MTCN Review Team: The Founder

Okay, so after watching this movie, I’m still probably going to eat lots of McDonalds. Now that being said, I do now feel a little guilty. Me and Grant go over the biopic about the sleezeball that took over McDonalds, The Founder!

MTCN Review Team: xXx The Return of Xander Cage

I don’t know who’s bright idea was it to bring this franchise back from the dead, but f**k it! Let’s roll with it! Sarah and I go over this pile of ridiculousness known as xXx: The Return of Xander Cage!

MTCN Review Team: Split

Wait wait wait, so…we actually have a good Shyamalan in JANUARY?! Biggest twist of the year so far! Grant and I go over the newest Shyamalan film, Split!

MTCN Review Team: The Bye Bye Man

I was laughing before the movie came out because of its dumb as hell name. NOW I’m laughing because the actual film is somehow much, MUCH dumber! Grant and I break down the strange hilarity to be found within The Bye Bye Man!

MTCN Review Team: Monster Trucks

So it turn out when your movie stars a series of monsters that have lots of tentacles, you can make A LOOOOOOT of inappropriate jokes! Matt and I laugh our ass off at this incredibly dumb January movie, Monster Trucks!

MTCN Catch Up: Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition

Okay, so this is a request I’ve gotten a LOT from people. So I finally set aside 3 hours of my life to give the extended version of Batman v Superman a chance, assured that it’s a better film. And you know what? I think I’m angrier than when I saw it in theaters! Find out why even the extended version of Batman v Superman can’t save this crappy movie as I break it down!

MTCN Review Team: Underworld Blood Wars

Season 5 is officially here! Which could only mean it’s January…which also means we get movies like this. Grant and I go over the latest entry in a franchise that’s gone on WAY longer than it should have, Underworld Blood Wars!

MTCN Top 10 BEST and WORST Films of 2016!

The time has finally come! The top 10 best and worst movies of 2016! Let’s start off with the best, just so we can feel a semblance of hope before diving into the deep end! So join us as Grant and I go over our picks and make sure to share your own in the comments!

And now to dive head’s first into the ass-end of the film year! Grant and I moan, and groan, and cry pain tears (mostly mine), as we go over our picks for the top 10 WORST movies of 2016! Any movies you hated not make it on the list? Let us know in the comments!

MTCN Review Team: Princess Mononoke 20th Anniversary

Karina and I finish off the last episode of MTCN Review Team Season 4 with a look back into the past! Karina introduces me to the magical forest of Miyazaki as we catch a screening of Princess Mononoke! How has one of Miyazaki’s classics held up? Watch and find out!

MTCN Review Team: Moonlight

According to the film’s own trailer, this film is a gift from God that will cure all your ailments, but while it doesn’t quite reach that level of hype, it is a film worthy of Oscar Season! Grant and I break down one of the biggest Oscar contenders, Moonlight!

MTCN Review Team: A Monster Calls

I don’t think I realized how much I needed this film until I saw it. Karina and I wrap up 2016’s movies with a look at a fantasy movie about grief, acceptance, and the grey and complex areas of life, A Monster Calls!

MTCN Review Team: Sing!

Does this mean I’ll finally stop getting the trailer for the damn thing? Matt and I sit down with the newest Illumination film, Sing! Is it good? Who cares! I never have to see that stupid trailer again!

MTCN Catch Up: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Just in time for the new year, we present the first episode of our newest show, MTCN Catch Up! Where I basically make up for lost time by taking a look at the movies I missed that YOU want me to see! You guys asked me to see them, so here I am!

We start off with a look at the Disney sequel to the often frowned upon remake of Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass! How does the sequel hold up to the original, or even the book? Watch and find out!

If there’s another movie I missed in MTCN Review Team that you’d like me to see, leave me a comment, message, or email, and I’ll get on it as soon as I can!

MTCN Review Team: Manchester by the Sea

In the mood for a film about death, grief, and the pain brought by the ghosts of the past? No, wait, GET BACK HERE! Grant and I discuss a movie that’s hard to sit through, but well worth your time, Manchester by the Sea! See why this movie is what Collateral Beauty WISHES it could be!

MTCN Review Team: La La Land

Get your toes tapping and your hands aflappin’ because we got the newest, likely oscar-nominated musical that’s…honestly kind of depressing, BUT IN A GOOD WAY! Matt and I go over the joys and sorrows brought on by duo of Emma Watson and Ryan Gosling in La La Land!

MTCN Review Team: Collateral Beauty

………What the hell is this? Just….what the hell? It’s pretty hard to pinpoint when we last saw a clearly Oscar bait movie go so disastrously wrong as Collateral Beauty! Find out what the heck happened and why this film is really, REALLY f**ked up as Matthew and I go over it piece by piece!

MTCN Review Team: Assassin’s Creed

How many of these G***amn, motherf**king, stupid-a** video game adaptations do we need to sit through before we get one that’s actually worth our time?! Grant and I go over the newest video game disappointment in Assassin’s Creed!

MTCN Review Team: Star Wars Rogue One

So there’s this thing called Star Wars, that’s super popular for some reason? I don’t know, but it apparently got a spin-off that a lot of people are talking about, so we’re going to talk about it too! Okay, all joking aside, Grant and I go over the newest entry in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Rogue One!

MTCN Review Team: Bad Santa 2

Why? That’s really the only question to ask here. Why? Why does this exist? Why did this get a sequel? And why did it have to be so bad?! Mahan and I ponder these same questions as we take a look at Bad Santa 2!

MTCN Review Team: Moana

And just like that, another Disney Princess is born in the newest critically acclaimed animated movie from the House of Mouse! Do Amarissa and I think Moana lives up to the hype or does it have a bad case of the crabs? Watch and find out!