Hiei Voice Impression

My voice impression of Hiei from YuYu Hakusho. #funimationnow #nowvoicethis

Merry Brickmas: Unikitty! Holiday Special



Lego has been getting in on the animation game for quite some time.  Of course, there are some older prospects such as the Bionicle movies but they also have had TV shows based on their properties such as Legends of Chima, Nexus Knights, & Ninjago.  Lego has also released three theaterical movies including The Lego Batman Movie and the ugh, The Lego Ninjago Movie.  But the theaterical movies started with The Lego Movie and one of the breakout characters from The Lego Movie was Unikitty.


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Watchin’ Stuff – Shmelf and Blorvin Review

Watch as Whyboy faces an acid trip of a short film as we’re watchin’ Shmelf and Blorvin. ENJOY


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►► Shmelf & Blorvin

►► The Last Customer

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Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You Review (The Mounty Presents)

Here is my review of Pokemon’s 20th movie.

Why I hate Avatar the Last Airbender

Archetypical, barely relatable characters with offset development: This is an objective and subjective point. Subjectively, none of the main characters resonate with me. I could better identify the characters through their archetypes alone. The free-spirited to plain jane one, girl with a temper and a dead mom, comic relief, blind rich girl who manages to adapt to new horizons within the course of one episode and Tomoki from Watamote if he were a democrat in 2017. Personally, I can’t find a single endearing character. What kind of characters do I like? In many shows I often root for the divas, the bullies, the cynics, the deadpan snarkers, the sarcastic ones and the goths/emos/moody ones. I like them because they tend to be the most expressive and open-ended when it comes to the other characters. It’s fun seeing them act over the top, and in the face of a breakdown I could really feel the weight of the world crushing them. Even then, I find it easier to assess their situations as to why they became who they were today. Read more

Watchin’ Stuff – Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie Review

It’s the return of football head as we’re watching Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie. ENJOY

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Clannad: The Motion Picture Movie Review~ The Mounty Presents

Here is my review of Clannad: The Motion Picture

.Hack//Retrospective: .Hack//G.U. Last Recode

Game Developer Cyberconnect2 has released a remaster of their greatest original work. How does it stack up? Here’s franchise fan Des Shinta with a spoiler-light review of the story, it’s improvements, and additions!


Watchin’ Stuff – Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Review

Is watching Captain Underpants like staining your tightie whities? We’re watching Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie to find out. ENJOY

In This Corner of the World(2016) Movie Review ~ The Mounty Presents

Trotting Through Life A Dash of Awesome: The Mysterious Mare Do Well




Augh…………    This…. this…this….this episode!   Whenever I do these character retrospectives, I try to be fair and give each episode a fair shake.   But, we’ve reached a series low point.  It’s not the worst episode from the series…..

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Trotting Through Life A Dash of Awesome: May The Best Pet Win


Hello & welcome back to Trotting and before we get into the Hearth’s Warming celebration next month, I want to catch up on Rainbow Dash reviews. Thankfully,  this first episode is a breeze to get through. What’s next….  oh right, we will worry about that, when we get to it.

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TV Trash: Axe Cop

What… What did I just watch??

Watchin’ Stuff – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Review

We’re watching an adorable fighting dumpling of a kid today as we watch OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. ENJOY

Letters To Celestia: Even More Ideas I Would Like To See in MLP

As we push on to Season Eight, there are still plenty of random ideas that many people want to be put into the series. While I’ve shared quite a few in the past (and some of have come to reality), I decided to share a few more because…why not?


(There aren’t as many as last time, but I still wanted to share them anyway)

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magination vlog 4 ice and fire


Watchin’ Stuff – The LEGO Ninjago Movie Review

Watch as the Lego Ninjago movie gives us what we always needed… product placement and horrible writing. ENJOY

magi-nation vlog 1

Tokusatsu In review: Lupin the 3rd (2014)

Lupin returns to the show with the 2014 movie everybody hates despite its cast being awesome.
Can you believe the writer of this thing is actually pretty popular?


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Horror-Wood Blog-a-thon: Spongebob Squarepants – The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom

(As promised, here is one of two blog posts to conclude this year’s Blog-a-thon!)


We had some very lackluster Halloween specials this year. Michael Jackson’s Halloween proved to be one of the most head-scratching in years while SNL’s The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special didn’t really do much for viewers (personally, I thought it was ok.) But between these two, how come no one is talking about the recent Spongebob Squarepants Halloween special? Yeah, of all the things to come out this month, how is it that Nickelodeon’s cartoon about a sea sponge actually got it right? It’s full of Halloween imagery, surrounds itself on the spooky holiday and its all made with stop-motion animation…well, partly, but we’ll get to that.

Spongebob (voice by Tom Kenny) is not a fan of being scared and likes to make merry on the holiday, not understanding the true meaning completely. His buddy neighbor Patrick Star (a starfish voiced by Bill Fragerbakke) manages him to confuse him into thinking the scariness of the holiday is meant to be taken funny. They visit a couple of haunted houses and it causes Spongebob to feel more comfortable with the new found philosophy while laughing all the way. However, the Flying Dutchman (voiced by a hilarious Brian Doyle-Murray) thinks otherwise as he plans to scare the giggly sponge by any means necessary.

I just want to get this out of the way, I friggin’ love the stop-motion animation here. I loved this animation as a kid and I’m still fascinated by it to this day. The studio Screen Novelties, who also did the Christmas special in 2012, do a great job bringing these characters to a three-dimensional state while also fitting in with the nonsensical tone of the show. CGI animation would have been too easy to use as the animation here has a strange charm to it. The animators even go as far to match the strangeness of jokes like a close-up of Patrick’s teeth or the movement of certain characters. I’d arguable say the show’s concept and animation style are an odd match for the two.

Stop-motion itself was always a laborious process, but it really pays off in the end. There’s behind the scenes videos out there showcasing how difficult the animation is while also being a marvel. The sets on the Flying Dutchman’s ship are great to look at and it’s cool to see the undersea world of Bikini Bottom turned into a full dimensional place. Also, there are times when they don’t use animation. Sometimes, they will use live-puppetry for certain effects which is kind of neat. There’s a good mix of hand puppets and wire marionettes which have this near creepy vibe to them. Even famed animator Sally Cruikshank provides a great piece, known for her psychedelically surreal pieces like her short Quasi at the Quackeradero.

The best highlight for me is easily the “Scare Song” sequence. The Dutchman takes Spongbob and Patrick on this creepy ride which is almost adjacent to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. There’s puppet ghosts everywhere, strange creatures running about and at one point, our heroes get launched into a pinball machine. It just literally screams out Halloween every time I see it.

The message of Boo-kini Bottom is that’s its ok to be scared, even when you don’t like it. This comes in very well near the final third and it works well to its advantage. So at least kids will be ok with a nice message about the holiday. For adults, there’s plenty of good visuals and funny jokes along the way. Part of me wishes it was a little longer, but it still has a lot of rewatch value for the 24 mins we get. If your not a fan of the show, that’s fine, but I still recommend checking it out for the technical craft. I honestly can’t think of another modern Halloween special like this. It shows how fun Halloween can be while also presenting some nice tricks and treats.