A Journey Chapter 12

Chapter 12: During Travels

From their last battle, Louis made sure to make it a habit to Malie to battle against him at any chance, whenever seeing that spark of her wondering to ask at all. A few hit and misses were most of the outcomes between them. Though Malie showed lack of any spite in trying to win a single battle or forfeiting midway through it. Once the Pokémon she choose the battle with gave signs of being hurt or at the slightly flinch, she bowed out without a missed beat. Louis could see the distance riles she gave at times between themselves and their Pokémon, but they never said a word as they continued to travel on.

During another stop in the woods, finding a postal sign of a weathered down map, pointed that they were nearing Shalour City, a minor short stop that the professor wanted Malie to take a quick look around, as it was very much a cheat to what the professor was planning without saying anything. Malie wasn’t all that amused by his antics, but choose to play along for that upcoming assignments would go just as smoothly. Thinking to herself that it couldn’t to at least check out the place, give her fossil tour guide heads up that she would be in Ambrette Town afterwards.

“Nice town this is, add some higher tempers to this and I would think this was one of Alola’s cities.” Malie stated, as they reached the city limits from an upcoming hill point, walking along the dirt path that scarred its way through the forest.

“I’m more surprise we were able to find the road after taking the woods as a short cut.”

“We made good time from what Kanoa had set in her planner. After this pit stop and a night’s rest, taking a bus to the next nearest town will be cutting our time in half.”

For a short silence they walked on, minding their way through the building until coming up to a corner center just outskirts of the town.

Louis stopped, having Malie to copy and turn to face him and question his sudden lack of movement.

“Tophet will likely healed by now. You plan to battle along side him?”

Malie out of nerves rubbed her neck, biting her bottom lip in fear while her eyes stayed to the ground.


“That’s more on him to choose on that. Besides after your grunt training you been putting me on, I think Tophet respects you way more.”

“On a training level. Trust me on this one, Malie, he adores you to a fault. You can’t really bend their natures to your whim.”

“I know that.”

Louis gave a shake of his head, walking ahead of her, letting his departing words be. “You do. But you forget on how easily you tend to jump into things and leaving others to play catch up. Give it time.”

“Wouldn’t that mean our training was moot then?”

Louis looked over his shoulder to see her following close behind, her eyes linger on her pouch of where she kept her Pokéballs.

“Depends. I or anyone else can’t change you and you can’t do the same. You got to find a middle ground, that’s all.” Louis told her, as they reached the front desk and able to rent a room for two, keeping in mind to catch up on some rest. He was about to a something else, only to see Malie was nowhere around him, leaving for the head nurse to say she went ahead to the open room. Louis giving thanks and rushing off to seeing just the ends of her entering into their rented room.

Louis able to catch up and open the door, seeing her in time to release Tophet from his capsule. Not saying much to her, did the same. Letting them stretch out and enjoy the open space. Tophet was already making himself at home and sleeping on a spare pillow of likely the bed his owner was going to use. Though she barely gave her Litten a pet on the head, before dropping of her things, having Kanoa at the ready to follow back out.

“I’m going for a walk. Watch Tophet until Kanoa and I get back.” Was her words and like that she was out the door again, with nothing but her floating machine, hoodie, and the side pack Louis got for her.

“Now what?” Louis muttered to himself, as he went to setting his things down. Shaking off the sudden brush off of his friend, headed over to the kitchenette and setting some bowls of the center they were staying at food for the Pokémon that was placed in the lower cupboards. Thinking that after they were fed, going to head out and find something for him and Malie to have for an late lunch when she came back.

A large bowl big enough for the four Pokémon, three of them ate happily, though as Louis eyed the Litten still in the bed looking very much asleep. Headed back into the kitchenette in search of a spare bowl. Finding one and filling it with some food, placed it in front of the Litten to eat. Though made no move to do so. The small kitten did open one eye, to see the human and bowl, turning his head to the bowl and gave the food a sniff, before curling back up. Facing away from both of them.

Louis rolled his eyes at the notion, giving the Litten a small poke near the ears.

“You two are more alike than I think I can handle. So stop making her worry and be friends again. For my sake, hers, and yours small fry.”

Tophet turned his head to face the human, hissing at Louis’s ending words before curling back up again. Louis just shook his head, going back to tend to his Pokémon, seeing them almost done with food. Opening up proudly to his Skiddo and Goomy to get ready for some training after a quick rest. Froakie finishing and taking an open spot near the windowsill to enjoy some heated rays from the sun. Wanting no part and taking the unsaid hint of what was to come between the three. The kitten gave the frog Pokémon a glance for a second, before going back to sleep. His ears giving an annoyance of a twitch as the male human’s words were still vivid as before, giving a groan before rising from his spot and joined the Froakie at the windowsill.

Though, before Louis could take his Pokémon outside to train on the battle field around the back of the building. There was a knock at the door, which he quickly answered.

