? Not really, because it took advocating for man on boy love to finally make a dent in this guys armor. Everything else he’s said, that was all just fine. Read more

mislabeledmayhem Comic W/W

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The 6th Annual Mr. Coat Contributor Awards Nomination Announcement

Top of the morning to you all! Buenos dias a vosotros todos! Guten Morgen an euch alle! The 6th Annual Mr. Coat Contributor Award Nominations is under way. A lot of my great reviewer friends like Logan Ridenbaugh aka Hewy Toonmore, Sam Flemming aka South Jersey Sam, Andy Snyder and David Rose from The DVD Shelf, James Sullivan aka Jaimetud, Ryan Hipp from That Show and Daniel Swallow aka Sonicguru have made a lot of great content and the work they have done to their respective shows and everything have been quite phenomenal. So vote to your heart’s content as the deadline is on March 1. Instructions are on the site attached. Have a lovely day! 😀

10 Great NBC Shows The 90th Anniversary Special Forgot

So NBC aired a special Sunday night. Celebrating the 90th anniversary of NBC (including radio). The Paley Center sucks, I always hate their specials. This one was, not as bad. They did manage to hit almost everything they should have. But as you may guess there was no way to get everything in there, and there were some glaring omissions.


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ICFTDI: Fred Week – Fred: The Movie

In the early years of the internet, Youtube pretty much was used for cat videos and things you’d find on AFV. As the years went by, there was a new concept that arose from the website: Internet Celebrities.  With flash animators, Let’s Plays and film reviewers, it seemed like the average joe could be come a sensation over night. With that in mind, there’s one that did stand out for a long time with affections of love and annoyance at the same time…Fred.


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Travels of Artictress: Jash of the Unova Region Entry #6 (White Version 2)

Entry #6: It’s Cold Outside

I was kicked out of my house by my own mother at age ten. To me this is just another fact of life and something that doesn’t make it hard for me to sleep. All trainers are kicked out of their houses at age ten to learn the art. The craft that is so important to the world. Some kids, of course, aren’t forced out and become the regular people I meet along my journeys. At age eighteen this is more than comfortable to me. What has happened recently has made it a little hard for me to sleep.

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Les’ Science Fiction Robots/Androids/Cyborgs Hall of Fame #1: Robby the Robot

Greetings, Manic Fans.  Les here feeling so good about my Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame and my Science Fiction Vehicle/Spacecraft Hall of Fame, that I’ve decided to make it a trilogy and add a Robots/Androids/Cyborgs Hall of Fame.  Let’s face it.  Science Fiction has had a huge impact on artificial intelligence and mechanical advancements in robotics through the wonderful characters that fall into those 3 categories.  Whether it’s a mechanical man, a part man/part machine, or an artificial person, these characters frequently show us personalities that end up being just as, or more human than we are.  And so, I will select a new Robot/Android/Cyborg at a time.  I’ll give it’s origin, abilities, actor portrayal, first appearance and why I think they’re amazing.


And, there’s only one robot I can possibly start this series with:


Robby the Robot(Frankie Darro/Marvin Miller”Forbidden Planet”(1956))

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Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 3, Part 4)



Got a couple extra episodes to wrap up Season 3…

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Squeaks and Hits Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Last Forgotten Hello

Summer Flight School was over and it was back to normal schooling, much to the Read more

To Boldly Go The Great Star Trek Recap – Episode 59

Hello and welcome to To Boldly Go, where I weekly review every episode of Star Trek over the next few years.

TOS: And The Children Shall Lead

Well this was… fifty minutes. Of which only the first few are worth talking about.

The plot starts great, and takes a sharp turn into rubbish pretty fast: The Enterprise discovers a colony where all the adults are dead, but the kids seem emotionally fine with the whole, you know, dead parents thing. Turns out that some evil alien is controlling the kids, and plans to use mind control to take over the entire galaxy! Until Kirk tells the kids to stop listening to the evil alien by showing them how the alien killed their parents, so they do, destroying his powers. Read more


You hear the word all the time, but what does it mean?

Why do we define it, advertise it, make it into one thing?

In our society, little girls all want to be pretty. But then

they see the girls in magazines, and think: that will never be me.

Products that promise guaranteed success, beauty, what does it mean?

Surgery, performed on those who are already nice to see, little girls look

at their role models, and feel they need to fix their face, or teeth.

Hiding behind make up, having people compliment me. It’s so hard to see,

what beauty really means. Why do we enable the media, and ourselves, to

define a word, when we don’t really have a concrete single idea of what it means?

