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My Top 8 Total Drama Characters

Posted by Brekclub85 on December 26, 2012 at 2:10 PM

As I mentioned once before, my favorite modern cartoon, just barely beating out Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated and Legend of Korra is the Total Drama series. Over the currently 4 seasons, there have been over 30 contestant teens involved in the hilarity and chaos, and I figured in this blog I'd say who all my favorites are.

Here we go!

8. Dawn

The only Revenge of the Island player to make my list, before the season premeired I was worried Dawn would only end up being a Gwen stand-in, but she managed to be a character in her own right. She was constantly caring and helpful, plus her powers led to some pretty amusing. Here's hoping she returns in season 5.

7. Heather

Honestly, out of the whole cast Heather probably had the most development throughout the first 3 seasons. She went from being the bitchy villain of season 1, to an anti-hero and pretty much the protaganist of World Tour. The sequel seasons to Island were somewhat of a redemption arc for her, and had the World Tour finale been the final episode overall, it would be a nice way to have ended the originial "Trilogy" if you will.

6. Cody

Cody is a character I can somewhat relate to. He's a nice, fairly goofy guy who wants to fit in. While I can safely report that I have no known obsessive stalkers, I'm glad Cody got a much more expanded role in Total Drama World Tour after being ignored in Action. If only he got to sing more....

5. Izzy

I feel so weird having Izzy being one of my favorites, considering the one character I don't care for on MLP is Pinkie Pie. I think the reason Izzy works for me is that her randomness isn't forced into your face, and she has for the most part proved helpful in challenges she competes in. Katie Crown's voice acting is great, she really has an energy she puts into this performance.

4. Harold

Along with Izzy, among the more intended for comedy characters, Harold was among the most consistently the funniest. Though he started out as a Napoloen Dynamite expy, he also grew to be a character in his own right. He was quite often hilariously badass, and it was nice to see him get a victory over Duncan as the seasons went on. Plus you have to laugh at his "rapping".

3. Bridgette

Oh I wish she could've made my number one spot, but alas. In the world of Total Drama where fairly often it became a world of people being horrible to each other, Bridgette was the one character who was consistently nice. She was more forgiving and kind than a lot of her teammates, and was even more willing to forgive Heather in season 3. I'm hoping she'll return in season 5, she was onee of the main heroes, after all.

2. Noah

In terms of the male cast members, Noah was always my favorite despite a fairly small role. His sarcarm and cynicism really works for his character, and Carter Hayden really makes Noah work for me. I was psyched to see him return in season 3, and I'm glad that he got development there-being more willing to participate in challenges and even make friends (to an extent).

And my number one favorite Toal Drama character is....

1. Gwen

Admittedly, most of my love for Gwen comes from season 1, but nevertheless she's my favorite. Gwen's story is the classic tale of a person who wants to be a loner who gradually grows to like the people around her. She grew into being one of the strongest players in the game, an also had some of the best lines IMO. Though the love triangle saga in World Tour did have her do some regretable things, Gwen remains my favorite.

There's my list, hope you guys enjoyed it. Share your thoughts below!

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Reply Infamous Jak
1:28 AM on December 27, 2012 
Never watched the show, but enjoyed this list. Nice work.
Reply Moviefan12
9:07 PM on December 26, 2012 
Nice list. I don't know if you watch Pony but Dawn reminds a lot of Fluttershy. I'd have to agree that she'd be the only character from the new season to be on my list.


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