A Look at Disney’s Christmas Classics: The Three Little Pigs’ Christmas Story



Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and today, we once again continue our look at Disney’s Christmas Classics as we look at The Three Little Pig’s Christmas Story.

The Plot
We open on Practical, Fifer & Fiddler getting  ready for the Christmas holidays as they go out to get a Christmas tree and we see that The Big Bad Wolf has plans to trick them.   By tricking them to get a better tree in a joke that reminds of the signs from Splash Mountain.

They find the better tree and Big Bad tries to the catch the pigs but Practical is able to fight him with his gun and we go sometime later and see The Big Bad Wolf’s son, Zeke who was a comic book mainstay making his newspaper strip debut in this 1963 story telling his father that he needs to be nicer to the Pigs and have Christmas spirit.

This gives  The Big Bad Wolf an idea to use his Christmas spirit quote unquote to attack the Pigs but it doesn’t work out as Practical is able to fend him off and then  we see that Big Bad had written a letter to Santa asking for presents for the Pigs but this is part of his trap.  Alongside his wife, Kristina who appeared in 10 stories from Disney.

Santa is easily duped by The Big Bad Wolf’s letter,  we see the presents delivered.  We then cut back to the Pigs decorating their house  as Practical heads off to visit their Uncle Ham.  (Okay, that’s kinda funny) and we see that Big Bad Wolf is using a Santa costume to trick the other two pigs.

The wolf is easily able to trick the younger two pigs with the presents but they do think that it might be a trick and just then, Practical returns home and using a trap door on his chimney knocks The Big Bad Wolf off and into a barrel.  And the  comic ends with the characters wishing

everyone a Merry Christmas.

Honestly, after the last couple of comics and the weirdness that they brought about,  this felt normal and in line with something that you’d expect with these characters during the holidays.

My Final Thoughts

It’s quaint and simple.  There’s no real weirdness like the other ones that we have looked at so far but it’s pretty sweet and fun.  If you like The Three Little Pigs,  go ahead and check this out.  Join me next time as we look at Cinderella’s Christmas Party.

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