Production Begins On Manic Expression: The Movie!

I LOVE 90S (ToonGrin Update)

Don’t you love the 90s? And video schedule updates? Me too!

Vlog: .Hack//G.U. Last Recode Trailer Reaction

I was not expecting anything THIS fast, nor for so many of my concerns to be blown up with it.


Team Yume Mini-Cast: “Complain-A-Thon”

Madhog laments about Summer, Ross moans about work and then they both realize they’re recording a podcast. This episode discusses: “Cuphead”, the resurgence of the Fleischer Aesthetic, upcoming “Sonic” games and… Ross the Hedgehog!?


On The Case: The Hardy Boys (1969 Filmation)




Hello & welcome back to On The Case, where I look at the various TV adaptations of The Hardy Boys. And… this is a weird one.  I came into the Filmation Hardy Boys expecting to hate it but I’m more confused by it.  And trying to find information on this animated series has proven just as hard as our last review.  Going by Saturday Mornings Forever, they explain that Filmation had found success with The Archie show, one year prior to the debut of this cartoon.


A more fully realized attempt came in 1969 when Filmation acquired the rights to the franchise. Having struck a major hit with The Archie Show the year before on both television and the radio, Filmation sought to duplicate that success with the Hardys. As a result, Filmation took some liberties with the source material. Gone were the clean-cut teens as described in the books; instead Frank (Dallas McKennon) and Joe (Byron Kane) were given long hair and the latest mod styling to complement their new vocation as members of a band


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Watchin’ Stuff – Trolls Review

You want a new animated musical classic? Well, Trolls is not. ENJOY

RPG Hell: Megaman Battle Network 2 Part 3

The gospel incident concludes with Aerial terror attacks, weather machines, and cities consumed in radiation.
And yet the most anger-inducing thing is the rationale’s of it’s endboss.


Too HoL for Youtube: Coraline

The Beast sought to kill with kindness, and take the eyes of children, to eat their souls. And The BELDAM was its name.

But if it has a name, We can Kill it! To this end, I toiled, not once, not twice, but Thrice. And Twice I was met with the copyright Minions of the Beldam itself.

But now, in the new age, its victory is short-lived. BEHOLD!


This was the last Rejected Redux of Season One. Join me next week, as we launch into the Rejected episodes from Season 2. See ya there!

.Hack//Retrospective Special news: “G.U. Last Recode” Announcement Reaction and thoughts.

.Hack may not be as dead as we have been lead to believe…


The Siliconera articles:

REQUEST: Usagi Drop Review(The Mounty Presents)

Requested by: T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III

Here is my review of Usagi Drop. (For Father’s Day)

Special thanks to SusanLucarioFan16 for the lines 🙂

Now onto the Questions.

1)What is with the border?
A video of mine got Content ID’d, so I wanted to see if this would work.

2) Did that proposal happen in real life?
No! That did not happen in real life, these are just two characters in a fictional world getting engaged.

3)What is the map/music you used?

Suburb House:

As for the music, I used the following:

Asgore Theme~ Undertale

Shenmue Orchestra~ Shenhua Sedge Flower

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon~ I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye (remix v.2)

Various tracks from Megaman Zero 3

Also included:


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Team Yume Podcast: “Raised by Bunnies (and Violence)”

Madhog thy Master and WhyBoy thy Boy open the floodgates of impassioned podcasting as they muse about cute animals, the hordes of the undead and gratuitous violence! This episode discusses: “Bloody Bunny”, “Doodle Toons”, “Raised by Zombies”, “Animalympics” and everything in between.


A Look at Disney Investigates: Zootopia




Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and today, our investigation comes to a close as we look at the 2016 Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature as we look at what I have come to consider one of, if not the most mature features from the Walt Disney Animation Studios.   I recall, when I left the theater after watching this movie, I came out thinking that this was a Disney movie less for kids and more for adults.  Now yes, it is a film that can be enjoyed by all ages and that is a good thing but considering the climate of the world that we currently live in with this guy as our president….

I’m not posting a picture of the real guy.

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Cartoon Corner’s Canada 150th Special Poll

Canada’s having its 150th B-Day soon, help Whyboy celebrate it with Canadian cartoons.


Watchin’ Stuff – Bookaneer Review

Whyboy and Nero are on a swashbuckling book adventure as they are watching Bookaneer. ENJOY

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RPG Hell: Megaman Battle Network 2 Part 2

Gospel’s attacks escalate, as the core of Electopia’s network is assaulted, before their machinations go global.


Too HoL for Youtube: The Prince of Egypt

Now we come to a rather Sensitive Subject. Around the time that this episode was made, Whitney Houston, who was featured on the soundtrack of this film, was found dead, having overdosed on narcotic substances. Also, it was around this time that we commemorated the first anniversary of an alumnus of the C64 Remix community, DJ Skitz. The original episode paid tribute to both, but Youtube are Insensitive Bastards, and both reviews where this is mentioned got Copyright Slammed.

I have not forgotten.

Anyways, enjoy this episode, featuring the readings of Rev. Hiram J Bingleford.


And Join us Next week for the final Rejected Reversion of Season 1.

Nicksmissal IV: The Final Chapter Episode 2: The Two Canceled Ren and Stimpy Spinoff Shows

I’m absolutely blessed to have been a part of this Nicksmissal podcast involving a couple of dismissed Ren and Stimpy spin-off shows, with my great friend, Patricia Miranda. So, Patty, thank you so much for having me on board for this. Fun fact, this was also recorded on a school night, about 11:45 PM in German time of all things. Regardless of that, I had a lot of fun and I would love to participate in a lot more. 🙂

Master Presentations: “Kaiba”

A beautifully unbridled but narratively flawed animation.


Master Commentaries: “Felix in the Swim” (with Devar)

Felix the Cat overcomes his own death to spend some quality time with his best pal, Willie. Unfortunately, the kid’s mother doesn’t approve of this unholy friendship and forces him to learn the piano instead. A most beguiling japery is required!


Master Commentaries: “Daffy – The Commando” (with Devar)