Entertainment Round Up 2018. 1/7/2018

It a new year and i will 6 events that impacted the entertainment world these past 3 years and will beyond 2018

Express YourSelf:The Fall Of the Summer Blockbuster? Part 1. competition

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Park Slope Release Issued179

When Alan hold had gotten world that Parkland Monskey was spinning the holidays with her grandmother in Florida, he’d quickly called her. Like always she would answered the phone with the same rued tone she always dose whenever he or any other neighborhood children would do when they called her. Yet after few minutes the conversation between Alan and Parkland became formal; almost friendly even. Throughout their conversation Alan had smile on his face. He was use to Parkland bossy matter. He knew that it was nothing more than a mask she used to hide her true feelings towards others. Feeling she keeps inside a deep place where no one’s dare to explore. However every now and then she would show that soft, kind, and gentler side to her personality. Even if it was for a brief moment or two it was all Alan needed to remind him that Parkland was not as bad as most of the neighborhood children mad her out to be Yet Alan also understood that it not easy to think kindly of a person who spend most of the time yelling and bossing them around.

Never-the-less, Alan was glad he had a chance to talk to her and felt good once they said their goodbye. That was until he was painfully reminded why he was suck in his room with nothing more than home. A boring babysitter, and games he himself had gotten tired of playing.

“Why do broken legs take so long to heel?” Alan asked himself while trying to ignore the dull pain that was traveling throw his leg let alone fighting the urge to scratch
The following morning Alan along with his sister, Lori was visited by their friends, Megan, Tom, Ana, and Jim. they were all inside Alan’s room, playing video games as well as talking about some of the resent event which has been going on around Park Slope.

“Well I’m from one am happy Parkland had gone to visit her grandmother,” Tom said while both He and Alan played each other in a Halo Video game, “The less I seen of her the better”.

“You sure this had nothing to do with what she done to you at the hospital.”

“No,” Tom told Alan, I stand by my action as a necessary fight against the dangerous threat”.

“Okay–if you say so”, said Alan.”

“I wish Parkland did have to go,” Megan said while playing cards with Lori, “with the things that been going on lately we need her more than ever”.

“What that supposed to mean”? Alan asks Megan.

“Nothing”! Meagan said quickly after she was giving a stern look by Ana who was sitting on the edge of Alan’s bed, watching Alan and Tom played each other on the Xbox 360.

“No you meant something by it otherwise you wouldn’t have said it. Now tell us why you think we need Parkland at home.

At first no one said anything that is until Tom had press the pulse button on his controller and face Alan in a way that told that Tom was annoyed that people had been keep Alan in the dark as to what been going on in park slope these last few days .

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An Update on the up comming Park slope Issueds

Hay guy frist off let gon by saying that next week there will be release on park slope book tree the reason is as follow: some of you know i had to deal with spme issued at home and it had over shadow my writing for a year and a half that had been seattle yet i feel for reader to get a feel as to what been goin on i felt it was best to start form the tope and realese new issued on the story that will follow after word. there will be come editing changes some that way some reading will have a better understanding as to what been going on. Also i been hard at work doing th final touches on the frist book nd getting it ready of genital pubucation ( gross my finger so that was on my top to do list.

the release of the park slope will be posted 13th of May leading to the new post to follow at a later date

thank you and thank you for your support in the sory

jockerlee 77

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