Brightness Say

What would be a normal white dusting this holiday brightness,
seems to be like an forever summer outside that ye window,
though I couldn’t find any complains to really say,
maybe the cheer that should be and spreading it like wildfire,
has no kick to it when just outside the window,
is a summer while miles away,
far away there could be three feet of snow right now,
the most bare of streets slick of ice and chilled air,
cherry be the noses and cheeks while the body shivered,
now it’s worry of sunburns and heat strokes,
though seeing a street lamp or the road,
showing some kind of holiday care is abound handfuls,
not quite say in ways that the spirit isn’t there,
just no drive to really dish out that blasted flair,
compare to how daily commotions before even the bloody turkey,
is even cook through and craved in shares to be,
there won’t be lack of words to say,
and maybe show some kind of happiness now and then,
but to be word elf is lacking and just saying what’s on the mind,
is just becoming a little more appealing at the moment,
just as of now this random thought,
that should be about drive and getting into the merry seasons,
just isn’t in me to push it out,
plans are coming though and who knows,
maybe there could be a holly and joy yet to come,
just won’t be in your face unlike in places to be,
no other reason now but to have a clean mind,
and figure things out,
let that be a gift for yourself as well,
when feeling like you are run into a corner,
and who knows,
that caved in feeling won’t last longer than a breath.


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