Cartoon Hero: Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Season 8

Time to start off this year’s annual self-flagellation…with a special announcement.

Top 10 Worst Mistakes of Season 8 by theherooftomorrow

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  1. jim-bevan
    jim-bevan says:

    I think the reason Bruce was so unwilling to give Freeze a second chance in Batman Beyond is because of how he’s become more bitter/cynical in his old age.

    And I have to agree with you that, while Tara is a great VA, her performances as Harley can be hit or miss. When she plays the character as more bubbly and childish, it puts me off. She nailed it best in Arkham City and Injustice 2, where we see a bit more depth and, for lack of a better word, seriousness to her.

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  2. t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    This could be very interesting in the signs of nick picks. Let’s see where these go.

    10: Ah, the ones that fall in the cracks, I get it. Common mistake there on culture things, understandable.

    9: Ooh, ouch. 90’s why much you cross so low it here. Ouch. Clean and awesome, yes.

    8: Really? Well, that is pretty awesome to know about it.

    7: Well that would go over anyone’s head for those non-fan people.

    6: I think that more falls with how lot of the final seasons were not handled with much care there. That’s all for that one.

    5: It’s a hard name in honestly, I have a slip there as well.

    4: Okay, that is more of a comedy bit there, so I can let that one slide for anything as it is.

    3: Fell short for me on trying to remember it. Along in catching all the episodes missed. Yeah, those moments are coming but short. Goodbye Freeze.

    2: Yeah, don’t remember much of that season and what episodes are good, are limited on taste there.

    1: Ooh, I see where this is going here. Oh boy. So many voices though, hard to keep track though, getting lost would be a common fall there.

    But as this list played out, for how mistakes were fallen short. Still, you were able to keep most things intact. Neat look in though.

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