Cinemania 2015 intro

Cinemania 2015 intro by WillChilton

This is a slightly modified version of the original Cinemania intro. New set, same Cinemania.

Cinemania season 1 Intro

Cinemania Season 1 Intro by WillChilton

This is the intro for Season 1 of my new review series, Cinemania. I tried not to use too many tv/anime clips, but it is what it is.

Media Blitz–Uncle Grandpa review


The final Media Blitz backlog episode, a vlog about Uncle Grandpa and why I hate it. Special thanks to T-Kun Unusual Wordsmith III for the cameo. Title card by fellow Manic Expressionist The Creature.

Media Blitz–Transformers review


A review of the first Bayformers movie.

Media Blitz–Hunchback of Notre Dame review


First episode of Media Blitz, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And it’s not 20 minutes long anymore!