New Series Announcement

New series planned to be started in February 2018!

My Voice Acting Roles in 2017

It’s been a busy year in voice acting and I’ve gotten some new experiences like my first video game roles. The links to all projects are found below and in case for series the first link takes to the first episode I did this year and the second takes to the first episode overall. With Almost a Hero I’ve provided download links for both Android and iPhone versions. Read more

Old Shames: Final Fantasy Neverwintered, Part 1

Yep, I tried to recreate Final Fantasy by using Neverwinter Nights 2’s engine. Surprise to no one it was never finished but hopefully I got an entertaining video out of it.

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Top 100 Best Movies I’ve Ever Seen #90-81

More film goodness featuring post-war cynicism, a crazy play writer and travelling through dreams and space.

The rights to the material used in this video belong to their respective owners.

Top 100 Best Movies I’ve Ever Seen #100-91

The countdown of some of humanity’s great achievements has begun!

Dramatis Lectio: Matthew Males and Countess Rizza

Matti brought something for the reading once more. Mother of God.


Energycore of Power RPG #1: A New Bunch of Heroes

Team Yume plays a one-shot game based on my old superhero comic. The video has been edited to remove some dead air but you can find the whole stream from here.

My Voice Acting Roles in 2016

This and auditioning for other projects have been my focus lately rather than making new video reviews so if you haven’t already please take a listen/look and let me know was it worth it. Read more

Old Shames: A Boy from Sparta

I have returned with a tale of a Spartan warrior who ponders the nature of death while facing against the hordes of Persia.

Tales from the North 32: Hamlet Goes Business

In the third film of our short Shakespeare retrospective the Danish prince is now a Finnish business yuppie trying to avenge to his uncle his father’s death while speaking in witty dialogue.

HedonisticActor’s Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Seen #10-1

In the last part of my look at the bottom of human creativity we have more than one terrible video game adaptations, a dumb sci-fi flick from the believers of Xenu and several failed attempts at comedy.

#10 – 00:22
#9 – 03:04
#8 – 05:41
#7 – 08:45
#6 – 11:33
#5 – 12:52
#4 – 17:08
#3 – 20:00
#2 – 25:30
#1 – 28:17

HedonisticActor’s Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Seen #20-11

Almost at the finale! These terrible films include the return of the shark that roars, a trashy super heroine and a 1980’s comedy classic that anyone else in the world likes. Read more

HedonisticActor’s Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Seen #30-21

After a long time I return to talk about the movies I consider the worst. Today’s list include the worst animated movie I’ve seen, more video game adaptations and the shark that roars. Read more

Tales from the North 31: Macbeth

Our small William Shakespeare retrospective continues from Worthy of an Oscar with this little Finnish movie about Macbeth from 1987. In it a gangster and his wife are planning to take over his mob from its old boss.

HedonisticActor’s Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Seen #40-31

This time the terrible film list includes bad sequels for passable children’s movies, bad sequels for descent superhero movies and deeper dive into crap when I get to the ones that I gave 2/10 at IMDB. Read more

HedonisticActor’s Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Seen #50-41

Ninjas! Ninja turtles! Bratty children! Read more

Worthy of an Oscar 31: Hamlet

After over a year of absence Worthy of an Oscar returns with a Shakespeare adaptation. A young prince finds out that his father was murdered by his uncle and seeks revenge.

HedonisticActor’s Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Seen #60-51

This time on my countdown of terrible films we have tension at racing tracks, time traveling shenanigans and Uwe Boll makes his debut. Read more

HedonisticActor’s Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Seen #70-61

In this video about bad cinema I’ve sat through we have Nazis, plumbers and comedy craftsmen who just gave up. Read more