Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 9, Part 2)




Season 9, Episode 5

Ally’s F

Plot Summary-Ray and Debra are concerned when Ally gets an “F” in math


Nitpick of the episode-Yeah that teacher may need vacation. I get teachers are stressed and even burned out, but geez! And if he knew what the problem w as with Ally why didn’t he pull her aside and discuss it with her? Isn’t that part of a teacher’s job? Even Debra realizes that the guy is a bit out of touch. Guess Ray is right when he says some teaches can’t relate to kids.


Best Line-“It’s just a midterm ok. It’s just a stupid grade and I’m gonna pass. God why do you have to overreact!?”…Ally


Episode Fun Fact –


Deleted Scenes-Ray and Debra arriving at the classroom to meet with the teacher


Syndication Edit-top of the teaser, which was a bad edit since we see ally talking on the phone foreshadowing the boy she liked. We also see in the teaser Ally favors Ray


Best Character-Debra, well it only took nine seasons for Debra to realize talking to your kids is a thing. That final scene between her and Ally is just great. I also give her credit for realizing the teacher is a bit high-strung and they it may not be all Ally’s fault.


Worst Character-Ray, I actually love it when he steals the teacher’s throat lozenges but what is up with that bit at the end when he acts like a jealous father? Maybe the idea was that Deb and Ray had changed places, Debra talking while Ray overreacts and yells, but  Romano cannot pull those scenes off.


Final Thoughts-I like this one because it’s the show exploring a common problem. Ally having trouble in math makes sense and the reason is perfectly normal for a teenager (she’s obsessed with a boy in her class). It’s also nice to see a little flaw in Ally. While I’ve said I liked her I’ll be the first to admit she often comes off as a little too perfect. Here she feels like a normal a teenager (and it’s jarring to remember her in season one; they do grow up don’t they?) The scenes with the teacher is funny. Again the family stuff feels a bit shoehorned, only there to give them some lines. But it’s not awful either as it does further the plot when we discover the real reason Ally is having trouble in math. The only complaint is that final bit where Ray gets all stupid and is yelling. It seems like when this show doesn’t have a joke to end on then making Ray a loon is the go to move.


Grade-A-, for season nine this is a true standout, it’s just Ray’s nonsense at the end which is lame.





Season 9, Episode 6

Boys’ Therapy

Plot Summary-When the girls want the guys to attend therapy together, they go to the track instead


Nitpick of the episode-A weird thing happened after Amy permanently joined the cast as we have the three girls ganging up on the three guys and acting like they’re the only ones with problems. This is no exception. And how did Amy initially get Robert to see a therapist?


Best Line-“Oh yeah. Grandpa Sal, very scary. He once made Mussolini wet himself.”…Frank


Episode Fun Fact –


Deleted Scenes-seems like these all have deleted scenes, here we see rob giving tips to max and Albert also Marie doesn’t like Debra’s teasing


Syndication Edit-top of teaser


Best Character-The guys, I like how they do work on real issues in order for their made up lies to be believable.


Worst Character-The ladies, they push he guys into therapy as if they don’t need any themselves


Final Thoughts-gee it’s almost as if we didn’t before in “Counseling. Ray even tells Robert to get a life again and hey bet you can’t guess how this one ends? Ok I’ll stop harping on it. I like that the guys rebel against the girl’s nonsense and do what they want. I said it before, but therapy doesn’t work if people have to be forced into it. And we see Frank admit that he could never be as strong as his father which has been hinted at before. His father beat him but that’s one thing Frank never did to Ray or Robert. Frank also reiterates that he treated his kids the way he did wasn’t personal (this came out in “the mentor”). Nice scene indeed.






Season 9, Episode 7

Debra’s Parents

Plot Summary-Ray catches Debra’s parents having sex, leading Debra to believe that they are getting back together.


Nitpick of the episode-Love how Hank and Pat appear for about fifteen seconds and barely have a line. You have to really like a series to return for an episode to do nothing.


Best Line-“They’re doing it again”…Debra


Episode Fun Fact -Final thanksgiving episode, and possibly the worst


Deleted Scenes-the family arguing about art, Ray can’t get comfortable


Syndication Edit-top of teaser


Best Character-Debra, nice to see her happy even briefly


Worst Character-Ray, his whining about the pillow is real annoying


Final Thoughts-I get the feeling the creators felt obliged to do a Thanksgiving episode and since most involve Warren and Lois they cobbled this plot up. By the way the final appearance of Warren and Lois on the show. It’s feels like we’ve seen this before, Ray even whines about Warren sleeping on his pillow Again, and I have trouble buying these two are that horny. Especially so horny that they had to have each other again, in the day, with company around! Cmon. That gag of the two wearing sheets is lame.






Season 9, Episode 8

 A Job for Robert

Plot Summary-Robert realizes that Marie is trying to encourage him and Amy to have sex


Nitpick of the episode-Of course the grandkids aren’t excited to see Marie. They see her every day! When do they ever get a chance to miss her? Even Ray makes this observation. I love how Marie and frank have a spare bedroom for Lois, where was this room in other episodes?


Best Line-“I can’t do it. I can hear ma “Go Robbie Go!!”…Robert


Episode Fun Fact-We see Robert and Amy living in what was Rays old room, although the set is a bit larger than we have seen before.


Deleted Scenes-Debra and Amy talk about Marie


Syndication Edit-teaser


Best Character-Marie, I love it when she explains why she seems to favor Ray. Pointing out that he was a weak, needy boy and needed extra mothering, unlike Robert who was always strong and tough. I know that Marie gives a “I was kidding” wink to Ray at the end, but in my head cannon she was just making Ray feel better and meant every word of that….it makes perfect sense!!!


Worst Character-Robert, he should have seen thru Marie a lot faster and his freak out after he realizes it is kind of lame


Final Thoughts-Marie’s been saying since Amy first came around that she was hoping she’d get new grandchildren. So it makes sense that Marie would try to motivate the two. The episode leads to an interesting final scene where we see what Marie thinks about Robert.



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