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Manic Expression: A Collection – Available Now!

All six Manic Expression books are now available to purchase on Amazon, both in eBook and paperback form. These books represent twenty years of hard work on my part, so please give them a look and help support my dream.

Manic Expression Loses One of It’s Own

I have just learned that Stephen Leotti, the man animating Manic Expression: The Movie, died in a tragic car accident. His work was exceptional, and I greatly enjoyed the short time we got to work together. He was an amazing animator, a fantastic director, and while I didn’t know him well I did enjoy our conversations and felt we were becoming friends.

Here is an example of what he was working on for the film:



Our thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time.

As for production on Manic Expression: The Movie, vocal performances are still being recorded. We will begin the search for a new animator in January.

Manic Expression Presents: Podcast Plays – Pictures at an Exhibition

James Talks About “Pictures at an Exhibition,” the new Podcast Play

Manic Expression: The Movie – And Now I Move


Stephen Leotti continues to work on our very first scene, and I wanted to show just how amazing this is beginning to look. He says to expect a final cut in about two weeks.

The first animatic from Manic Expression: The Movie!

The first animatic from Manic Expression: The Movie. The music is temp till Ichabod Todd finishes his score for the scene, but the audio is finished. Lets all hope that Stephen Leotti, the animator, decides he likes this job and wants to keep going 🙂

Production Begins On Manic Expression: The Movie!

James Reviews Iron Fist (spoiler alert – it sucks!)

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Happy Anniversary, Manic Expression!

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