When it comes down to it, here’s what beauty means: Loving yourself, and being who you

were supposed to be. It is what you truly believe it means. Beauty is an expression of what you

deem to be beautiful. So what does it mean? That’s all up to you, beauty means beauty,

and it’s truly your thoughts and opinions that make this word have true meaning.

Squeaks and Hits Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Second Friendly Hello

Over the following weeks at flight camp, things were going smooth enough. Read more

Movie Curiosities: The Great Wall

It’s exceedingly difficult to overstate the growing importance of China with regard to our film industry. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, it’s the crown jewel of the international market, and therefore the potential savior to turn a domestic flop into a box office hit. Conversely, it could also mean the difference between an active franchise and a failed investment. Read more

Les’ Science Fiction Vehicles/Spacecraft Hall of Fame #10: The Time Machine DeLorean

Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to continue my Science Fiction Vehicles/Spacecraft Hall of fame. One of the great things about science fiction is the fantastic ways they show how to get from point A to point B, whether it’s across town or across the Galaxy. I will induct a new craft at a time, give its origins, abilities, first appearances and why I think it’s amazing.


Today, I’m selecting:


The Time Machine DeLorean(“Back to the Future,”(1985)”Back to the Future Part II”(1989) and “Back to the Future Part III”(1990))

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A Journey Chapter 12

Chapter 12: During Travels

From their last battle, Louis made sure to make it a habit to Malie to battle Read more

Les’ Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame #25: The Blob

Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to continue my Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame. As before, I will induct a different alien from film or a television show that made an impression with me. Let’s face it, half the fun of great science fiction is the wonderful characters who came from other worlds. For each alien, I’ll give a detailed bio about their species, who portrayed them, first appearances and abilities and why I think they’re amazing.


Today, I’m selecting:


The Blob(special effect-“The Blob”(1958))

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Top 6 Favorite Sitcom Suck-Up’s

In sitcoms, you can’t really have villains. So antagonists take other forms. They can be bullies who like to inflict harm on our main characters (see Newman on Seinfeld, or Louie on Taxi) or they can be rivals who are always bickering but deep down care for each other (Alex and Malory on Family Ties, Will and Carlton on Fresh Prince, Carl and Urkel on Family Matters, Sheldon and…everyone on Big Bang). Or they are just obnoxious people who have no respect for things like privacy, but damn it we love them anyway (Schneider on One Day at a Time, Charlie on Empty Nest, Lenny and Squiggy).

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Squeaks and Hits Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The First Quiet Hello

Not long in wait, summer flight school was near. Read more

Was Peter Dinklage in Willow and No Holds Barred?

According to The Internet, Peter Dinklage was an extra in two movies-Willow and No Holds Barred. You’re probably wondering, when was Peter Dinklage in those movies? Well, he never confirmed he was in those movies but people think he played these two characters:

Now the guy in Willow (the one in the back with the perm) does look a lot like him but I kind’ve doubt it is him because Willow was filmed in the UK and Peter Dinklage lived in New Jersey when the movie was being filmed. Usually, background extras are from around the same town (or country) that the movie was filmed in. I have heard that some people have traveled to other states and countries to be extras in certain movies or TV shows but it’s rare.

However, considering midgets are not usually easy to come by, it’s possible that they looked for any midget in any country to agree to be extras in this movie. So let’s say they did that and Peter Dinklage (or his parents) somehow heard they were looking for midget extras to be in Willow (considering this movie came out before everyone was using the internet, I’m not sure how they would’ve heard of that, but I guess it could happen). Would they really spend thousands of dollars to go to an entirely different country just so he could be an extra in a movie (or would someone who was a college student at the time really spend thousands of dollars just to be an extra)? I mean, extras usually make minimum wage. Peter (or his parents) would be spending a lot of money just to make $100, or maybe a few hundred depending on how many days he worked on the movie. Again, they might’ve done this but it just seems like a waste of time to me, if they did. That being said, this means that it’s still possible that he was an extra in Willow but, if he was, he (or his parents) wasted a lot of money for no real reason.

When it comes to No Holds Barred, however, that’s obviously not him. I’ll admit that guy has his haircut and chin but otherwise looks nothing like him. I don’t really know how anyone could’ve made the mistake in thinking it was him. Plus, the movie was filmed in Georgia and, like I said before, he grew up in New Jersey. I’m sure they could find a midget in Georgia willing to be an extra in their movie. It might’ve taken them a while but I’m sure they eventually found someone. So, yeah, that’s not him.

In other words, while it’s a mystery whether or not Dinklage was in Willow (though I doubt it), that can’t possibly be him in No Holds Barred.