“Hello, I’m the head nurse of this center and I was told that there was a Litten in this room in need of a check up?” The kind nurse replied, with an easy smile in place at the ready, greeting Louis who gave a slight pause before saying anything back. Yet, the Litten was already at the door for the nurse to pick up and take away to the said check up, having the head nurse follow up with. “This shall only take a moment. Would like the Pokémon to be returned here or is there a certain place as of now?”

“I’ll be at the battle area for training. Just drop him off there.”

“Will do.” And bristly in step, the nurse and Tophet were gone. Louis sparing a moment to call his Froakie to come along with them, to keep from being lonely and likely out of trouble.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, Malie was taking a relaxing walk through the city. Keeping the distance spare from where she was at from the center they were staying at. Now and then, just getting lost in her thoughts, while Kanoa busied herself with updating her data on the location they were at. A few times a spot got Malie’s eye and asked kindly to Kanoa to catch a certain shots out of pure interest.

Wishing for steady hands makes the enjoyment more fun, you know.

“I trust your judgement on this, it’s fine. Come on, the breeding lot isn’t far from here, let’s go.”

It is for your health. So onward we go.

Heading back to the Pokémon Center, Louis had his Skiddo practice more on its aim using Razor Leaf for distance attacks, while having Grass Knot scatter through the grounds. His Froakie jumping over most of the surprise Grass Knots, able to reflect away a dose of the Razor Leaf pinpoints. The Froakie did in next of hiding underground by using Dig. Louis sparing no time on having his Skiddo on its guard.

The wait wasn’t long, before the Froakie popped out of the ground, from the rear blind left side of the Skiddo, having it’s body rumbled down into the ground, leaving an indent by the means of Smack Down. The Skiddo quickly shook it off, hearing its owner call for the next attack, and charged at the Froakie by a short lived Tackle, sending the Froakie a few feet away. Giving enough room between the creatures to get their barriers once more.

When the Froakie was coming at full speed of the usage attack of Quick Attack, leaving for the Skiddo to rebuff the move by Vine Whip. Having the Skiddo rotate its shoulders quickly to strike the Froakie back in great distance. Able to make a snag for one of the Froakie’s arm and fling it out farther off the battle field.

Louis was about to call of the battle when seeing that his Froakie wasn’t getting up, but stopped when seeing the body fizzle away, catching on that the Froakie using its frubble mane to buy time. Looking around quickly to see that it used Dig once more and somewhere underground. Before even giving a chance to have his Skiddo ready, the Froakie smashed out of the ground, sending a wave of an Bubble attack sending the Skiddo higher up in the air.

The Froakie thinking quick, using its frubble mane to wrap around the Skiddo’s waist, rushing it down to the ground, following up with a speedy Lick attack, having the Skiddo beyond paralyze warnings.

Louis gave a curse and ran up to his Skiddo, shouting the match was over and hurryingly heading back inside to have his Skiddo tending for. Leaving for the remaining Pokémon outside. The Litten watching from the sidelines along with the dozing Goomy. The Froakie unsure of how to take the win, seeing of it was going was what the trainer was asking for, yet in the end hopped off to where the other two were.

The Litten giving it an stale look, running a paw over his ear, giving a short mew to the Froakie when the frog was close enough. The response given back was a low and warning croak given back. Hopping in a quick fashion to be in front of the kitten, giving a another growl of a croak. Was about to strike but the kitten easily dodge it with ease. Inwardly happy that his back leg wasn’t showing wincing results anymore. Using that notion, gave another dodge when a blast of bubbles were coming Tophet’s way.

By that move, missing Tophet and aiming the sleepy Goomy wide awake and very upset by it. Tophet’s fur stood up by the whimpers wrenching out of the Goomy’s wide and frowny mouth. Sending a quick glare to the Froakie, before moving to the Goomy, calming it by patting on of the feelers on its head. Something his owner would do at times, in a soothing matter for either herself or the critter she was tending to, mostly himself.

So by a few pats it was working and the Goomy gave some gurgling chirps of thanks. The Litten gave a short and blunt mew in return, glancing over at the unpleased Froakie, who was now sitting by the shady parts of the trees, front legs out and statue like while glumly staring ahead of itself. Another groan was heard from its small body, though Tophet paid no mind and just kept the small dragon happy. Inwardly shaking off the slimly wetness of the Goomy’s body, as it was cheered up. The Litten was taking it was a give for happiness over the sake of staying dry.

Though a sadness sneaked through his eyes for a moment, before hearing the chipper cries of the Goomy wanting to play, to which the Litten comply of doing so. Giving the Froakie one last look, giving yawl over its way, before joining the Goomy in a game of pile on. Not the most easiest game to play, between a fire type and a monster born to slippery. While they played on, the frog only stared at them very lowbrow of their childish antics. The frog’s head tilted when seeing the floating machine coming out of the building and enthralled by the creatures display of fun, turning around at times and seeing a dim flash blare out at times.

“Don’t feel like playing?”

