Away Will

In second to ask for something out of sheer will,
what will be the answer that is given by the ancient,
the text of olds there was always a double meaning,
to everything that had a title of matter bonds,
from the sky and the bird wanders,
down to the bottom fall of earth and loose critters,
the will was there for a reason and how strong it could be,
was that on who would do what they could in the end,
lonely as they would be at times,
they followed on what was right and wrong for the sake,
of something they would never breathe out,
for only that it is something that a whole unit needed to know,
rustle of sins and saints a bungle they can be,
but they never dared more than what they could chew,
for in the end of things to come,
we wish to think we are better than most sweet bias,
yet for how true that may be in the longitude,
is another lie stacked in a deck of cards of truth,
and to find the joker right a way from the madness itself,
shouldn’t be a one person job,
yet out of pride and focus thinking it can work,
but those who know limits about themselves,
get everything done much quicker,
if they so wish to,
but unless they enjoy dragging everything to a halt,
we meet something much more worst later,
that has no real name nor a reason,
just a will like any other,
with powers that fit it so,
and it’s a fear in ourselves that must choose this now,
do we solo or together noticed this,
or look the other way?




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