A Look at Disney’s Christmas Classics: Sleeping Beauty’s Christmas Story



Hello & welcome back to our Christmas celebration as we continue our look at Disney’s Christmas Classics and today, we look at Sleeping Beauty’s Christmas.

The Plot
The kingdom is all aflutter as Aurora and Phillip will be married and we learn that the couple have spent four Christmases together now.  Which I think means, this places this story 4 years after the events of the movie.   Phillip heads off to catch a boar for Christmas dinner while Aurora works with Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather to decorate the castle for Christmas.   Elsewhere, we see that Maleficent is still alive and wishes to put Sleep Beauty under another sleeping curse.
So, that night Maleficent has Diablo send a sleeping curse disguised as a present to the princess  and Aurora opens it thinking it’s a pre-Christmas present from Phillip and she is put under another sleeping curse.
The three fairies contact Phillip but in a twist that I like, his kiss doesn’t wake Aurora up this time.    Maleficent learned from her past experiences here.   Wisemen, soothsayers, and even wizards try to wake her up but nothing comes to fruition.  And Santa even sends Donner and Blitzen  with a special type of medicine to wake up the princess but that doesn’t work.  The fairies realize that there is nothing in their time to save Sleeping Beauty, so the only hope that they have rests in the future and ooh boy, is this where things get a bit odd as someone in the future does indeed pick up the message.

Yes, Ludwig Von Drake picks up on the message Okay,  I knew that was coming because of the introduction in the book  but that doesn’t make this any less weird that the first thought for this story was to have Ludwig Von Drake save the day.  Ludwig Von Drake is able to save the princess with a special elixir that he created and it wakes her up and Aurora thanks Ludwig with a kiss as Ludwig flies back to his own time in his rocket ship.

That was odd.   Frank Reilly, the author of most the comics that we’ve looked thus far has stated that this one started out as a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and that Maleficent somehow survived but then it took a swerve when Ludwig was brought into the story and yeah, it kinda did.   I have no problem picturing The Seven Dwarves and Smee interacting but there is something about seeing Aurora being saved by Ludwig Von Drake that is just odd.  That’s the only way I can describe it.

My Final Thoughts

Odd, that’s all I got.  I don’t hate this and that’s saying something as I can’t stand the Sleeping Beauty movie but I think more baffled by the inclusion of Ludwig Von Drake here.  Hey, it worked though.   Join me next time as we look at The Three Little Pigs’ Christmas Story.

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