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Top 10 My Little Pony Fanfics

Posted by Mediaman on June 26, 2012 at 9:30 PM

       Hi, it’s Mediaman again. Ever since season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ended, I’ve been biding my time until season 3 by reading fan fiction of the show. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just weird, and that’s saying something. So, I’m going to count down my top 10 MLP: FIM fan fics. Note: some of these choices are either incomplete or short, but I still think they are a good read. Also, I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll keep the plot details to a minimum.

10. Spike’s Day Off: After Spike works very late into the night, Twilight decides to give him a day off. While the young dragon goes out to enjoy himself, Twilight tries to take care of everything herself. And as you might guess, it’s a recipe for disaster. Funny, funny disaster. This story might be short, but it is defiantly worth a read. It’s like one of those bonus shorts you get when you buy a DVD. This fan fic is currently on for anyone to read.

9. The Elements of Gaming: Twilight Sparkle receives an Xbox 360 and PC from Princess Celestia along several games. She and the rest of the Mane 6 play games such as Rock Band, Halo: Reach, Tetris, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3(or as the story calls it, Marevel vs. Coltcom 3). It’s a decent story about old-fashioned characters discovering new technology. This adventure can be found on as well.

8. Rarity’s Bad Mane Day: Sweetie Belle plays a prank on Rarity that leaves her mane a dark shade of green. In order to get the antidote, she must do whatever Sweetie Belle wants for the day. This fanfic may be short, but it makes for a fun read. The story is believable, it has some heartwarming moments, and the ending is so good that I refuse to spoil it. This tale can be found on the MLP fanfic site,

7. Silent Ponyville Chronicles: The interesting thing about MLP crossover fics is that you can enjoy them without knowing too much about what they’re combining. Case in point, Silent Ponyville Chronicles. Pinkie Pie has been plagued with horrible nightmares (including one that sounds an awful lot like Cupcakes) and doesn’t know why. When she goes to see Twilight, she casts a spell that sends Pinkie into her own mind. From what I hear, Silent Hill is a place where the monsters come from your own inner demons. And Pinkie seems to have those in spades. Just like the games, there are several different endings, and it can all be viewed on Deviantart.

6. Ace Combat: The Equestrian War: While Silent Ponyville was a direct crossover, this one was more of an underlying theme. When the griffons declare war on Equestria, Princess Celestia puts together a special squadron of pegasi, including Fluttershy, Derpy Hooves, and of course, Rainbow Dash. The story takes cues from the Ace Combat games by naming chapters after soundtrack songs and beginning each one with a four sentence proverb. If you like adventure stories, then head on over to and enjoy.

5. My Little Dashie: In a sad, colorless (metaphorically) world, an unnamed male human discovers a filly Rainbow Dash in a cardboard box. The rest of the tale shows the man’s efforts to raise the Pegasus as his own. There are plenty of heartfelt and sad moments, but it shows how much life and love a character can have. (By the way, the fact that this stars my favorite pony is pure coincidence. Honest.) If you’re interested, the story is found on

4. Ditzy Doo’s Dismally Derpy Day: Oh Derpy, I just had to include her. In this fic, she has a bad day. While on her mail route (apparently she’s a mail carrier), she gets picked on by two bullies. And it doesn’t get much better after that, but I won’t spoil it. I really like the version of her in this story. She’s not mentally handicapped; she’s just cross-eyed. She’s not clumsy; just insanely strong. I especially can identify with her having a hard time ignoring bullies, having experienced this myself. If being “special” is still taboo in a kid’s show, then let’s hope they make her into a character like this (or at the very least give her a voice actor that sounds like she gives a rip). The tale of Ditzy Doo waits on Equestrian Daily.

3. Getting Back On Your Hooves: Trixie has been a favorite in the fanfics. She’s been everything from a two-dimensional villain to a tear-jerking Woobie. Here, she’s an actual character. When Twilight finds a homeless Trixie in the streets of Canterlot, she offers her a place to stay until she finds a new home. The Mane 6 is initially reluctant to forgive the boastful mare, so she has to earn it. I kind of wish that they would address the fact that they didn’t know the difference between a braggart and a stage magician. Oh well. Maybe they’ll talk about it in season 3. This tale of redemption can be read on, Fimfiction, and Deviantart.

2. The Legend of Mare Do Well: “The Mysterious Mare Do Well” may not have been the best episode, but it gave us quite the fanfic character. And who’s playing the titular heroine? None other than Pinkie Pie, of course! But this time, Ponyville is changing into a place that needs a hero. A crime syndicate is formed, a police force is established, and Pinkie is learning just how hard it is to be a hero. Log on to Fimfiction for the continuing adventures of Mare Do Well!

And the #1 MLP fanfic is…

1. It’s a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door: Oh. My. Gosh. This is the best fanfic I have ever read. When a spell gone wrong leaves Twilight with a serious ailment, the trio of Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash set out to find a cure in the lands beyond Equestria. It’s just such a well written story with believable character arcs and emotions. Only a die-hard fan could have written a story like this. But it’s also a story you can enjoy for the adventure rather than the characters. Go to Equestrian Daily and READ THIS NOW. You won’t be sorry.

So, that’s my list. Although I’ve given you my favorites, there are plenty more where these came from. And I’m sure I’ll find more good fanfics in the future. (For example, look up “Pony Variety Show”. If you don’t mind some crude humor, it’s hysterical.) So, until next time, Brony hoof!

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Reply Ratin8tor
11:16 PM on June 26, 2012 
Bugger it won't let me add in the link. Just search 'Batman meets Pinkie Pie' at, it should pop up
Reply Ratin8tor
11:15 PM on June 26, 2012 
Good list. I'd add in 'The Contest' for a good Fluttershy fic and 'The Light In the Darkness' for a good antidote to Cupcake. Oh and this fan fic I happened to, err, 'find', where Batman meets Pinkie Pie

As for the list I've only read Silent Ponyville (which is good, but helps if you've read Cupcakes to get some of the symbolism) and My Little Dashie (which explains while Twilight the book got so popular).

Still good list, I'll have to check them out.
Reply Moviefan12
10:06 PM on June 26, 2012 
While I'm not into this show. This was a well put together list as it had great summary of each fic and you gave your reasons for why you liked these shows very well. I'm sure we will have a lot of people that like this show read your article. I should know as one of my friends Dawn_Heart on here wrote an article about MLP and made some of us into ponies. Sorry off-topic but as I was saying, this is a great article even for someone that's not into the show that much.


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