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Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney. It’s been a while but seeing as we have had another D23 Expo, I want to talk about 4 things that stood out to me. Two from upcoming movies and two that deal with changes coming to Disney World.  With that outta the way, let’s begin.

Will Smith as The Genie
The leads for Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin remake were announced at D23 with the biggest name being Will Smith as The Genie.   And y’know what, the more I think about it,  I’m okay with this idea.  Genie as played by Robin Williams is one of my favorite characters and Williams made that character, an icon.  So,  I have a feeling that if done right, Smith will put his own take on Genie that will differentiate his version from Williams.  I would have loved it if they got James Monroe Iglehart from the Broadway production but he’s busy starring in Hamilton. So…. yeah.  But Will Smith as The Genie just seems like a really fun choice.  And hey, at least we know he can sing.
Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway
I want to be excited for this because I’ve wanted a Mickey Mouse ride since I was a kid but…. there are two things holding me back here.  First, it’s replacing The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios and that makes me understand how EPCOT fans feel because Movie Ride is one of my favorite rides at any Disney park and it used to be the heart of Hollywood Studios.  But Hollywood Studios over the last couple of years has shifted away from being about the magic of moviemaking and the history of cinema.  That is what The Great Movie Ride was after all, to becoming a park that is more or less just about movie and in this case TV franchises.   So, I’m sad to lose one of my favorite rides but the other big issue I have is that it’s based on the new Mickey Mouse shorts that started airing in 2013.  Look, I know that those shorts have their fans and more power to ’em but I hate the animation design of the characters and to me, it feels like they turned the classic Disney characters into Spongebob clones.   Now, I’ve seen some fans argue that the new shorts gave Mickey a personality again instead of just being an icon.  And while I can’t dispute that fact,  I don’t like the personality or portrayals of the characters in these shorts.   It just feels off.  Compare that to what we have seen of Donald in the DuckTales reboot promos,  it’s a take on a classic character that doesn’t feel like it misses the point of what made the character so great in the first place but still brings in some new elements.  I dunno, I want to be excited for this ride but why couldn’t it have been done in the style of something like Get A Horse.   I’ll give it a chance and if I like it, awesome but I’m not looking forward to it.
Sorry, had to get the one negative thing out of my system. Back to the fun.
Disney Princess Reunion in Wreck-It Ralph 2
You guys just need to read this.  But every single Disney Princess with their voice actors are going to appear in a cameo scene in Wreck-it Ralph as our lead characters end up on Ohmydisney.com.    It is just too hysterical.   Even Merida and this joke about why the princesses can’t understand her kills me.

“We don’t understand her, she’s from the other studio”

Now, I may not have been the biggest fan of the first Ralph but I will be there for this scene alone as it just sounds awesome and as though it has a better understanding of the princess conventions and tropes than Enchanted.   Take this bit.

They each give their own slightly crazy story: “Did you get kidnapped? “Did you get poisoned?” “Did you make a deal with a witch to exchange your voice for a pair of human legs?” Etc. And finally, “Do people assume your problems were solved because a man showed up?” (or something like that, I didn’t get the quote 100 percent right).

That is just brilliant.   This scene has raised my interest in this sequel quite a bit.   Finally, to end with, we are gonna get Hooked a feeling.

The Guardians of The Galaxy are coming to EPCOT


Disney World is getting it’s first Marvel ride as the Guardians land in EPCOT. This ride will be replacing Ellen’s Energy Adventure.  Which I’m more than okay with as that ride was boring.  Apparently, the story here is that the Guardians crash land on Earth and Rocket find this picture of a young Peter ….
Star-Lord visiting the park with his mom. Now, Pretty Boy and I talked about this on Facebook and I think EPCOT is the perfect place to put a Guardians ride at Disney World.   The Disney Parks blog seems to think so as well.

. Epcot just may be the perfect place for a “Guardians”-inspired attraction

And here’s why.  What is Peter but a walking ’80s nostalgia machine.  If done right, the Imagineers can go meta with that fact because so many Disney Parks fans have nostalgia for ’80s EPCOT.  I don’t know how much that’ll play a part but I’m thinking maybe a bit considering that they included a picture of a young Peter in front of Spaceship Earth.  Also consider this,  when Peter was taken by Yondu and The Ravagers, EPCOT was the newest Disney Park to have opened.  He doesn’t know about Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom or for that matter, California Adventure, where Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout just opened on the West Coast.

Honestly, I am looking forward to this a whole bunch because right behind the first Captain America and Civil War,  both Guardians movies are my favorites from the MCU.  So, this ride should be a blast.  And it’ll have an  awesome soundtrack to boot.

Now, I know I didn’t cover everything but these are things that stood out to me the most and are the things that I’m most interested in.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Peace!


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