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A Look at Disney: Villains Profile: Commander Rourke


Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney.  We continue our Villains Profile as we look at Commander Rourke.  Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an odd little movie.  It’s not a bad movie  by any means but it’s not a remarkable Disney movie by any means.  And today, we are looking at the villain of the piece.   With that outta the way, let’s begin.
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Horror-Wood Blog-a-thon: Stranger Things (Season 1)


Of all the TV shows that have debuted in recent years, nothing has compared to how much appreciation Stranger Things has gotten. Created by the Duffer Brothers, this grand throwback to everything 1980s feels more a time capsule of the decade. Coming from someone who is an easy prey for 1980s era movies, this series channels every 1980s pop culture trope/reference in existence and somehow weaves perfectly them together. One minute, it feels like Steven Spielberg is directing it, then it pulls something supernatural from a Stephen King story or includes teen drama from a John Hughes movie. For a series that offers so much, I didn’t think all these plot lines would somehow be tied together.

Everything is centered on the disappearance of a kid named Will (Noah Schnapp) whose very vanishing triggers a domino effect of story. One minute, his mother (Winona Ryder) thinks found a way to communicate with her son through electricity, then suddenly the local police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) uncovers a bizarre conspiracy linked to Will’s disappearance. Even thought it all sounds complex on paper, this whole thing is easy to follow as we jump from one character to the next. Each plot thread either adds more clues to the odd things happening in town or helps the viewer get more acquainted with the people in the area.

Things get more complicated when a group of Will’s friends find a girl named “Eleven” (chilling performance by Millie Bobby Brown) who has telekinetic powers beyond belief and may hold the key to finding their missing friend Will. As expected, this is where most of the Spielberg-E.T. cliches kick in with the creature being hidden in the house as the thing tries to understand the world outside. But, there comes a set of fresh elements to keep it interesting. For one, Eleven looks like a normal girl and has the opportunity to hide within society. It gives the character more open freedom to act among people which is kind of a scary thought. Imagine if Carrie had the chance to mingle in a modern high school and you didn’t know she had these powerful abilities like channeling other worlds or destroying things with her mind. How would a normal human being be able to know she has the will to bend reality when they look like a normal person?

The John Hughes elements are centered around one of the boy’s sisters (Natalia Dyer) who pines for the hot jock and, you can sort of see where it goes. In laws of predictability, there is an outcast of some form she feels bad for, but believes he deserves help and it causes her boyfriend to act like a complete jerk about it-Again, you can clearly see where it goes. However, what you don’t except is the jock to actually turn around and even be some form of help at the end. At one point, he becomes useful in a fight against this bizarre monster near the climax and it shows that maybe he’s not that bad as you think.

That’s what I love the most about this series. It keeps adding all these twists and turns keeping you second guessing about what’s coming next. For every new turn in the story, you just can’t help but wonder how it will all end. Even with things like the “big bad government agents,” which is a tiring cliche, Stranger Things knows how to use this well by showing how more devious they can be. Not since E.T. have I felt this trope can really pose as a huge threat. These are people that will do anything to keep a huge secret, even if it means faking a death or holding a family hostage.

There’s so much more I wish I could talk about, but it’s best for you to see Stranger Things for yourself. With season 2 around the corner, now would be a good time to catch up and see what everyone’s been praising about. For an 8 episode season, it’s really worth your time, If you like small tows with big mysteries like Twin Peaks or throwbacks like Super 8, this is worth the nostalgia trip. I’d go into deeper detail on why so much of it succeeds, but then I would have to ruin a good bulk of the plot your meant to discover. The best I can say is for anyone who grew up on a childhood diet of Spielberg, John Carpenter and Joe Dante with a small pinch of Stephen King’s writing, this is for the older crowd who grew up on those elements.

On a side note, I should bring to light of the show’s recent Blu-Ray/DVD release. Target held an exclusive “special collector’s” edition where the packaging resembles an old VHS tape. Once the slipcover is removed, the discs are housed in a container that resembles a VHS tape with a “Be Kind Rewind” sticker for added nostalgia. It’s a nifty idea, but there is one major drawback. All you get is the entire first season on both Blu-ray and DVD in a fancy packaging…and that’s it. No audio commentaries from the Duffer Brothers, additional supplements or even a single behind the scenes featurette.

Fans might be disappointed in the lack of extra material, but at least the first season can be seen in some physical form outside of the digital medium. The other additional plus is for people who don’t have Netflix can actually check this series out. Well for $24.99, it’s not a bad deal seeing this form of packaging is perfect for a show like this. However, it leaves you feeling there should be more to explore after binge watching a show like this. Considering there will be 3 more seasons (including the next one coming this Halloween) afterwards, it leaves one to wonder if there will be this “complete series” release. For now, I’m pleased to had this one in my collection, but this show deserves much better when housed in a grand box like this.

Outstanding Content of the Weeks 10/7/17 to 10/13/17

Hello and welcome to another Outstanding Content of the Week. Without further ado let’s get started.

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31 Days of Halloween: The Creature’s 10 Favorite Creepypastas

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Originally, this spot was reserved for Jarvisrama99, but we moved it down to October 29th instead so I’m filling in the empty spot.


With Halloween being the time of spooks and scares, it seems fitting that we all explore one thing the internet loves to provide all year round: Creepypastas.


Ranging from the bizarre to the realistic,  Creepypastas took the internet by storm and became the Horror stories for the modern age. With that in mind, I decided to share some of my personal favorite Creepypastas that are perfect reading for the Halloween Season.


I probably could have added Slenderman, but Littlekuriboh’s rendition of Slenderman pretty much ruined any chance of him being scary to me (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

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Give Skin

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Are Trump Supporter boycotts working?

