How to Adapt Characters from Comics to Film

As more and more comic book movies are released every year, how our favorite characters are portrayed on screen is becoming more and more of a prevalent issue among fans, which begs the question: How do you properly adapt these comic book characters onto the big screen? Well, in my newest editorial, we examine exactly that!

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MTCN Pre-Screening: Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman and Harley are teaming up in DC’s first real animated effort at straight up comedy! I got a chance to check it out while at SDCC17, and decided to share my first spoiler-free impressions! How does DC’s first animated comedy shape up? Watch and find out!

MTCN Review Team: Baywatch

Well…at least Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron make it watchable! Matt and I go over why Baywatch, of ALL movies, might not actually be THAT bad!

MTCN Review Team: Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

Ever want to know what franchise fatigue looks like? Well here you go! In the latest entry of corporate greed, even Javier Bardem can’t save this gigantic time-waster! Howard and I go over the very forgettable, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales!

MTCN Review Team: Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul

When Disney Channel acting and antics somehow make into the cinema, you’re left with garbage like this, and somehow I end up suffering it alone! Watch my internal struggle as I go through the trials of Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul!

MTCN Review Team: Alien Covenant

Wanna see an Alien movie that’s so far up it’s own a** with pretentious nonsense without any of the intensity and intrigue of the originals? Me neither! And yet here we are! Grant and I go over why Alien Covenant is such a disappointment!

MTCN Review Team: Snatched

As far as popular female comedians that I hate goes, I feel like Amy Schumer is the only one that people are starting to agree with me on, and it’s pretty clear after watching this movie why that just might be the case. I drag poor Matt to see yet another one of these dumb, gross out movies, Snatched! You get it? It’s another name for privates! That’s about the level of intelligence we’re going for here!

MTCN Review Team: King Arthur Legend of the Sword

………What the heck was that? And why did I enjoy this…thing….so much? Matthew and I try to figure out what the f*&k just happened with our review of King Arthur Legend of the Sword!

MTCN Review Team: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (Sarah’s Take)

Alright, now that we’ve gotten the more serious discussion with the movie out of the way, let’s have the fun nerdy talk! I invite Sarah over to give her own take on Guardians 2 as well as talk about all the easter eggs, comic plot points, and general nerdiness that a movie like this demands!

MTCN Catch Up: My Little Pony Equestria Girls

Let it not be said that I will not try something outside my comfort zone if someone asks me nicely! On this episode of MTCN Catch Up, I take a look at a request sent in by longtime fan, WindRises, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls! How does my first experience with the My Little Pony franchise pan out? About as well as you’d expect.

MTCN Review Team: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The gang is back! But is it better than ever? Well, as Grant and I find out, that really depends on your preferences. Grant and I go into the nitty gritty of how Guardians of the Galaxy surpasses the original, and some ways it falls short. Check it out!

MTCN Review Team: Free Fire

Wanna see a cool little unpredictable bottle movie where a bunch of a**holes shoot each other for an hour and a half? Well, then boy howdy do I have the film for you! Grant and I check out this surprise delight, Free Fire!

Note: Super behind on putting up videos on here, trying to catch up now!

MTCN Review Team: Fate of the Furious

It’s dumb, it makes no sense, it defies all logic and reason….AND I FREAKIN LOVE IT! Matt and I take a look at this increasingly absurd movie franchise that is still (surprisingly) going strong, The Fate of the Furious! Is their fate surprising? Not really, but it’s still fun!

MTCN Review Team: Smurfs The Lost Village

So we drew straws and Ron lost so he has to sit through all the joy and delight that comes from one of these dumb as hell Smurf movies! That’s sarcasm, again, by the way. This is fun for no one. Ron and I take a look at Smurfs: The Lost Village!

MTCN Review Team: Ghost in the Shell (2017)

You ever meet that guy at the party who seems pretty cool and with it for a good chunk of the time, but then when he’s four beers in he says something secretly racist that takes you a minute to realize how racist it is? That’s the new adaptation of Ghost in the Shell everybody! Enjoy our review!

MTCN Catch Up: Sing Street

Boy meets girl and starts band to get laid, but finds he actually really enjoys it! That more or less sums up the story of Sing Street, and yet it’s got enough delightful charm and a killer soundtrack to carry you through! Long story short, here’s the requested review of the charming as hell Sing Street!

MTCN Review Team: Colossal

Putting this one ahead of some of the other reviews because it’s leaving theaters soon and you should see it!

In probably the most personal review I’ve ever done, a strange Kaiju movie leads to a solo conversation on fear, possession, abuse, and complex discussions about the “Nice Guy.” This is my review of Colossal! Might make some enemies on this one…

MTCN Review Team: Boss Baby

Alec Baldwin as a baby? Sign me up! That’s sarcastic if that doesn’t translate well through text, by the way. I had to go solo for Dreamworks latest little acid trip, and boy was it interesting! This is my review of Boss Baby!

MTCN Review Team: CHiPs

A reboot of a show no-one remembers that is seemingly made for no one in particular is enjoyed by no one in particular, big shock! Well, except the four people in our audience anyway. Matt and I take a look at this huge stinker, CHiPs!

MTCN Review Team: Power Rangers (2017)

Alright, considering the low-expectations most people had for this movie, just being okay is actually pretty good! I bring on our resident Power Rangers fan, Ron, on board to go in-depth into Hollywood’s newest reboot, Power Rangers!