Blood Motives

Just how lovely was that angel to you,
was it a pleasure of anew that made your flesh sweat,
excuse the thoughts so thin in the air here,
but one just has to know at this moment,
just between the two of us here,
do you remember that happen that night,
don’t mind the mirror of the side to us,
the echoes it gives are its own issues here,
what we are speaking about is just between us,
you said you just blacked out and boom,
that doll was face down in a pool of blood,
just like that,
and you bathed in what you called honey,
in a moment of delirious motives,
you were in the wrong and not alone,
someone is taking the fall and you say,
they are close,
when asked how close they were,
you pointed to your skull,
excuse me on thinking that is a bit much there,
even for a broken fool such as you,
but how must deal with is something outstanding,
though personally,
it’s just outlandishly stupid,
don’t growl at the facts here,
you are no animal between the watchers here,
you are sick and in need of help,
and it came down to a room or the chair,
because of a life was lost along the way,
and by files,
they meant a lot to you and in return,
despite rockiness here and there,
but to go that far,
there is more to it and I indent to find out,
for at least the both of you,
to have a peace of mind,
so I must ask you this now,
do you want to make this hard,
or just come clean now,
you did killer actions yet felt something,
you are not far gone,
if you cared in the aftermath,
there is hope,
no how slim it might be in the long run,
but to make this work,
one needs to yield to facts here,
no one ever wants to lose,
but one needs to know to fold in,
it’s game over,
just admit it before the echoes,
do something I can’t help you with anymore,
and dear god almighty,
am I trying for you here,
I don’t like this and neither do you,
so work with me here,
evil and good on the shoulder of the world,
let’s do something here,
off kilter and such it may be,
but trust me when I say,
it’s better than having a third butt in,
when they have no fucking clue,
and see it black and white,
there is always a middle ground here,
but you got to work with what you have,
you want justice for a life taken away,
I want justice for world lost in translation,
work with me on this here,
help where it counts,
and not where it flaunters.




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