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What News:The Aftermath of Trump 12-6-2106

Lots of crazy races thing had happen ever sents Donald Trump had won the presidency and yet should he take the fall for it? J77 will talk about it Read more

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Update On The New York City Bombing At W 23rd Street

J 77 give a brief up on the New York City West23rd street bombing



Comic Talk #360 Batman The Long Halloween Review/ Perspective

it the comic that served as the template for the Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight J 77 talk about Batman The Long Halloween Read more


Entertainment Round Up Youtube Policy and Why It Is Happening now

For years Youtube has been on an upward battle with content providers over what the can and can not post on there website and now there this so cal lAd friendly content that want and yet if you look at the fine line you would see it not just google that is the cause of this. here’s why Read more

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J & J Monday’s Midseason Finally Part 3 feat Patricia Miranda of Old School Lane

Yes we have a part 3 and in this episode we’ll talk about the upcoming family programming that will hit the are wave this coming 2016-2017 with the Patricia Miranda of Old School Lane Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J & J Mondays Mid-Season Finally Part 2

It’s part 2 of the show. And we are taking a look back at movie and news that had impacted the media. Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J & J Mondays Mid-Season Finally Part I

in this two part episode we will have a little fun talking about politician . there views and what we thing about the over all. plus the movies we have to talk about that. Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J & J Mondays 7-24-2016 Part 2 Guest host Omar Punchy

Puchey returns to set the record straight about the real reason why the UK Lift the EU plus thought on the movie trailer presented in the 2016 comic con . Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J & J Monday 7- 24- 2016 Part 1 Guest Host T-Kun-Unusual-Wordsmith-III

time to play catch of with some of the news that is hitting the E World with Gust host T -Kun in this first half of the show Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J & J Monday : Jockerlee & the Sex Hotel? 7/17/2016

Jockerlee have the most interesting two week and it end with him being in the last place he never thought he would be in. and he will explain all. Read more

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Comic Talk #360 Editorial : Is Marvel Backing Off on Making A Inhuman Movie?

A few week ago it was said that Marvel studio might pull Inhuman from their movie line up and yet i must ask “Do anyone cares. J 77 will talk about Read more

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Comic Talk# 360 Batman V Superman review Part 2 Final Thoughts and the Ultimate Cut

n this episode of Comic Talk #360 J 77 finally Finally! get to talk about his reason form hating the way Batman V Superman turn out. The Ultimate cut and way DCU Cinnamic world is not looking good for the other films to come all this on this episode. Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J & J Mondays 6-26-2016

tIn this episode with will get do and dirty with the after math of the orlando shooting as wil as talk about the event around the entertainment world all this in today episode . Read more

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Warcraft Movie Review (2016 )

Is Warcraft really that bad? J 77 will give you this thoughts Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J&J Monday 6-19-2016

Music plays an important roll in movie and Jash and Jockerlee will explain way Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J & J MOndays 6-16-2016

This week Jockerlee goes solo. talkin about employment as well as some of the does don’ts for tourist visiting the big city
NOTE: This episode was supposed to aired on the 12 of june however after the horrible incident that had took place in Orlando, Florida i thought i was best to pull back on posting this episode for a more appropriate time. hope you guys understand the reason. also hate will never win.NEVER!! Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J &J Mondays 6-5-2016

It is freestyle week for both Jash and jockerlee as well as the top box office result Read more

J&J Monday Season 2

J&J Monday’s Guest Omar Choudhry Punchy Race Relation

Guest host Omar Choudhry Punchy joins Jash and Jockerlee talk aobut the issue of race in other country as well as good old online fun Read more


Indy Reel 06 NIna Movie review (2016)

Jockerlee review NIna starring Zoe Saldana Read more


Express Yourselves: NIna Simone In BlackFace?

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I had to comment about this sooner or later so what the hell here is opinion of a Netflix movie Nina. frst off let go on and say yes i had saw the movie. and yes i will give my thought on the film in due time but i am not here to tlk obut weather or not the movie is good. i am here to talk about the fact that the roll of nina was portare by Zoe Saldana, a Puerto Regain. Now let me go to say i really like Zoe Saldana acting ability and for throw star trek fans out there this was not the first time she is protarying a black catitore in the movie. also the fact that she is playing a person who is black is not hart of the issue believe it or not there is more than just the story in fact this issued goes back years and once the trailer had came out it fans and none fans like wores fear had came to like. and that frear is black face.

when ever you had an actor or an actress had to have panted in black face it never a good thing. wether black or white if you cast someone or a particeuer roll and have to pant the skin to for the effect needed to give the illison that that person ( men, or Woman ) you seen is that person. and to my opinion it is an insult. black or white this type of partisec need to stop. if was offensives in the 50’s 60’s 70,s 80, and90,s and you know what it offenvies now . and that the only reaosn why i would say they had drope the ball in casting this iconic stinger. Look like i said said Zoe Saldana is a good actress. and i turly think thst if they did not put her in black face the issued would have been way less that what it was now. but they put onthe blck face on her so yha i can see why there was so much hate for this movie. and being that i had seen it yha i cn agree the backlash is justified.

like all biopic it must be treated to respect. you can’t take someone life story and just do what you want with it and the same with the casting. not blaming Zoe at all yes i am aware of the comment she made yeas back yet i put all the blame of production team. i will also say that Hollywood need to wake up and do a better job in casting stars in the right roll. if you need to pant there faces into a lighter of draker clore thsn myb it woud be best that you simple dont case tht preson at all and that my opinion.


I wanted to close out by saying that i always believe the best person (men & Women show away take consideration for roll however i alo Hollywood need to stope saying in there llittle bubble and do a better job in making sure everyone weather Black, With , Asian, and Latino is given the same oppertuittie as everyone else. they saythe want to yet the alway fine exuse to hold them sefe back. and people are getting tried of it. I am getting tiered of it. the keep making the same old mistake ove and over again and movies goers is simply not putting up with it anymore. and that to me is the hart of the issued tht must change

By Jockerlee

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