Beg Away

Seen from the higher heavens,
no eyes of fate sealed this away,
given way to the past,
the future is told more than by magic,
more so than chance,
and come near the bias risks that come,
no where close on how it aimed,
yet it has happen near for all,
for you don’t need to believe in a greater being,
to feel like you can become something more,
saw it by that one a moment to do,
if it meant to sleep on the bare lands of nature,
it was awaken given by nothing else,
but wanting to live,
you may fault out or join,
your matters are to you and no one else,
believe as you do,
pray if you want to do so,
but it doesn’t quite change anything to come,
and by that moment here on out,
it is near as true,
so by that,
look up because you wish to breathe,
more than beg.

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