Froakie gave a flinch from the sudden voice above him, having yellow sclera silted black eyes looking to the voice, seeing the female human, giving him a confused and something else that irked the frog, that his owner coddled like a cub too much for one could stand. Holding a large brown bag brimming with fruits and cans, with a slip of a groan fired a weak blast its Bubble at the girl. Letting her give out a shocked yelp from the sudden motion and cold from the bubbles landing on her. Stepping away from the Froakie, and using a spare hand to wipe away the froth from her face and upper body.

She was able to keep her stance, shoulders stiffening when hearing a hiss not far from the two, turning in time to see her Litten stop playing with the baby dragon and rushed up with a set of growls and hisses at the frog. Malie just calmed the kitten, bending down carefully not to drop the bag, giving the Litten a few pets on its slightly soak fur, sending it back off to play. She eyed the frog, seeing in time that another wave of bubbles were coming her way, and dodged them with ease this time. A playful smile was on her face when seeing the frog pout and was about to shoot again, when hearing his owner call for him.

Louis asking afterwards when the Froakie was far away from the girl. “Malie, you okay there? Sorry if Froakie was being a problem again.”

Malie only gave a smile back before standing up fully to face him.

“Where have you been?”

“Just wandering around. I stopped by the breeding center of what Kukui was talking about and just worked out over there. They were down a few helpers, so I gave a helping hand. A lot of the Pokémon there were so breathtaking, I even had Kanoa update some her files on a few of them. After that, I stop by a market and got us snacks and such for when we head out on the road again.”

“You’re feeling chipper than normal, that stressed?”

Malie has been still feeling the offsetting of being homesick and needed something to rely more on Kalos. I was surprise as well of what certain likeness this place has back on the islands. I have welcomed it greatly into my data mines.

Louis stared slightly confuse from the machine’s whirlwind of a reply before looking back at Malie.

“What she said.”

He gave a shrug, before picking up his Froakie much to the creature’s dismay of the action.

“Well that’s great to hear. Though again, I am sorry for how Froakie has been acting.”

They are now seven against fifteen of his Bubble attack. By my data on that it is nothing to worry about.

“Not wrong there, Kanoa.” Malie said to the machine, before looking at her friend with a smile and coming up to him to give the blue frog a pet on the head.

Louis about to give a warning when hearing the Froakie give a low growl that followed with a nip at her hand, though once the wide lips clamped down, Malie told Louis to let the frog play it out. They stay stilled for a tad, Louis eyeing the two wary before heaving out a sigh of relief when the frog finally let go, and Malie barely having a bite mark on her hand.

“Noxi was a lot like this at first. She was hardly kind to anyone else and was hard to take care of when she was hurt, but once she bit me and saw I meant no harm, it just sorta worked out. Price to pay now that made her overly friendly with me. Though very doubtful on this one, as reptiles and most those of the lizard or even toad family are like this, but call it to just play on chance here.”


“I mean by this is that you build trust by giving away something to them and maybe one day, they’ll do the same. The trick is how because not all Pokémon are the same. I noticed it during our travels that a few tick differently. It has been an eye opener and well . . . just as worrying. Taking this all in has been a emotional ride to say the least.”

Between the two, they remain silence, Malie trying once more to pet the frog. Resulting in another nip at the hand, though it wasn’t as strong before, not even leaving grooves in the palm of her hand when she pulled away. Motion for Louis to do the same and having the calm reply of being head-butted by the creature, enjoying the treatment. The young lad gave a nod when seeing what her words were forming now.


“Maybe. But I find it a new kind of wonder here.” Malie replied back, turning when she heard the small mews of her starter, his furry body rubbing against her in circles around her legs.

A new voice called out, having the group look to the nurse waiting at the door, stating that Louis’s Skiddo was ready to be release. At that, the group started to head back in.

“So, how was the breeding center?” Louis asked, as they walked through the hallways to pick up Skiddo and go to their room.

“Fun. Though there was a chance to adopt a Pokémon. I decline the offer and made sure that the one they were going to give me, got a better home.”

“What, were none to your liking?”

They made it to their room and having Malie set the bag down on the counter of the kitchenette, pulling a few items out while she spoke. “No, a few peaked my interest but it doesn’t feel right if my starter isn’t there with me. Besides, there is always a next to catch a Pokémon, it’s just not now.”

“Everyone starts things at their own pace.” Louis stated, helping out with unloading the bag, finding some Poké treats and handed out some to the Litten and Goomy. The Skiddo too tired to eat and relaxing at the ends of one of the beds. The Froakie while just minding itself over at the windowsill as before earlier in the day.

“Yep, which means it’s more time to spend with Tophet and be ready for anything. A nurse gave me the clear for him.”

“But not right now, huh?”

“Is that a bad thing?” Malie asked, finding some of the berries she needed and a knife to cut some up to consume in smaller doses.

Louis packing some stuff in the cooling shelves of the refrigerator, having call out with. “With you? Nope.”




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