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Come from the top of the life here,
able to do just as one can do,
higher of the buzz may be,
but damn did it really rock a new world to give,
where in the world did care go though,
what could have happen in the moment to be,
yet here is where all went,
down the fucking drain to never come back,
this wasn’t a dream or a nightmare,
but a life that could had so much,
yet somehow things didn’t work out,
and found an easy way to get out,
to just run as it comes,
damn it all to hell and back,
I can just hear the giggles in the background,
right now,
bastards and bitches of genderless races,
fucking picking everything apart,
to make what was once human,
into a monster,
of their own creation of tools,
for that’s how they were as well in the end,
tools fixing and breaking everyone,
for it just feels right,
and never seeing the harm it could do,
who ever might be dull tool,
is no better than a heartless fool.




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< !– Place in body part –>

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