The Entertainment Round Up: Expended Episode. The JonTron debate 3-20-2017

It’s been a crazy week for JonTron and here is why Read more

Entertainment Round Up 3-20-2017

What’s going on around the entertainment world? J 77 will talk about it. Read more

Flashback Review Of Duck Tales The Movie Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990)

J 77 review Duck Tales The Movie. Read more

Flashback Review Of Transformers: The Movie (1886)

J 77 review the cult classic Transformer the movie Read more

Entertainment Round Up 2/5/2017

More fallout from The 2017 oscar as will as Russia isssued with Disney live action movie; Beauty & the Beast all this and more on this week podcast Read more

What News 3/4/ 2017 Episode 3 Live With Host James Daniel Walsh

Lots of news so much to cover This is the what’s News podcast. And Jame Daniel Walsh is her to help break it down. Read more

Flashback Review Of Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie:Pyramid Of Light (2004)

J 77 Reviews Yu-G-iOh The Movie Pyramid Of Light Read more

What’s News 2 27 2017 Episode 2

This week j 77 will talk the event that had happened with Trump. New Orleans The new York city Mayor. and how reddit lean to death of an family man. All that and more on this week podcast Read more

The Entertainment Round Up Live show Feat Jash 2-26-2017

Both J77 as well as Jash talks about the event that been happening throughout the entertainment world Read more

Flashback Review Of Lincoln (2012 )

J 77 reviews the Award winner Lincoln Read more

Jockerlee’s State Of Affair

Jockerlee will address why he have not made video in over a year and moving forward Read more

What News:The Aftermath of Trump 12-6-2106

Lots of crazy races thing had happen ever sents Donald Trump had won the presidency and yet should he take the fall for it? J77 will talk about it Read more

Update On The New York City Bombing At W 23rd Street

J 77 give a brief up on the New York City West23rd street bombing

Comic Talk #360 Batman The Long Halloween Review/ Perspective

it the comic that served as the template for the Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight J 77 talk about Batman The Long Halloween Read more

Entertainment Round Up Youtube Policy and Why It Is Happening now

For years Youtube has been on an upward battle with content providers over what the can and can not post on there website and now there this so cal lAd friendly content that want and yet if you look at the fine line you would see it not just google that is the cause of this. here’s why Read more

J & J Monday’s Midseason Finally Part 3 feat Patricia Miranda of Old School Lane

Yes we have a part 3 and in this episode we’ll talk about the upcoming family programming that will hit the are wave this coming 2016-2017 with the Patricia Miranda of Old School Lane Read more

J & J Mondays Mid-Season Finally Part 2

It’s part 2 of the show. And we are taking a look back at movie and news that had impacted the media. Read more

J & J Mondays Mid-Season Finally Part I

in this two part episode we will have a little fun talking about politician . there views and what we thing about the over all. plus the movies we have to talk about that. Read more

J & J Mondays 7-24-2016 Part 2 Guest host Omar Punchy

Puchey returns to set the record straight about the real reason why the UK Lift the EU plus thought on the movie trailer presented in the 2016 comic con . Read more

J & J Monday 7- 24- 2016 Part 1 Guest Host T-Kun-Unusual-Wordsmith-III

time to play catch of with some of the news that is hitting the E World with Gust host T -Kun in this first half of the show Read more