Alive Sights

Learn to the dance that is there,
but know in the steps forgotten,
the sins that were once there,
are never far from the sights,
be that as it may be near as it comes,
you could be something of a fair tot,
though make notion,
that someone won’t overlook it,
they can see it as comes now,
fair and dainty you play,
what a false of fables here,
to believe in saying you are alive,
oh dear fool of the blind,
what madness did you think here,
were you able to really run away,
being able to have fun as they say,
did you think this would go unsaid,
by to the by,
shame as it comes,
there only disgrace here,
and it is the one thinking they,
yes they who thought they got away,
a muse turn monster is all you be,
vile to the lips here,
but as the poison slips in,
take a pause here to have one final,
battle call out here and able,
to shine harder where it burns,
murder wouldn’t do this sham justice,
I know from a personal fact,
think of it as finding trash,
tuck neatly under the bed,
long in years smell,
and gullet by mishandles,
don’t make me laugh here,
your words are just kitten bites,
at this rate,
spare the breath to save yourself,
but by all means,
squirm if you want to,
by all means,
do so,
but pretty soon it won’t matter,
old news fade quickly,
is there isn’t all someone stroking,
that fire to burn forever,
once the last amber dies,
so does the will to keep it going,
and to that is the ploy,
you fell under and here we stand now,
talking a lot of shit you did,
and for a while you were safe,
but oh boy,
oh boy,
did you fuck at some point here,
got so cocky,
you were a lone walker with no help,
no one to have your back in the end,
for someone who speaks greatly,
of standing on their own and needing,
no one,
you huddled in that corner so fast,
a joke you are,
it didn’t last did it,
because after some time in repeats,
you do know that it drives others away,
you drove that would support you away,
for reasons you won’t fact check,
it’s so funny,
it brings tears to my eyes here,
though somehow,
I don’t think you have had enough,
not quite yet,
I think leaving you behind,
is far better than death,
because what is more sorrow,
than being forgotten as if you died,
it’s far more fitting,
don’t you think so?




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