Shadow of the Day/One More Light (A DJ Jaimetud Tribute to Linkin Park)

A tribute to Chester Bennington. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and a special thank you to Linkin Park for always being awesome!



Wanna help make my next song cover happen? Awesome! Let’s all get together and do the Ducktales theme together!

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One – Man Eater (A DJ Jaimetud Valentine’s Day Mashup)

This V-Day, enjoy some Harry Nilsson with a little Hall and Oates action for your lonely hearts tune-age. Enjoy!


A Vaulting Christmas Carol – Special Edition

For the holiday season, here is a special re-edit of the three time Mr. Coat Contributor Awards for Best Multi-Part, Best Writing, and Best Title Card as Morgan gets a taste of the Scrooge treatment with three interesting and strange variations of the Dickens famed Ghosts. Also includes an addition 2 minutes and 15 seconds of footage not seen anywhere else!!!

Originally uploaded December 21, 2012


From Pages To Pictures – The Chris Van Allsburg Trilogy

Three videos from me for Christmas? You better believe it!

First up, we pay tribute to Chris Van Allsburg by taking a look at “Jumanji.” The book, the movie and the usual of what got changed.

Second, we gots a look at what happens when you launch Jumanji into space with “Zathura” and ask ourselves why little Josh Hutcherson has such an obsession with juice boxes.

And now we round things off with Robert Zemeckis’ take on “The Polar Express.” How many Tom Hankses does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Let’s find out!

Vaulting – Planet of the Apes (2001)

For this landmark 75th episode, Morgan takes a look at the most hated and debated remake of man and ape-kind. Does it hold up or falls under the shadow of the original? I think you guys know the answer.


Pure Imagination (A DJ Jaimetud Cover)

It’s not too late for a Gene Wilder tribute? I hope not. Took me a while to find the time and put this together, so I hope you guys like it.


Vaulting – The Incredible Shrinking Woman (with Jaimetud)

In this season finale, the Christmas season is not over till it is as Morgan and James take a look back at a cult classic about Lilly Tomlin and anti-consumerism. Oh, did we forget to mention its directed by Joel Schumacher…


Vaulting – Heartbeeps (with Jaimetud and South Jersey Sam)

The holidays are going to be different as Morgan has to review the only Andy Kaufman starring flop to date that is rusted and clunky as a scrap pile. Joining him is Jaimetud and Sam as they feel pain far bigger than coal.


Jaimetud – The Lost Childhood Scare

One last stab at the old childhood scare for Jaimetud. What exactly is it? You’ll just have to watch and see…

Science Fiction Double Feature (A DJ Jaimetud Cover)

Sorry not to have anything flashy ready for you, lipstick and all, but this is my interpretation of the the classic Rocky Horror tune, just in time to put you in the Halloween mood!


YOUTUBE HERO (A DJ Jaimetud Parody)

DJ Jaimetud has some fun with the recent unveiling of the YouTube Heroes program…. IN SONG! To learn more about the potential dangers of the Youtube Heroes program, click here:

Based on the song “Jukebox Hero” by FOREIGNER


Sittin’ in his chair, with his head down low
Feelin’ really bored and little too slow
Then he perked on up and looked at the screen
And he saw an opinion, made him want to scream
It was just one voice, and that’s all it took
For his ears to cringe, as his ego shook

So he signed a contract, with the Youtube folks
Said I’m gonna take down, your unfunny jokes.
And all that power felt good in his hands
Mass flaggin’ videos all across the land

Yeah, he started flaggin’, ain’t never gonna stop
Gotta keep on flaggin’, until he makes you pop

He’s a Youtube Hero (Got rage in his eyes)
He’s a Youtube Hero (Spoken: That’s me, you stupid losers!)
He’s got too much power (Youtube users, you’re in for a surprise)
Youtube Hero (rage in his eyes), he won’t sleep tonight

Rage in his eyeeeeees!


Yup, I went through the trouble of getting these, looked them up on the Pepsi locator and everything, hunted them down in the store…. and I came to a shocking revelation….

From Pages To Pictures – Batman: The Killing Joke

Let’s go loony with one of the most anticipated direct-to-video comic book movies from DC and see what the insanity’s all about!

From Pages To Pictures – The Lorax

What, praytell, is the best way to speak for the trees? That’s what Jaimetud’s here to find out in this latest episode of “From Pages To Pictures.”

04 Bluebee TeeVee | Let’s Play The Friendship Game!

How can you be a good friend to your autistic buddy? In Episode 4 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan puts his Bluebee Pal, Hudson, to the test in “The Friendship Game!” Watch this webisode to discover Hudson’s answers and you’ll learn all about autism, friendship, and why it’s awesome to have an autistic friend!

Jaimetud – Silicon Valley Comic Con

Me and Jonathan Murphy got to experience the first ever Silicon Valley Comic-Con! William Shatner, Stan Lee, Christopher Lloyd hundreds of fanboys under one roof. Let’s see what happens!

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Some of the exhibits featured in the video you can find at the links below:

Hewy’s Animated Movie Reviews #75 Strange Magic

Jaimetud here showing off an April Fools Switcharoo I did with Hewy Toonmore! This time around, I take a gander at George Lucas’ disastrous attempt at a full-length animated musical fairy tale, Strange Magic!

If you like the people who participated in this episode, here are their channels!

Morgan Leger:

Cody Kluesner:
Brandon Nichols:
Taylor Wyatt:
Charles Thomas:
Sam Flemming:

Vlog Update: and Autism Awesomeness!

We only have 24 or so hours to petition for change when it comes to Fair Use. Let Washington know you want change now, here:
I will have a table this weekend at Autism Awesomeness! at 1:00 on 04/02/2016. If you live in the area and would like to come meet me in person, feel free to do so at the following address!

“Autism Awesomeness”
St Luke Presbyterian Church
10 Bayview Dr.
San Rafael, CA 94901

03 Bluebee TeeVee | Let’s Talk! | Ways People with Autism Communicate

In Episode 3 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan talks to his Bluebee Pal, Riley, about about the many ways autistic people communicate. You see some people with autism can’t speak but they can still be heard and understood using picture boards or communication tools, like apps on tablets. The fancy word for this type of talking is augmentative and alternative communication or AAC for short. “Far out!” says Riley, and she’s even more surprised when she finds out that she’s a communication tool too!

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Bluebee TeeVee, Autism information station is an innovative webisode series where kids learn all about autism—in a friendly, clinically correct and respectful manner with humor and pop culture references thrown in for fun. The show’s host, James Sullivan, is the script writer, filmmaker and editor. Jonathan Murphy performs the voices for the Bluebee Pal co-hosts. Both of these young men are on the autism spectrum. More information at

This autism education is presented by Kayle Concepts, Bluebee Pals for Autism, Geek Club Books autism nonprofit, and QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community).