Better Support

Carry on my feet to a land of dreams,
forever running on a road that is rough and heated,
nothing in the world could change on facts now,
I ain’t worth no ones time back there to stay,
I am stuck if I stay there by how they don’t support,
to get away is the only chance I got now,
I want to amount of something and it just isn’t here,
no matter of how much I love them and care for them,
it just doesn’t change the fact that they can suffocating,
they mean well and I can see that true as it can be,
but they want me to play safe and take the easy road,
they don’t want to me to see things they did,
when they were children life was hard and at times in war,
but that’s all over for the most part but I know better,
nothing of war on the streets don’t hide compare to the news,
I am not blind and I see what they worry for if I dared,
still I want to risk it and live a life as my own,
I won’t make it out cleanly I know that,
but I want to see if I can do what my parents did,
they fought for their happy endings to come,
and in ways I am fighting them and soon the world,
and even my own stupid self for what is to come,
fuck it though as I will take as it comes,
for this is my stupid life and I will live it out,
and die my way if it comes to that,
I’m sorry folks,
I love you,
but you got to let me go,
or I won’t stand a chance in this world later,
thank you if you do understand,
sorry if you don’t,
but know this while I am gone,
I do love you and thank you for raising me.




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