Warning: This post is going to be very, very political. If you disagree with this post but can respectfully talk about it and get into a civilized discussion, then I’m fine with your comments. But if you’re going to get defensive, you’d probably be better off ignoring this article then getting angry at it. And if someone does post something angry, I’d suggest everyone else ignore it.

2017 hasn’t been a good year for many forms of media. It was the lowest grossing year for the summer Blockbuster season. NFL’s viewership is down. The Oscars and Emmys have had their lowest ratings yet.

Many Trump Supporters have said that this is because the mainstream media lately has gotten too political and is shoving their liberal beliefs down everyone’s throats. They believe that people are getting sick and tired of “the liberal media attacking them” and that their boycotts are working and causing them to lose money. Read more

Puyo Puyo Tetris part 6 – The Phrasing Episode

This episode gets a little suggestive thanks to Schezo.

MADPlay “Fallout”, Part 3: “Quest for Tony Jay”



A Sabrina Halloween: Dances With Werewolves (Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch Episode Review)



Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration and today, we look at the last and latest TV adaption of Sabrina.  This comes to us from 2013 as we look at the computer-animated series, Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch.  And well,  I gotta say that it’s probably the best animated take on Sabrina.  Do not misunderstand me, the sitcom is still my favorite version of Sabrina but Sabrina hasn’t exactly faired well in the realm of animation.  I can forgive the Filmnation series for it’s low-budget and cheap animation considering the time period, Sabrina: The Animated Series was meant to be a tie-in to the sitcom but it’s best to look at that as it’s own entity because it takes more from the comics than the sitcom.   Friends Forever/Sabrina’s Secret Life  felt a bit dumbed down compared to what came before and wanted to try itself into Sabrina: The Animated Series besides there being so many changes.  And that brings us to Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch.  This show originally aired on The Hub.  Remember that.

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Dracula 3000 (2004)

Bravo Darrell Roodt, You Oscar Nominated Director You, Bravo! In the same year the man directed Yesterday, a movie that was nominated at the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film, he directed his REAL masterpiece, Dracula 3000!

The movie has such a brilliant premise!

People like Dracula right?

And Space right?

So why don’t we combine Dracula AND vampires.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!

But wait…wait!

What if we promise to make a movie about Dracula in space but then barely HAVE Dracula and instead make it about Dracula infecting the rapper Coolio and having HIM be the main Monster!

That sounds…well I already used fantastic…and brilliant…I don’t know what word I should use to describe it…I know! I’ll make up a word!

It’s Fantabulistabrilliantistic!

And my oh my do I love the production values. Roodt made the great choice of having almost every shot be really close or in an uncomfortable close up and, with the repetitively ugly ship that looks like a warehouse that the characters inhabit, gives off a wonderfully claustrophobic vibe that gives off a creepy sense of atmosphere. In addition, this movie has some of the greatest special effects and props I have ever seen in a movie that was made on such a low budget!

The characters and performances are also exquisite. The characters are all interesting in that none of them are likable. They all treat each other horribly throughout the whole movie. Some may find it irritating and hard to watch these characters bicker all the time but obviously, by having all these characters be jerks, Roodt was trying to do some very keen social commentary on the nature of man and how fickle it really is. The actors portray themselves this beautifully by giving off deadpan, emotionless performances while having faces that one may say would make them look “bored” but really they intentionally do it because, by all of them giving emotionless and lifeless performances, what Roodt is really doing is showing how artificial we humans have really become.

After all, we’ve seen all these actors in other, more well known movies and we’ve all seen them emote in these more popular movies so it’s not like they were given bad direction or just didn’t give a shit, nay, they did this on purpose because they wanted to fit the director’s vision!

And the ending! Oh god the ending! Nothing is more fantabulistabrilliantistic than the ending! At the end, most of the crew mates are dead with only two survivors left. However, the ship is headed towards the sun and there is no way to stop it so what do they do?! Have sex! Just…just fantabulistabrilliantistic!

It just fits the theme of the vagueness and artificiality of human nature so well! By having sex at the end, the two characters realize how out of touch humanity has become. In fact, they are so out of touch that one of them is a literal robot! But, by having sex, they decide to re-connect to their inner human nature.

In other words, this ending is basically a giant metaphor for humans realizing how distant they’ve become and connecting with each other again! It’s also why one of the crew mates is a robot because what Roodt is saying is that we’ve all basically become robots and need to re-connect to our human side!

But really this is just…just…the best film I’ve ever seen and it was a CRIME it didn’t win every Academy Award in 2005. Below I’ll link the trailer but you should go, go, and watch this masterpiece of cinema:

Manic Expression’s 31 Days of Halloween (Day 16): Let’s Talk About . . . Fears

Hello and welcome to another out of norm blog and yes, adding in another insight for the Manic Expressions 31 Read more

Just in case

If my review isn’t there for Halloween
Here’s why

MADPlay “Fallout”, Part 2: “Max Stone, Rat Slayer!”

The adventure begins… Woo-hoo?


My Thoughts on Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte Live from the Metropolitan Opera House

Julie Taymor’s aesthetically vivid production comes to life and one lovely lyric soprano in the form of Miss Golda Schultz rises up to the challenge to take on Pamina at the Met joined by a cavalcade of musical titans. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

A Sabrina Halloween: Sabrina: Friends Forever



Hello & welcome back to our Sabrina celebration. Today, we put the Harts behind us as we look at other actresses that have played Sabrina.   Friends Forever is a continuation of Sabrina: The Animated Series albeit, quite a few characters such as Chloe, Gem, and Uncle Quigley do  not appear in this series.  It is said that Chloe moved, Gem is now attending a boarding school and as for Uncle Quigley, I’ll use the comic’s explanation

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